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Friday, October 01, 2010

A couple of weeks ago the Pony Express delivered a box all the way from Humboldt County, California.

Inside was the mother load of vegan bath & body products handmade by these two rock stars, Michelle & Chad.

They own a grassroots business called Funk Off! (to keep your body fresh, not funky). Tim and I can't even begin to tell you how much we've enjoyed trying out their goods.

For the past couple of weeks we have A) stripped down completely necky in the kitchen to put on more Sapmoss Bonsai Body Spray (no joke) B) been asked by friends what lip balm we're rockin because it reminds them of Fall C) left a bar of Moon Goddess & Honey Soap on our nightstand because we can't get over how good it smells D) wanted to bathe in their Lator, Gator Oatmeal Milk & Honey Lotion with a gigantic loofa and E) added Funk Off!'s shiz to the top of our Christmas wish list this year. For real, WE ARE HOOKED.

Be sure and check out their Etsy shop HERE. And if you purchase two or more items Michelle & Chad will throw in a FREE lip balm of your choice. Just mention you saw them on the blog and clarify which lip balm you'd like in the "message to seller" part of your order.

Feel free to contact these rock stars if you have any questions: funkoffbrand@gmail.com

Go getchu some!



Timothy Loerke said...

Ok, so really I'm the one stripping down in the kitchen to spray the body stuff on. I know this is really weird but I can't get enough of the smell! How could I describe it? Ummmm....think total hippee. Yeah. It's ridiculous. I will use it in place of any cologne I own. It is that good!

diane said...

hello from a new follower!

i'm a bloggy friend of michelle. she is wonderful and so is 'funk off!' lovely that you are enjoying those delightful goods.

and you two...well, you are all kinds of awesome.

happy to have discovered you!

amy ♥ said...

ooh I love handmade soaps/lotions/body products.. I will definitely have to give it a try! :)

Emma said...

These sound so awesome!! Wish they shipped to UK

MeeshOne.Love said...

hello lovie dovies!!
thank you this much for letting us be on your blog!
we are in love. ;)

p.s. we're tight with santa, just let him know what you want and he'll send some elves direct.

michelle + chad
...over and out.

Han said...

I have some!

I have two lip balms - strawberry and a mint one I think. We also have a bar of soap in the bathroom and Chris loves it lol.

Today's Letters said...

husband, you smell d-to-the-licious. nuff said.

diane, welcome to the bloggy! kindof digging her. not. gonna. lie.

amy, you won't be disappointed. promise.

emma, me too! if you're ever in california ...

michelle, you're tight with santa? shoot. for real? i knew we were friends.

han, yessssssss. four fist pumps for you.

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