{The Power} of a Letter

Friday, October 15, 2010

This summer, Mr. Loerke and I spent 2 days in Seattle before leaving on our 5 year anniversary trip to Alaska. While visiting the Emerald City we stopped by the Public library and hid a letter in this book.

Less than 12 hours later it was found by this sweet couple, Lara & Chad.

Lara manages a high-quality nutrition based pet care store in Ballard, and Chad is a project manager for a telecommunications company. Tim and I were beyond excited when they invited us to join them for dessert at Old School Custard on Capitol Hill. Unfortunately, we had to board our ship so we weren't able to meet up with them. We did, however, take a rain check ... which we gladly cashed in on last night!

WELCOME TO TEXAS LARA & CHAD! Meeting the couple who found our letter was nothing short of magical. Truly. We knew it was love at first sight when we saw they rocked TOMS and had matching wrist tattoos. Not to mention the fact that they saved our letter and had brought it with them to dinner. (Insert 15 bonus points here).

After 4 hours of excellent food and great conversation we finally called it a night by throwing a few fist pumps and leg kicks. If only Seattle and Dallas weren't so far away ... we'd hang with these gangstas all the time! (Sigh)

"There are many things that can change a life. A letter is one of them."

HAPPY FREAKIN WEEKND! (our camping trip is finally here!)


Kim said...

That is SO awesome!

sarah richmond said...

* * * so. freaking. awesommme (!!!!!) * * *

(insert special universe rocks rrrright about hurrr)

ps. little: in my next life i think i maybe might want to come back as your kid... is that weird?

love, twinner

Mrs. Battle said...

That has got to be the most amazing idea ever. So creative to leave a note behind.

Your blog inspires me to be a better person, friend, sister, wife...

Way to go!!!


Han said...

WOOT WOOT!! What did you write in the letter or can't you tell us?

Anonymous said...

also...how did they find it so quickly? was the book itself significant??

Emily said...

my favorite post yet.

joanna goddard said...

this is so adorable!

Anonymous said...

Yes, can you please tell us what the letter said??! It must've been good!

Today's Letters said...

kim, it was indeed!

twinner, you are too cutie*

mrs. battle, thank you for your sweet comment. grateful*

han & anony, click on the word "letter" in the intro - it is hyperlinked to the letter's contents. after we hid the letter we posted the title, author, and the dewey decimal number on the blog. we knew we had readers in seattle so we were confident that one of them would find it. we just didn't think it would be found so quickly! the book was a photography book that i love.

ems, thanks little. i need an em date when you're in town over christmas.

jg, thanks for commenting! (swoon)

HereBeDragons said...

Super cute! I love it. Makes more sense now that you say you posted it on the blog. I wondered what book could possibly be so popular that it would be found that quickly!

kelsey said...

What an awesome experience! I think God meant for y'all to meet.

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