{Happy Veterans Day}

Thursday, November 11, 2010

I was named after my Grandpa Emmett who fought in WWII. Sadly he died before I was born. Still grateful for him and for all of those who have served and sacrificed for our country!


caroline | surprised by joy said...

What a great photo. The twinkle in his eye tells me he might have thrown a fist pump or leg shimmied in his day. :)

Katie M. said...

That's a fantastic picture Emily! It reminds me of a picture I have of my grandparents--one of my absolute favs!

So, I was really excited about your Apartment Therapy contest and did what I could to get the word out via facebook/my blog. Tim saw my link on facebook and told me that the contest was already over and you guys had made it to the semi-finals. Good job m'lady! Awesome!

Want to come over to our place and make it look as awesome as yours ? K, thanks!

Oh, and as I was posting for the day I had an impromptu rush of inspiration...I ended up writing about Today's Letters some (check out number's 4 and 6 if you're interested)! It was a lovely surprise from my daily writing :)


Always glad to call you all inspiration!

Hope this finds you well!

Today's Letters said...

caroline, my mom tells me he was a great dancer. i like to think he invented leg kicks.

katie, thanks for being so enthusiastic about our house tour! i should have mentioned that it was from 09 :) perhaps when we have own a home of our own we will enter again. btw, i loved reading your blog post. i'm encouraged to know you've started putting those letters down on paper. they truly can be life changing. xoxo

Han said...

My Great-Grandma's brother fought in WW2 he was an pilot or something like that.

I look through the pictures of my friends on Facebook and at least 5 if not more are serving in the British Armed Forces somewhere around the world. I am so proud of them what they are doing but it scares me when I heard of another explosion :(

In the UK we have a two minutes silence at 11am on the 11th November - do you do this in the US as well?

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