{Fist Pump Friday!}

Friday, November 12, 2010

Looks like Lara & Chad took us up on our suggestion! Here they are with Kym & Dustin at Seattle's Hi-Life Restaurant in Ballard. If only Tim and I could have joined them ... we kind of have couple crushes on these jokers.

Pictured here is Hannah and her boyfriend Nick near Ice Lake in Colorado. Pretty sure these guys deserve bonus points for living in one of my most favorite states OF ALL TIME.

This one made me smile big. Meet Tricia and some of her her kindergarten students. She's taught them how to throw fist pumps and leg kicks whenever they get a question right or do something AWESOME. Can we say teacher of the year award?

Thanks to those of you who sent in photos.
We love getting to know you!

To participate, send a picture of you and your Homies throwing fist pumps and leg kicks to em{at}todaysletters.com ... it's just that simple.


Grace @ Arms Wide Open said...

i'm first again!?!?! WHHHHHAAAA? no i am not a stalker, i just check my reader frequently.
he he!

NIcole Davis said...

hahah i love this so much!!!

Erin said...

These are great :) I hope I one day can appear on Fist Pump Fridays!

Today's Letters said...

grace, you need to buy a lottery ticket. xoxo

nicole & erin, submit a photo! i believe in you.

Erin said...

Oh trust me---I will be submitting :) I just have to think of a REALLY cool photo op, first!

Teresa said...

So cute! Happy Friday guys (even though it's Sunday now)

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