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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Today's Letters: Dear Mr. Loerke, every day this month I've told you my favorite Halloween joke. And each time you've laughed. Thanks for BOOsting my self-esteem. Dear Little Red Swings, you are often my reason for taking a longer route home from work. Still hoping to one day catch a glimpse of the two cuties that occupy your awesomeness. Dear Chocolate Caramel Bars w/ Sea Salt, some recipes are worth making a hundred times. Thanks for being one of them. Dear Husband, this morning you got up at 5am to assist with your first hysterectomy. By the end of the day you will have performed 4 surgeries and know more about girl parts than I do. Two fist pumps for you (in honor of each of my ovaries).

Sooo ... you wanna know my favorite Halloween joke? (clearly I never get tired of telling it).

Q: Why can't ghosts have babies? ... wait for it ... waaaaaaaait for it ...
A: BECAUSE THEY HAVE HOLLOW-WEENIES! ... argh, argh, argh ...

What's your favorite joke?

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Han said...

C-section yesterday and a hysterectomy today - you're on a roll!

Thats a kinda joke that my Dad would tell while my Mum was out or something lol.

Why did the Skeleton go to the party by himself?

Because he had nobody to do with (argh!)

in a nutshell said...

Emily! I will MOST definitely be making this. Mike and I have been obsessed with this ice cream you have to try from Tom Thumb. It's their "Private Selection" called Sea Salt Caramel Truffle. To. Die. For.

P.S. Contemplated doing leg kicks last night for the first time since I was a cheerleader in high school. Reconsidered. Not sure I can pull it off!

P.P.S. Can't wait to see the mascara in action!

Michelle (michabella) said...


un hamac said...

great letter. picked up the loerke's favorite bars at whole paycheck yesterday to spice up my pb clifs. <3

Anonymous said...

sweet friend... that is priceless... Hogan loves his outside tree swing...

Anonymous said...

i just love all puns! it's kind of an issue that causes people to look at me weird!

Lima said...

Girl...I am the queen of pun jokes.

What kind of pants do ghosts wear?

....Boo Jeans.

baha..ha...*knee slapper*

Marilyn said...

That's the best joke ever. Made me AND my husband laugh :)

sarah richmond said...

hahaha, you so funny (and pretty) bobo, that's the same joke i tell every year!! (imagine that*)

ps. thanks for sharing the red swings of amazingness picture! this morning i imagined us in our striped bert and ernie shirts swinging away an afternoon in the eighties like twinners do best.

miss you more than sliders and spring rolls.

becs said...

Not a Halloween one, but...

Why can't banks keep secrets?
Because the have too many tellers!!

Been telling that since 1st grade and still get groans every time :).

PS...I saw below that you & hubby were at Kanakuk!! So fun! My husband grew up going there and we both worked there for a summer (me K-Kountry, him K-1)!)

Courtney said...

Precious red, tree swings. :)

evelyn oyster said...

My favorite Halloween joke!!!

Q: Why didn't the skeleton cross the road?
A: Because he didn't have the guts!!!

Kayla said...

Q: What did the skeleton say to the vampire?
A: You suck!

[insert groans]

And another for your recent girly purchase:
Q: What kind of makeup does a ghost wear?
A: Mas-scare-a.

Hardy-har ;)

lisa c cutler said...

dear today's letters, i have two things to tell you...2?! let's count it! woosh ha ha ha boogla boogla boogla ha! and a ha! and a ha and a ha and a ha! the first thing is that i think i have kanakuk radar, because i magically find all sorts of fellow k'omies. and second, i never comment on blogs really but this joke cracks me up every time:

what's a pirate's favorite letter?
you think it's an r, but it's really the C!

ZigZagKitty said...

My halloween joke is just so fun to say:

What did the ghost say to the bee?


Malsi said...

Hollow-weenies. Great spooky joke... You SLAY us bloggees with your humorosity... Side note: why do people "slay" when they are funny? Isn't slaying supposed to hurt? This is something to ask the A Way With Words folks...

Anonymous said...

Best non Halloween joke?

What's the best time to go to the dentist?


TOOTH HURTY! Get it, because it sounds like 2:30? :)

Jen said...

I have wanted to ask this ever since I first started reading your blog: What camera do you use to take the awesome pictures you put up on the blog? They always look so good, although it could definitely be the operator...

Today's Letters said...

han, 4 surgeries today, all done before noon. husband is living the life!

v, for real. make them. they're UHMAZING. hope to see you you soon! ps, teach me about eye liner.

michelle, i've told it every day in oct for almost 5 yrs. it is the only joke i know besides why was tigger in the toilet? looking for pooh!

akd, every day around 10:30 i have a mojo (for obvious reasons). love you, friend.

angie, congrats to ty for getting purples this week. there is hope!

bonjourvictoria, thanks for commenting. grateful to have you reading the bloggy.

lima, one hoe's #58 for you. (thanks for making me laugh).

marilyn, mission accomplished.

twinner, thanks for reminding me of one of my all time favorite photos of us. might just have to post it on halloweenie. xoxo

becs, so fun! slew love to you and your beloved.

court, i think red is the perfect color for swings.

evelyn, i likey!

kayla, loved your mascara joke. impeccable timing.

lisa, thanks for making me laugh. two pieces of koffee kake and a chicken letter for you.

zigzag, three fist pumps for being my favorite suggested joke. good thing we've got our boo-bees (thank you nina simone).

malsi, thanks :)

anony, i like your joke, esp since the dentist has always terrified me.

jen, canon 5d mark II, canon 40d, or olympus stylus 790. (and of course my iphone). i'm currently working on a post that will cover more of my photo gear. thanks for asking!

Han said...

4 before lunch!??! Wow makes me feel like I don't really achieve anything lol. Kidding! 20 orders despatched round the country - woot woot

tali belokonny said...

best. joke. ever.

p.s. i posted a linky to your site today on my bloggy blog blog. i hope that's okay?

Jamie said...

Love all the jokes! I don't have one though...

Today's Letters said...

han, 20 orders dispatched? you must be friends with mr. mcfeely.

talki, yes! thanks for the sweet shout out ... love the simplicity of your bloggy.

jamie, now you have 20! :)

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