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Friday, April 08, 2011

If there's one thing that Maggie Whitley has taught me it's to take risks. Less than a year ago her bravery pushed her to pursue what most of us only dream about: becoming our own boss. Maggie is a self-taught seamstress who runs an adorable online shop and blog that is marked by all things ruffles. Feel free to check out her website here!

Dear Hunky Hubby Husband, thanks for taking me on a date last weekend. You know I love to date you, even though we'll celebrate 3 years of marital bliss this June. You are amazing. You give me butterflies. You make me feel like the cutest girl ever, and that makes me happy! Be my hunky hubby husband forever?

Dear Sunshine, SERIOUSLY?! What took you so long to arrive in Minneapolis? Spring is finally here and I welcome your bright rays into my life. Who cares if I can't see because you're shining so bright, at least my Allora Handmade necklace is getting some spotlight action.

Dear Purple Nail Polish
, Why yes, at age 25 I still rock the purple nail polish. Why double yes, I still rock the one-finger-nail-accented-with-purple-sparkly-nail-polish. Why? Because I can. Want another why? Because I like to be sassy & spunky & silly, even at age 25. It makes me feel like I'm a super fun gal, which makes my hubby happy, which makes him take me on dates {see above}. Just kidding ~ I think he'd date me even if didn't have purple nails with a sparkly accent nail.


Be sure and check back later this morning to see today's {Fist Pump Friday} photos! You won't want to miss these!


danielle said...

I'm almost thirty and still rock the purple nail polish!! You go girl!

Han said...

I'm 25 in 3 weeks :) I am rocking multi coloured at the moment - sparkly purple on thumbs and little fingers. black with a coat of blue underneath on the next two in and bright pink on my middle finger. That's nothing compared to my toes - different colour on each toe. (yes I am barmy!)

paige brunt said...

we are STILL waiting for sunshine here in utah :( it is currently SNOWING outside. really?

Amanda said...

I love gussy!

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