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Sunday, May 08, 2011

{Israel 2000: Sophomore Year ... I'm still trying to accept the fact that I will never again be this tan}

A reader recently emailed asking me about my favorite albums from college. Since I've had so much fun listening to them again tonight I thought I'd go ahead and share them on the blog. I realize this completely dates me as an '02 grad, esp. when I tell you they remind me of watching countless episodes of Felicity and Ed while eating Ramens and Easy Mac with my roommate. However, you know I won't steer you wrong when it comes to music. So for all of you 30-year-olds out there, may you be inspired again by the music of our youth. This stuff is STILL as good as it gets!

1. MTV Unplugged - Lauryn Hill
2. Lost Songs - David Gray
3. Five Wise Virgins - 100 Portraits
4. Good Dog Bad Dog - Over the Rhine
5. Living with Ghosts - Patty Griffin
6. Of Joy & Sorrow - Denison Witmer
7. Parachutes - Coldplay
8. First Circle - Waterdeep & 100 Portraits
9. The Very Best of David Wilcox - David Wilcox
10. Across a Wire (Live In New York) - Counting Crows

What were your favorite albums in college?


Brittany said...

I loveeeeeeeed Felecity! I recently re-watched all the seasons. Where you a Ben or Noel fan? I was all about the Ben Covington with his blond, wavy locks and puppy dog eyes.

Jhan said...

I just graduated undergrad last year, but I would have to say that my favorite album during those years was James Blunt's "Back to Bedlam".

Today's Letters said...

brittany, most def ben. the show made me want to live in a loft and eat smoothaise with sean & javier. meghan terrified me.

jhan, great album pick!

Ames said...

Mason mraz 'waiting for my rocket to come' got me through college. His other albums helped me move across the country, have a baby, process my sisters recent divorce and fall asleep at night. I.love.him.

Ames said...

Mason mraz? Ugh. I mean Jason...obvs.

Tina @ Scatterbox said...

I vividly recall my freshman year when my ex's roommate introduced me to a new little band called Pearl Jam and one of the greatest albums ever, Ten. For some odd reason, my roommates and I went all vintage and wore out Steve Miller Band's greatest hits. We weren't even alive for the first round of those tunes. Many memories also of sweet grunge rock and, in year three, the introduction and immersion into old-school rap by my then boyfriend/now husband. I still think the Fugees need to get back together.

sarah said...

i just have to comment on the fact that there is respect for the birks. As an undergrad at Ole Miss i just wore mine as recently as friday night to the bars. have to love them.

also, this is my first comment on a blog. My roommates and i frequently visit this!

Melissa said...

That is awesome! That Patty album still rates among my favs and soothes my soul like few others out there!

Anonymous said...

Just have to say that I'm still in college and David Gray lights up my life. When it's good, it's just good.

Chelle Lynn said...

I think that the music that you listen to in your formative years always sticks with you...I still haven't found music that I feel as strongly about as I do the music I listened to in high school and college.

Ingrid @ thesunnyside.me said...

i l.o.v.e felicity! i have the soundtracks from 2 of the seasons. love love love! and david gray...oh so good!

Nicole Jeannette said...

I don't know most of those albums, but I'm so gonna check them out!

annie h. said...

i love felicity. i used to watch it with my sister. you have some stellar choices (coldplay and david gray). i would say some albums from college for me: anything mat kearney, shawn mcdonald's live in seattle, joshua radin's we were here, and many others. okay, i couldn't come up with a list. i have specific songs i listened to all of the time. some play counts on my itunes are in the 80s.

Han said...

Eye to the Telescope by KT Tunstall and Smile, It Confuses People by Sandi Thom.

I'm sure there were others - mainly film soundtracks or Musicals lol.

Today's Letters said...

ames, i always think of you whenever i hear jazon mraz.

t.jett, agreed re: the fugees.

sarah, i wore mine nearly every day in school! i wish i still had a pair. and thank you (and your roommmate) for reading the blog.

melissa, i could listen to patty anyday. seen her 4 times and would go to her show again if she came through big d!

anony, couldn't agree with you more. twinner and i used to have a 9 hour drive home from school. we'd listen to lost songs on repeat for hours.

chelle lynn, probably because they're some of the best years of our lives! ;)

ingrid, my roommmate had the first soundtrack. def one i still wish i had.

nicole, promise you'll love em.

sweet annie, i heart you.

han, i am learning you are a big kt tunstall fan :)

Katharina said...

I never had heard the name "over the rhine" and looked up where the name comes from on wikipedia! It`s my best friends birthday today, awesome weather and we are going to have a barbecue at the rhine river in cologne tonight ;)

Amanda (Moody) Utley said...

Em, I LOVED the show Ed! My best friend and I were so sad when it was cancelled, and I thought I could never get enough of that song that played when they got engaged! I love that you loved it too!

Beth said...

I'm right there with you. Ed was amazing, and my son's name is Noel, if that gives you any idea of my love for Felicity.

I have specific memories of listening to lots of Alanis Morissette when writing papers. I think the angst helped. I also remember lots of roadtrips with Indigo Girls. It's funny: those songs from college take me back even when I hear them today.

Steph said...

1. i love that you posted this pic. i remember it hanging on your loft!
2. over the rhine... takes me back to hearing them play in the union. (sigh)
3. you rock.

Kimbojamma said...

When I was in college we listened to Toto's "Tow the Line" REALLY loud and Queen's "We are the Champions"...am I the oldest lady to read your blog?
Yep, but not gonna stop!!!

Kimbojamma said...

Oops, make that Toto's "HOLD the line"! ...see? I'm too old to remember song names!!

Anonymous said...

i miss ed! i remember watching that with my momma when i was a youngin!

Ruth said...

Still in college! I'm all about Stephen Kellogg & the Sixers, the Gabe Dixon Band, and Iron & Wine.

Anonymous said...

"first circle" is one of my favorite albums ever!
a dear missionary friend gave me a tape when she left and i couldn't find the album online anywhere. it was so inspiring! we sang some of the songs in youth group.
yay for itunes (i'm very new at itunes)!

Beck said...

emo, I love that you loved Lauryn's MTv Unplugged. You know she got really bad press for that. That was my K-Life Depression "go-to" album: "Oh Jerusalem" and "The Conquering Lion" were my musical zoloft. And you know KatyO and I were all about Felicity on Wednesday nights. (night off). Love you kindred spirit.

Molly said...

Being a fan of Felicity was so hard in Indiana...oh so many episodes were missed because of basketball games on tv!!! I still believe Scott Speedman (aka Ben Covington) might be my soul mate. He opened the door for me at a movie theater in LA once. Pretty much meant to be. Too bad I lost the ability to speak and went bright red. Haha.

I remember listening to Sarah Mclachlan still quite a bit in college. And Live. I also loved the "Where the Heart Is" soundtrack. A friend of mine who lived in Wengatz packed up his stereo before finals were over one year so his mom could take it home. That blew my mind! No music for finals week! Ha.

Today's Letters said...

katharina, i once saw the samples play at peabody's which is where i first heard of the rhine river. i hope you have fun tonight celebrating your friend!

amanda, so glad to know there are other ed fans out there! i always used to laugh at ed's 20 dollar bets. i'll never forget when he had to ask the produce guy where the "letoose" was.

beth, no way! love it that you named your son noel. indigo girls totally reminds me of middle school / hs. swamp ophelia changed my life.

steph, i can't believe you remember this pic! so fun. and otr def reminds me of working late nights at games control. best. job. ever.

kimbo, i don't care how old you are. grateful to have you reading the blog.

victoria, you did? that's so funny. i remember watching dawson's creek when i was little. still want to be joey potter.

ruth, yes yes yes to iron & wine! i'll never forget the first time i hear waitin' on a superman or saw the video for boy with a coin. AWESOME.

the weight of dreams, itunes will change your life. three points for having a mixed tape of the first circle. wicky wicky.

beckles, i still listen to it! makes me sad that lauryn got shiz for making a raw album such as this one. love conquering lion ... makes me cry every time i hear it. (insert clove here). i had no idea you and katyo watched felicity. this will most def be a topic of discussion on our next walk. love you mucho!

Today's Letters said...

molls, no music during finals week? i practically lived at the union! me and mr. wengatz would not have been very good study partners.

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