{Today's Letters: Camping Edition}

Monday, October 18, 2010

Today's Letters: Dear Mr. Loerke, this weekend we found hidden caves, waterfalls, climbed on rocks, and went exploring. This made you so happy. Dear Dead Things, sometimes we poked you with sticks. This is all part of the deal when camping with boys. Dear Raccoons, thank you for invading our campsite at 3am. Without you I never would have seen Husband chase after you in his hiking boots, skivvies, and headlamp. Dear Husband, after making Campfire Orange Cakes we played Frisbee (29 consecutive catches - BAM!) and listened to the Ranger's game under the stars. Reason #248 why boy roommates are awesome.


Husband's Letters
The Couple We've Always Wanted to Meet
A Movie We Want to See
Additional Photos from our Camping Trip



LaralovesChad said...

love the photos! so glad you had a great time. wanted to share one of my honeymoon ideas with you... it's called 'glamping'


i think i wouldn't need the headlamp? xoxoxoxo

cara. said...

luf it.

annie h. said...

looks like you had a blast! so fun!

morgandkim said...

@laraloveschad That glamping thing looks so amazing.... wow
i wanna visit America and go glamping...

Today's Letters said...

lara, no way! a friend of mine spent a week at paws up this summer. said it was the most amazing vacation he's ever had. no headlamp necessary. xoxo

cp, you. the cub. camping. magical.

sweet annie, we camped. you surfed. a win win.

morgandkim, i wanna be in maui!

Michele said...

awesome photos from your camping weekend!! so glad you enjoyed - and you've inspired me to plan some more tent-time soon!! thanks!

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