{Top 10 Loerke Camping Essentials}

Sunday, October 10, 2010

In honor of our camping trip next week and it being 10.10.10, we've decided to share with you our Top 10 Camping Essentials.

1. Left / Right Zip Sleeping Bags: this allows us to make one gigantic biscuit.
2. Headlamps: for dance parties in our tent (why else would Petzel give us a strobe feature?)
3. Jetboil: to get our eat on.
4. French Press: nothing like campfire coffee.
5. Scharffenberger Chocolate: because good chocolate can make or break your s'mores.
6. Frisbee: Team Loerke never goes anywhere without one.
7. A Good Book: for reading beside the fire.
8. Beverages: Left Hand Milk Stout for the Mr. & Fireman's #4 for the Mrs.
9. Therm-A-rest: for sweet dreams.
10. Tim's pipe & Em's cloves: because camping is a celebratory endeavor.

Click HERE to view more of our reader's camping essentials.


Hannah DeVries said...

Where do you get your cloves? They have suddenly become illegal or something...absolutely ridiculous. I may have just gotten my last pack here in Denver, and it's just so sad. Help!

Han said...

Chris and the Youth Group just got back from extreme camping it involved one of the elders dressing as a super hero (I wanted to put the URL in here but i can't) and the young people learning to skin a rabbit - it was interesting lol.

Well I'm glad I got to stay home in my warm bed.

ZigZagKitty said...

Gah, I'm so happy for you guys going camping this week, but so jealous too!!! Me and the hubby-face were supposed to go camping this Wednesday night and hike all day Thursday (his off day) but our church is having a super-important meeting Wednesday night that we can't miss (and just found out about today)! We have GOT to go tent camping soon!!! We always take our rotten doggies with us (who LOVE smelling EVERYTHING on the trails), and this fall will be the first time we take our newest doggie, Allie (short for Alabama...Roll Tide!), and she's a BEAUTIFUL blue-eyed Siberian Husky who I am SURE will love camping! You guys have fun!

esther. said...

Love it. Looks like your list is pretty much the same as the list my husband and I would make.

Found your blog last week and decided to stick around cause both my husband and I fell in love with Tuesday Questions. Being married is tough but taking the time to continue knowing one another is essential.

Can't wait to read more and I hope y'all have a blast on your camping trip.

sarah richmond said...

oh hello titanium french press, i think i maybe might love you* (ps. have a blast this weekend!!)

love, twinner

Ashley said...

i just got home from traveling the world for a year with a missions crew of 42 people. we lived out of backpacks and used many of the essentials you mention. i especially loved the strobe light reference. many late-night dance parties were had. :) hope you guys have an amazing time!

katie said...

i went on the same trip with Ashley (posted right before me) and I concur with the headlamp. when traveling out of a backpack for a year you have to find a way to entertain yourself and others. d-a-n-c-e p-a-r-t-y.

Today's Letters said...

hannah, i still have two that i have been keeping for special occasions. you can buy clove cigars (that are slightly bigger than the old ones), but they're just not the same. (insert sad face here).

han, it was 46* last night when we camped. so thankful for a 20* bag and a husband :)

zigzag, we were exhausted yesterday when we left for our trip (a full week) but came home today so grateful that we made it happen. hope you guys can to!

esther, you couldn't be more right on! marriage IS tough - it requires constant attention and nurturing. but the work is beyond worth it. hope the tues questions will be helpful for you guys.

twinner, she held up like a champ this morning! even made bomb ass chai tee in it. loves**

ashley & katie, a whole year? you guys are my new heroes. have to ask, where was your favorite country you visited?

freddy said...

Awesome tips! I'm going on a camping trip this weekend I'm planning of buying my camping stuff on outdoor gear and I'll definitely follow your advice before buying.

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