{Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner!}

Monday, April 18, 2011

Thanks to all 451 of you who participated in our Blogiversary Giveaway! Please email me your addy if you are one of our winners so Mr. McFeely can deliver your MAJOR AWARD!

Winner of the Meatbagz Bee Bag: Chelsea Brynn said ... love the bag! I'll have you know I spent the last three days reading every blog post you two have written! Best three days I've had. EVER.

Winner of the Pleasantly Plump Knit Baby Booties: Jessica Patrich said ... I love love love love love LOVE those baby booties! Im expecting my first baby boy and cannot wait to get him a pair! Did I mention that I love those booties?

Winner of the PollenArts Beeswax Candle: Addison said ... think of how many lives today's letters has changed in one year. You have people eating Tim Tams, throwing fist pumps non jersey shore style, kicking their legs out, wearing capes, asking for forgiveness, remembering to be childlike, bettering their relationships, listening to good music, enjoying nature, and most importantly, allowing everyone to feel needed, understood, and loved. All of this in ONE YEAR. Congratulations. Run for president in 2012 and save us all.

Winner of the Little Retreats Stach-tastic Mustaches: Kokie said ... A sparkly moustache?!?! That is AWESOME to the max! (I think there might be a little drizzle of epic too).

Winner of the Kone Coffee Filter: Morgan said ... We would love to try the KONE, ever since you blogged about it a while back, I have been on the look out for one, not sure if they make em in Australia. But I sure would love it.

A special thanks to Meatbagz, Pleasantly Plump Knits, PollenArts, Little Retreats, and Coava Coffee Roasters for helping us celebrate such a special week! And if you weren't one of our giveaway winners, you can still check out our sponsor discount's HERE.


Michelle said...

congrats you guys!!

Today's Letters said...

michelle, i love it that you'll celebrate other people's victories! says a lot about your character.

danielle said...

The mustache winners have to send in pictures!! Congrats everyone!!

meghan said...

Ahhh! Winning prizes is so fun!! Congrats winners!! :)

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