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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Today's Letters: Dear Mr. Loerke, CONFESSION: I maybe might have borrowed money out of our Loerke Lottery to buy some ice cream. Does this disqualify me from guessing it's contents and getting to spend it on whatever I want? (Insert new spatulas here). Dear Automatic Flusher at Work, you terrify me. I think I'd rather go big potty outside. Dear Tante, t-minus 5 hours until we're at the ranch and hunting for shiz at the world's largest outdoor flea market. CAN'T WAIT. Dear Husband, love you more than chocolate dipped cones with a side of Magic Shell. Double BAM.

What do you look for at flea markets? My go-to's are vintage lockers, industrial lighting, Mason jars (can never have enough), Underwood typewriters, and antique wooden crates for the Mr's medical books.

THE LOERKE LOTTERY: Ever since we've been married Tim and I have saved our change in a coffee can. Once it's full we both get to guess how much money we think is in there. The person who guesses closest to the actual amount gets to keep the loot and spend it on whatever they want! Hence, the LOERKE LOTTERY.

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Michelle said...

flea markets? well...! glass topped canning jars (I still actually can in them) and anything kitchen-like that I can actually use (bowls, platters, etc). I have a old glass and metal slap chop. Vince from the infomercial would be jealous.

Han said...

What's the Loerke Lottery? Sounds fun but it's not good for borrowing for ice cream lol.

I don't think I've ever been to a flea market lol. I've been to Bedford Market which is like fruit and veg and odd hardware, clothes and handbag stands buts other than that I don't think I've been.

I've also been to a Bazaar in Turkey which is like a roofed market - it was amazing and completely crazy lol. Unfortunately you feel like you have a massive flashing beacon on your head that screams TOURIST!!!!!!!

Maybe I have to get someone to take me one day lol.

Han said...

Yes I do come back each day after lunch and check for a new post lol. What a geek!

Rachelle said...

The Loerke Lottery?! Sounds awesome. Tell us more about it. It sounds like a fantastic idea.

Courtney said...

I love the Loerke Lottery idea...way cute. I have to admit that I would totally steal money out on a regular basis...most likely for ice cream.

Michelle said...

my bf and I have a "lottery", but it's in a pickle jar! And we don't have a cute name for it...must think of one! :o)

Scatterbox said...

I like containery things that can be used for display or furniture (best if they have words and/or letters on them) chairs, benches, and couches I could re-do (but probably never get around to), things with fun mid-century illustrations, patterns, and advertisements, and unique art. I should show you the photos of the hujongous flea market We went to in Beijing. You'd poop fortune cookies.

TripleA said...

You guys are AWESOME and I thoroughly enjoy reading your letters. An inspiration!

My husband and I do the same thing as your Loerke Lottery, only we keep it in a big black piggy bank and when it is full we use it to buy something fun that we both can use!

Mindy said...

You guys seriously bring sunshine to my morning every day! Thank you for blessing us! And i always look for metal baskets and linens that I can turn into quilts.

Mrs. Battle said...

I just don't get how you guys can keep getting better. Seriously. Stop. Okay, don't stop.

Teresa said...

When my husband and I were dating he would toss his spare change on the passenger side floor of his car.

The day after we married I scooped it all up & counted it. Then we went to the DQ once a week for a year on that mess of coins he had collected. Nothing makes me happier than a pile-o-change!

I look for old school maps, flour & sugar tins, metal lunch boxes, comfy momma bear chairs and vintage fabric finds. But I usually keep on keepin' on. Looking is the most fun for me.

Kristin said...

Absolutely love the Loerke Lottery!!

Stacy said...

I like your Loerke Lottery idea! We collect our change over the year, too. The pennies go to our pre-school daughter for her piggy banks because in her world, pennies are the best thing ever! The silver money is collected and used towards our anniversary dinner/celebration. And as for Flea Markets - I can't stay in them too long. They sorta ook me out.

Grace @ Arms Wide Open said...

flea markets:
jewelry, belts, scarves/headwraps, baskets, dishes, frames, mirrors.

love your lottery idea. how much is usually in there?

R said...

once our peanut gallery began potty training, we realized we had to come up with a solution for the automatic flushers STAT--or else never take them out anywhere ever again. because hello?! every place seems to have them now.

soooooo...mama keeps a little pad of sticky notes in her purse, slaps one over the little 'big brother' sensor eye thingy, and voila--we have successfully circumvented the auto flush! (then we just usher the kids out of the stall and pull the sticky note off so the potty can flush once they're far enough away.)

or, one of my other mom friends just lays a piece of TP on top of the flusher so it hangs down over the sensor. but my children require more security than that. ha!

what? the topic wasn't toilets? my bad--at flea markets, i'm always, always looking to expand my grandmother's depression glass pattern i inherited a couple of years ago!

Bryce said...

My mister and I save our money in a "storehouse." We just keep adding and adding and then when we want to buy what we consider a "large purchase," we pay cash. Man, does that feel good to lay down, like 15 hundred bucks and say, "keep the change." No wait. We've never said that 'cause we're keeping the change for the storehouse!

And hey, a girl's gotta have her chocolate, so I think you're off the hook for borrowing ;-]

Jessica said...

Okay, I seriously love the Loerke Lottery idea. I may indeed steal it (bwhah ha ha!)

And flea markets, ooh la la. I tend to fall for vintage tins (particularly with any sort of French writing), dishes, and anything with birds. Oh, and textiles (an old tea towel or the like). You've got my mind reeling with all sorts of shopping plans now!

Brenna Nichols said...

I heart this handwriting...have you thought about putting your handwriting into a formal font? If you ever decide to, email me, I will buy it.

Love, Beans & Seeds

bigsoup said...

^ I agree about the handwriting... you could sell that font to veer.

Shandell said...

you two have all the best ideas! (for me to steal!)

Katelin said...

I love mason jars too! I am not sure why....something about their potential to hold..well..anything..its kind of magical for me. One day I will get married..and there will be lights made out of mason jars..and jars filled with candy and buttons and all the other wonderful things. It will be most Speldiforous and Fantothetabulous. Check out some mason jars for me will ya? (I've never been to a flea market before....is it the same as a swap meet?)

cara. said...

this is amazing.

other things that are amazing:
1. you comment on almost every comment left. i just went back to some old posts. i'm glad we're still friends. i was scared we were losing touch.
2. sometimes i visit your blog just to practice saying LURKEE while looking at loerke.
3. your giveaway. i pee myself daily in anticipation of who will win.
4. your lottery. genius.
5. that you fist pumped for each ovary a few letters back.

miss you. i'll check back on this entry just to see your response.
over and out.

Cassidhe said...

Today I was browsing around the largest flea market in Budapest, sorting through hand-embroidered textiles, colorful pins, communist-era ration books, ... and leather bags. A leather satchel/purse was my (long sought-for) purchase of the day. What I love most about flea markets is that you never know what you will find.
I've been reading your blog for a while now, and I am encouraged by the joy both of you bring to life. Thank you for sharing it!

Melissa said...

LOVE flea markets! I collect teacups, vintage table linens and dish towels, vintage valentines and old books. Thanks for askin' ;)

ZigZagKitty said...

We also have a coffee can, but since we are both broke we call it the "date can". When we think enough money has built up in it (and we're desperate to go on a date we can spend money on, as opposed to the park with the dogs) we count it and go to a movie or something equally fabulous! Sometimes we have enough room in our budget to go on a date without date can money, and we do that, but the date can is wonderful because when we have NO extra money for a date we can count the change in the can. Usually enough for something. :) Right now there's about ten or eleven dollars in there...not quite enough for a good date. But it's building.

Maria@Live Beautifully said...

Forever ago I said I had a pic for you which has since been lost in my old phone new phone change over...lot's of sadness and lost snaps here...anywho, I found an old underwood typewriter in Boerne and took a picture of it for you :-) Now I know I prob shoulda' grabbed it for ya :-/ Dang!

Today's Letters said...

michelle, my papa has one of those. he uses it for nuts and attached an acorn to the handle. one of my favorite crafts he's made.

han: mission for NOV. find a flea market!

rach & grace, we've been doing it for 5 yrs. on average it takes us close to a year to fill it (we don't carry cash very often). usually the winner walks away with $75.00. enough to put towards new running shoes, a climbing harness, arc'teryx fleece, or medical books :)

court, it's so tempting! esp when it's ice cream we're talking about.

michelle, a pickle jar. i love it!

t.jett, 10 points for making me laugh (again) with your comment. i saw we dominate beijing.

tripleA, i like your black piggy. and that you both split the winnings to do something fun. fist pumps for you!

mindy, i'm with you on the metal baskets. if only i knew how to quilt.

mrs. battle & kristin, blushing.

teresa, your husband throwing his change on the floor of his car made me laugh. way to go with the dq dates!

stacy, twinner and i used to look in the gutters for money. we valued pennies more than the silver coins.

r, sticky notes! who knew. now you know what i'm going to start carrying in my satchel.

bryce, it's amazing the amount of money you can accumulate when you save your change. love it that you do it too!

jessica, anything with birds. right there with ya.

beans & seeds, when i was in mr. nichols freshman year english class he told me my handwriting looked like a boys. ever since i've written in all caps. unfortunately, it exposes my spelling weaknesses. but a font ... that's something i could work with if it had spell check. heart you to the moony!!!

big soup, such a compliment!

shan, steal away!

katelin, similar to a swap meet. def check one out if you can! ps, we had mason jars w/ rice and tea lights at our wedding. so beautiful.

cara, i figure if people are going to take the time to comment i can at least take the time to respond. i heart my readers (esp one's living along the west coast). xoxo

cassidhe, budapest? leather satchels? we.are.friends.

melissa, love old books too!

zigzag, 10 dollhairs ... i love your date can.

fraulein, no way! typewriters make my heart skip beats. love em. let me know the next time you're coming to dallas and we'll get together. would love to see you.

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