{Last Chance!}

Sunday, November 21, 2010

We just wanted to remind everyone that tonight's your LAST CHANCE to bid on our Vincent Van Loerke Paintings to help raise money for the McKeaigg Family adoption. Let's bring their baby home!

Go HERE to bid.
(auction ends at 8pm CST)


Erin said...

I am soooo saddened that I was outbid!! I have been obsessing over these pictures all day!!!!! I thought I was doing well with my first attempt at e-bay bidding! Apparently not! I let out a sad sigh when I saw the 22 bids I made just did not end up being the highest!! Though I'm sad I won't have those masterpieces to hang over my bed, I WILL still happyily contribute to the McKeaigg family. I just hope whoever won finds a place above their "biscuit" that is as fabulous as where I was planning to hang the paintings!! I demand picture proof :) HAHA :)
I promise--I'm really NOT bitter! This was a great cause--and it was actually pretty fun! I think my fiance might identify me as a bit obsessive/compulsive, though, after my frequent e-bay check-ins the past few days!!

Today's Letters said...

erin, so sorry you didn't win! i have no doubt our paintings would have been good conversation pieces hanging over your biscuit. (you have a very understanding fiance :) xoxo

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