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Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Today's Letters: Dear Mr. Loerke, this morning you left a note reminding me to wear my Grover fleece since it was 54°. Thanks for always looking out for me. Dear Darby, I'll trade you two acorns and one leaf for a photo of you and the littles fist pumping in your jammers. Ps, put me in your snack bag already! Dear Flannel Sheets, it's almost that time. Just sayin. Dear Husband, before we met I had never ridden a tandem bicycle, seen an Abominable Husband, or found a man in Carhartts to be so attractive. Being your wife is kind of the shiz.

What's your favorite thing that your beloved wears?


Anonymous said...

Talk about a letter changing a life- you shoudl try a hearing aid!

Ashley said...

You mean besides his birthday suit? ;)

For some reason I find it unbelieveably endearing when my husband wears the hood of his sweatshirt while we're lounging around on the couch on a lazy Sunday morning. He just looks so snuggly!

Han said...

Erm when he doesn't wear the nasty beige shirt he owns lol or he wears the brown organic t-shirt I bought him as a present when I went shopping with my Mum.

Jess said...

I love my Hubs in an old hooded sweatshirt. So snuggly & warm:)

Loves from the West!

Jennifer said...

I love my husband in his Marine desert utilities. He looks so good in them!

Jessie said...

He had my heart when I first saw him in boots, Wranglers, and a Carhartt coat. Still makes me swoon.

Mindy said...

I love when i see my hubs all suited up in his fishing garb. I love it when he gets to do something he loves!

czam said...

My wife is stunning in v-necks and pajama bottoms :)

Kayla said...

His big, grey University of Michigan hoodie and these black Adidas basketball shorts I bought him a while back..he looks delicioso.

Erin said...

I love it when my husband wears his sense of humor and sneaks in funny comments that completely catch me off guard. I cherish that!

I love your blog Emily. I've been reading it ever since I got to know you a couple weeks ago. You are inspiring me to see life from a different perspective, to appreciate simple things and to make more memories. Thanks for that!

ninaaa norwalt! said...

his birthday suit :)
definitely a hoodie
his air force uniform
this plaid button down he has! i make him wear it all the time!

sarah richmond said...

clarks, chorduroy shorts, and a long-sleeve softie tshirt... makes. my. heart. race. (yowzas!*) ps. but i imagine my heart always kindof races a lot when i'm around my sweetheart. yep.

bobo: i get to see you and the mr. in 16 days!!! i could not be more excited to bear hug you and kiss you at least seventeen and a half times.

love, twinner

Michelle said...

his chef-y apron all covered in the food he's cooked for me. PS he owns a restaurant thought not just a slob in the kitchen.

Ornery's Wife said...

hiking boots. I have always liked that rugged manly look, and Ornery wears his boots with everything. Love it. Love HIM!

kristyn said...

This thick, dark green cardigan that I found at Goodwill. He's so handsome! Plus, I can imagine him still wearing it as an oldie. :)

Holly said...

I love it when hubby wears his denim shorts that are a little bit tight across the bum. Oh golly.

Andrea Cherie said...

Work clothes- usually covered in sweat, sawdust, paint, tile thinset or glue. :) He's in them 98% of the time, cause he loves to work! I sure love to see him doing something he loves to do!

Today's Letters said...

vic, we LOVE papi's hearing aid because without it he wouldn't be able to hear me whisper I LOVE YOU from across the room. (wink) xoxo

ashley, yep, that'll do it.

han, your husband has a favorite outfit. i love it.

jose, i thought you'd say scrubs but you can't go wrong with a hot man in a hoodie.

jennifer, a man in uniform. can't. go. wrong.

jessie, your beloved is a cowboy. three yeehaw's for you.

mindy, your comment made me smile twice (one for fishing and two for being excited to see your beloved do something he loves).

czam, three points for you for being the only dude to comment. 8372 points for finding your wife to be most attractive in a v-neck and jammers. you're a good man.

kayla, two fist pumps for good use of the word delicioso.

erin, love it that you commented on the blog! thanks for having us over for dinner. we loved getting to know you guys better.

nina, your beloved is naked, comfortable, in the airforce, and a lumberjack. 7 points for marrying a jack of all trades.

twinner: 15 days little! can't stinkin wait. ps, i still need to meet your sweetheart ;)

michelle, mr. loerke might have a crush on your husband. just sayin.

ornery's wife, you can tell a lot about a man by his shoes. hiking boots = hottie.

kristyn, old man sweaters from goodwill are divine. i love it that you think so too!

holly, way to check out his bum as often as he checks out yours. mad points.

andrea, i could relate to yours the most. nothing like a man coming home smelling like sawdust. xoxo!

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