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Friday, November 05, 2010

Husband's Letters: Dear She-Ra, did you know this is my all-time favorite picture of you? You are still blessed to wake up in the morning with this beautiful hair. Dear Lesson Learned, fear is the inhibitory factor for the task at hand. Thank you for helping me understand how my capabilities are enhanced with confidence. (Insert 1 fixed washing machine here). Dear Weekend, is it really you? Looking forward to spending time at home with nowhere to be. Dear Mrs. Loerke (who always gets two letters), you're the apple of my sauce, the hot of my chocolate, and the little of my bitty. So grateful to call you mine.


The Mr. asks: What lesson(s) are you learning?


Be sure and check back later today for a new tradition we're starting on the blog!


Today's Letters said...

husband, this week i learned that you can't burp in space because there isn't any gravity to separate the gas from the liquid in your stomach. no word on toots. over and out.

Cassie said...

I am learning political theory. :(

Does that count as a lesson?

Megan said...

I learned the origin of my favorite phrase "gird your loins". Holy elephants do I overuse it now.

Han said...

Mrs L. That is an awesome fact!

The fact I learnt today was that in 2001 when NZ took a census, the second largest religion in the country was Jedi-ism however the government refused to count it officially so the Jedi was added to No Religion or not recognised (boo!).

Marissa said...

I'm learning over and over again that when you hold on too tight to the plans that you want, they usually fall apart.

And God replaces them with something even better, whether or not you see it as such.

Listening to Mumford and Son's all day in mourning of the show I couldn't get to. How was it?!?!

Tyroch said...

Last night I learned a few things -

1. I now believe it may be worth the extra $$ to have a seat at a show rather than standing for 4+ hours (sad day, makes me feel old).

2. Camera/video phones are annoying. I'm certainly glad everyone can now record anything (including live concerts) at the expense of those behind or next to them. How often do those folks re-watch the amazing videos they get. The sound must be incredible...as if they were still there....(sarcasm)....rant over

3. King Charles has hair that would make Cousin It jealous.

Amanda Moury said...

I'm learning that crying is a gift not a burden :) Happy Friday Loerke's!

Sister Lynn said...

I am learning that I can totally trust God. Totally. Awesome!

Scatterbox said...

If you can't fart in space, I'm tapping out as a wannabe astronaut.

I'm learning:
- Adobe InDesign (bless you, lynda.com)
- that going 7 months between professional haircuts makes for woodland creatures on the head
- that in Eureka, Nevada, it is illegal for men with mustaches to kiss women
- that there are only 20 more days until I inflate myself on my husband's increditastic Thanksgiving feast and confirm the notion that I could never be an astronaut.

Anonymous said...

I learned that Marion County, Indiana is the syphilis capital of the US. Not a proud statistic.

leslie a. knight said...

too many lessons all at once, but i guess that is (or eventually will be) a good thing.

- patience.
- waiting on God.
- simplifying life.
- letting go of control.
- forgiveness.
- contentment.

i told you. it's a lot. and none of it easy. but i know God is working through it all.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Todays Letters for making college a little more happy!

Also, I feel like you guys would like this:


Drum sticks and spoons!

Shandell said...

I'm learning new depths of patience every day. Thank the Lord for His strength!

Happy weekend to you + your princess of power!

Anonymous said...

I'm learning that letting go is more important than hanging on, and that there's no point stressing out.

jaderox213 said...

i'm learning that it's really hard to find the words to tell one of my best friends that she deserves better. especially when everyone who has told her that, has pretty much been cut out of her life, or has cut themselves from her life.

Grace @ Arms Wide Open said...

i'm learning that being a mom is my most favorite thing. & it's ok it took 2 years to realize it.

R said...

i'm learning that stuff is just...well...stuff. and though i never knew it was possible for me, i don't actually require a lot of stuff to be happy. :0) so 'purge, purge, purge' is my new mantra! i've discovered that room to breathe is much more valuable than the stuff that takes up that space.

annie h. said...

preach the Gospel to myself every. single. day.

Di (not Dee) said...

That no matter what "mistakes" I'm making as a new mom, my sweet baby will turn out just fine in the end. Lesson: don't sweat the little stuff, it'll all work out.

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