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Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Today's Letters: Dear Mr. Loerke, this morning I found our journal hidden in the dryer. I think this is your best hiding spot since finding it in my homeless mittens and duct taped to the wall in our shower. Dear American Restoration, thanks for making old things new again. You maybe might be my new favorite TV show OF ALL TIME. Dear Mumford & Sons Concert, tomorrow, tomorrow, I love ya tomorrow, you're only a daaaaaay awaaaaaaay. (Insert lots of Little Lion Man shimmy's here). Dear Husband, whenever I catch you baking in your man apron it makes me wanna make out. Just sayin.

What's the best concert you've ever been to?


Michelle (michabella) said...

OMG!!! I am extremely jeal that your going to see Mumford & Sons!!! I tried to get tickets but they sold out quickly!!!! My favorite concert was Brad Paisley & Darius Rucker <3

Marilyn said...

Hmmm, picking my favorite concert is kind of like trying to pick a favorite child. So, since I have four kids, I'll pick my favorite four :)
(in random order, of course)

1. The Avett Brothers
2. Michael Buble
3. Coldplay
4. Brandi Carlile

Have fun at the show!

LB said...

I love Hanson in concert, believe it or not! But I think I would love shouting the chorus to "Little Lion Man" and my favorite of theirs, "Awake My Soul," even better in person. I think I smell a mean mix tape in the air!

Han said...

Phatfish at Soul Survivor or KT Tunstall a few weeks ago.

At Phatfish I was right in the middle right at the front (well behind the safety barrier at the front) my best friend was next me to and we moshed and danced till our legs hurt lol.

Kt was just as cool I was with a different friend who put up with my singing at the top of my lungs!

Laurel said...

We saw Mumford & Sons here in Nashville on Monday...and wow wow wow. Honestly, it was one of the best shows I've EVER been too. And those are big words for me...they were on fire!!

Old Crow Medicine Show made a surprise appearance during the encore where they sang 3 songs together and I may or may not have pulled a muscle or 4 dancing during Wagon Wheel and Cocaine.

Enjoy the show!

addison said...

i saw patty griffin at the ryman auditorium in nashville in june and bawled all through long ride home and useless desires. pretty sure people thought i had some emotional issues, but man, when that lady shares her gift i'm pretty sure jesus high fives himself for a job well done. just saying.

Chelsea said...

My favorite concert was the black crowes at bonnaroo in 2005. Some others I have loved are perpetual groove, my morning jacket, sts9, and the allman brothers!!

P.S. I just discovered American restoration. That show is awesome!!! Have you guys seen American pickers or pawn stars? Those are my other faves, I would love to have their jobs

evelyn oyster said...

I'll take your extra Mumford tix!!!

katie said...

Stephen Kellogg and the Sixers!! I saw them for the first time a few weeks ago in Pittsburg and the music changed my life. They are amazing and not to mention Sara Watkins opened for them. She used to play with NickelCreek!!!!

czam said...

Carrie Underwood was phenomenal in mainstream concert, but my wife and I really enjoyed seeing Brendan James in concert at a local Austin dig.

Lima said...

Brand New. Hands down.

Stacy said...

Green Day - 21st Century Breakdown Tour. We felt like we owed them money after the show was over.

Scatterbox said...

I like U2 a lot (but not die-hard) and I'd only heard a song or two from Muse at that point (and never live), but their 360 tour together last year was a sensory explosion of awesome.

On a smaller, more organic scale, my friends from Enter the Haggis produce some great magic whenever they're in a room with great fans.

Teresa said...

I must have a thing for concerts on my birthday.

1) REM @ the Dean Dome for my 16th.
2) The Frames at a bar in Belfast for my 22nd.

Have fun!

Thanks for making me smile today.

Anna said...

Josh Ritter and The Avett Brothers are my two favorite acts to see live.

SO jealous you get to Mumford. Their show here sold out in five minutes! Have fun!

MeeshOne.Love said...

i don't know about favorites...but my first big concert was the b-52's with the pretenders...pretty fun! i was far too young to fully appreciate it...but i did do a lot of dancing and singing along (yeah, i was hip)...i will never forget being in a crowd of adults who all sank to the ground in unison during rock lobster..."down, down, down..."
those are the kind of things that stick with you.

Ginny said...

All great comments!
My husband playing guitar or banjo in my best friends bar triggers feelings pride and cozy comfort. Way to go my doggy daddy! I also went to see Neal Diamond with my grandmother and mother as a kid for my grandmothers 80th birthday. Talk about life changing. I saw a near seventy year old throw her panties a him. CRAZY!! (plus huge BoSox fan girl)

Amy said...

Hard to pick one! Brendan James this spring in Birmingham was amazing, I listened to his first CD The Day is Brave almost every single day for 2 years - The Sun Will Rise is my all time favorite song. He is truly incredible.

I also loved seeing Kings of Leon last year with my oldest daughter - she was 16 and it was her first concert, we had a blast!

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with Michelle. Any Brad Paisley concert is my fav. Have fun at the concert.

morgandkim said...

best gig ever. Sigur Ros 2006.. much much love. I was sold at the first song.
2nd favourite gig. polyphonic spree.. 2009 there was Ticker-tape drops. and we got to stand and sing in the arms of Tim DeLaughter when we walked through the crowd and stopped where we were. there was also free indian head dresses and masks.
3rd. favourite gig. Mumford and Sons. Splendour in the Grass 2010. best festival line up.. and highlight was these boys.. so much love

R said...

any symphony performing ravel's 'bolero'.

molough said...

hanson is my favorite. it's a tradition. i take my sister every year for her birthday! we are headed to hotlanta next week for another hanson show! can't wait to shake it :) have fun at your concert! :)

annie h. said...

you are seeing mumf?!?!?! soooo jealous, but also very excited for you. you and the mr. will have a BLAST!!!

best concert? either shane & shane or mat kearney. i've seen shane & shane twice and they are so stinkin' talented and authentic.

Today's Letters said...

michelle, pre-sale = makes my concert dreams come true.

marilyn, have always wanted to see brandi carlile. someday! (ps, i like your list).

lb, you are so from oklahoma! but i love it. one shimmy for you during awake my soul.

han, dancing is a great excuse for sore legs.

laurel, i am secretly hoping OCMS will make an appearance tomorrow night. so glad you got to see the mumford boys this week!

addison, i've seen patty 3 times and always cry during long ride home. rain, moses, mary, peter pan, useless desires, let him fly, nobody's crying, and forgiveness all make me feel whole. ps, loved your giveaway comment. well said.

chelsea, re: mmj, acoustic citsuoca = my favorite album of theirs.

katie, i was introduced to nickle creek once i moved to texas. love their sound.

czam, totally agree. concerts in austin never disappoint.

lima, over the rhine at taylor made my top 10.

stacy, so take the photographs ...

t.jett, u2 is still on my bucket list. their joshua tree album changed my life in middle school.

teresa, #2 made me drool. have seen the swellies play twice in dallas, but at a bar in belfast? you had it made!

anna, the avett bros are on our list for 2011. dying to hear laundry room live.

meesh, my first concert was michael bolton. i won tickets out of a drawing at dillards. i was 12 and the youngest person there.

ginny, fist pumps for making me laugh with your comment. neil diamond still has his mojo.

amy, four points for seeing kofl with your 16 yr old daughter. a memory she will never forget.

teachingtolearn, another country girl. i likey!

morgandkim, i would give my right arm to see sigur ros in concert. how can you not be inspired by their music?

r, husband listens to classical music while he studies. i heart him for it.

molough, you should meet lb who commented above. a fellow hanson lover. i'm guessing you are also an okie :)

sweet annie, i too have seen shane & shane. wonderful concerts. if you ever get a chance to see over the rhine ...

Marissa said...

Sufjan Stevens- Majesty Snowbird tour
Explosions in the Sky
Band of Horses
Ryan Adams

I just saw that Mumford and Sons was in Austin yesterday. Lamesauce. If you like them you should check out Laura Marling. She rocks.

morgandkim said...

sigur ros was incredible. I saw jonsi play about 6 months ago at Splendour in the Grass too (it was an epic line up http://www.splendourinthegrass.com/home.html#artist-lineup.html ) and he danced around with an indian head dress... ohh my he is talented man..
if you get a chance. please do go.

Timothy Loerke said...

molough & LB, here is a little tidbit that might make you jealous...in high school...when I was in the choir...we caroling door to door in Tulsa...and one house opened up their door...and it was the Hanson brothers! They wanted to sign me on the spot...but I told them my education came first. Ok, maybe just the caroling part on the Hanson's doorstep was true...but I do have a secret ambition to be a rockstar :-)

ZigZagKitty said...

Actually, I'm a sucker for musicals more than concerts, so can I say Wicked? It was AWESOME.

Beck said...

When I was 16 I saw the very first Lalapalooza tour. That was kind of epic but I don't think I fully grasped it.

I think me & Timo leading CR worship is probably on someone's list..right? Am I right?

And remember the time we went & saw Patty and she.only.played.old.hymns and no "Long Ride Home"? Oh well.

Nicole Davis said...

Em & Tim, I am sooo jealous you went to Mumford & Sons!!! Was it absolutely and amazingly wonderful!??!

Bre said...

John Mayer was BY FAR my favorite. He is absolutely breathtaking live!

My sister saw Mum last week and I was so beyond jealous. She loved them! Glad so many people were stoked about seeing them!

Melissa said...

Ingrid Michaelson :)

brlracincwgrl said...

American Restoration is wicked awesome! As is American Pickers! :).

Love those shows!

esther. said...

You guys are my favorite.

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