{Treehouse by This is the Kit}

Sunday, October 03, 2010

Because I've always wanted one (thank you Father Robinson).

"The world is full of nice, ordinary little people who live in nice, ordinary houses on the ground. But didn't you ever dream of a house up on a tree top?"
- Father Robinson

Hope your weekend was lovely.

Treehouse - Moon - Single


nicole davis said...

i love cute little videos like this! thanks em!!

MeeshOne.Love said...

always wanted a treehouse? us too! you guys can come live in our future treehouse village if you want. we'll reserve your space stat.
p.s. we will definitely connect our houses by zipline...i mean, why walk when you can zip? seriously.

Today's Letters said...

nicole, stop motion vids are one of my favorite things. esp when they have good music to shimmy too.

m&c, done done and done. you had us at neighbors and zipline.

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