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Friday, November 12, 2010

Husband's Letters: Dear Mrs. Loerke, this month we've received several emails from couples in their 50's & 60's who have started asking our Weekly Questions. I think this is AMAZING. Dear Running Legs, I can't seem to push you past 15-17 miles without getting fire knees. One day I hope you'll be strong enough to run a marathon. Dear Fried Turkey, Hungry & Determined Men 1, Fried Turkey 0. Thanks for not blowing up the house. Dear Emma, last night Ray sang this song. You indeed, are the best thing that has ever happened to me.


The Mr. asks: What are your favorite Thanksgiving traditions? (mine is now frying a turkey).


Be sure and check back later today for our


Grace @ Arms Wide Open said...

oooh! i'm first! exciting!
Thanksgiving traditions include making my mom's infamous cherry pineapple marshmallow salad (YUM!) and we always watch a movie together after stuffing ourselves with deliciousness.

it's fun to think about what traditions i'll start with my own little family (we have a two year old). look forward to reading your commenters' ideas... :)

Anonymous said...

We have a huge day-after-Turkey-Day sports challenge and oyster roast with extended family and friends: volleyball, kickball, bocce, croquet, ladder ball, skeet shooting for the sports, and oysters my parents grow in the bay cooked over an industrial grate served with lots and lots of food and beersies. It is something everyone looks forward to every year...even more than Thanksgiving itself!

Happy freakin Friday!

Han said...

Keep trying on your marathons I'm sure you'll get there in the end!

I'm in the UK so we don't celebrate Thanksgiving :(

The Tuesday Questions are awesome! Me and Mr J have started doing them in our own little notebook :)

Becca said...

I have to watch the Thanksgiving Parade on TV every year. Oh, and then there's a sweet potato casserole that I have to have at least once during the holidays...It's incredibly delicious!

nina! said...

Mr. Loerke, don't feel bad. I get fire knees after running half way around the block :)

I love getting all the cousins aka youngins gathered to play board games on thanksgiving.. usually pictionary!

pam said...

My husband and I proudly fall into that "50 & 60's category" of asking Tuesday Questions, and we will both readily tell you, it is never too late! We are so glad that we did...and you two have been the "instrumental" ones! We are so blessed to have come across your beautiful website. Your love for each other is so very beautifully obvious. God bless you both. Love, Pam and Ronn

pam said...

Couldn't help but respond again...after talking with my husband about Mr. Loerke's letters today, I said, "You would think that by now, with our ages, 50/60's, that we would have had our Monday through Sunday questions asked AND answered by NOW, but, like I said, it is never too late!! HA!

Teresa said...

burning the rolls

It's not Thanksgiving if we haven't forgotten the bread in the oven.

Jody said...

Can you repost the link for Ray's song? It takes me nowhere and I ell-oh-vee-eeh him so.

Love stalking you guys!

Today's Letters said...

grace@armswideopen, fist pumps for being first :)
good food + movies + family = a wonderful thanksgiving.

leila, are you kidding me? adopt us already! your post turkey day extravaganza sounds like husband's manathon.

bec, the parade! i haven't been very faithful to watch it over the years but i might just. have. to. start.

nina, husband likes to play pictionary / charades too. always makes us laugh.

pam, your email was one that made our week! fist pumps for mass, trusty bicycles, and rock collections in brown paper bags. xoxo

teresa, something we have done often! good thing they're just rolls.

jody, done! sorry about that ... it's amazing how they work in the preview but don't come through in the post. will double check my links!

Jody said...

Thanks! He is so dreamy and I love to dance to this song with my husband.

The Crowders said...

Fried turkey scares me. The process not the taste. My husband and I would blow it up for sure! :-)
For many years my favorite tradition was the family loading up the car and heading to the Egg Bowl. The Egg Bowl is the Ole Miss/Miss. State football game. Huge rivalry! (Think Texas and A&M) It was always our Turkey Day tradition. Food, rest, and football in that order.
Sadly, a few years ago they changed the game to the Saturday after Thanksgiving. No more Egg Bowl on Thanksgiving, but we stil watch whatever game of football is on that day. Our life revolves around football. Luckily, I am a girl who LOVES football so no complaints from me.
Happy Friday!

Kim said...

Favorite tradition: going with my kids and hubby to the Fort Worth Parade of Lights the day after Thanksgiving and sitting on the little hill on the courthouse yard. We are usually freezing so my daughter always cuddles with me. She's 19. I'm sure it wont last long. So I treasure it. I'm sure she'll have her own plans and her own cuddler before I know it.

Don Dinnerville said...

Not sure if I really have any favorite Thanksgiving traditions, but next time you fry a turkey, I'd love to come try some. I've wanted to try some fried turkey for a long time, but my family is kind of traditional when it comes to eating poultry in autumn.

Hope you two have a great weekend.

Timothy Loerke said...

In-The-Tweeds, that is the greatest tradition I have ever heard of! Maybe because I love some quality competition or because you said "industrial grate"...I've never had an oyster before but I'm sure the way it's prepared at your Thanksgiving-Fest, it's to die for!

Don, we are considering a repeat of the turkey fry many months before the next Thanksgiving...it was too fun and too tasty to wait another year!

CAgridlock said...

*sending you positive marathon vibes* I just did my first one and it was an epic journey, filled with much spray on icy hot. You'll get there!

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