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Monday, November 08, 2010

Today's Letters: Dear Mr. Loerke, this weekend we slept in, ran 8 miles, learned how to fry a turkey, watched this movie, had a special date night here, and ate homemade chicken & wild rice soup while watching Sunday Night Football. Loved this weekend. Dear Extra Hour of Sleep, I needed you more than Linus needs his woobie. YOU. WERE. LOVELY. Dear Tyroch's, a few days ago you unexpectedly gifted me with your grandmother's mint 1941 Royal Quiet DeLuxe Portable Typewriter. This A) made me throw fist pumps like Hemmingway (it was his favorite model) B) entertain ideas of writing a book C) practice typing my name 100 times or D) all of the above. Dear Timothy James, pretty sure I'm attached to you like Paula Dean is to butter. Over and out.

What's the most unexpected gift you've ever received?



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Han said...

My Mum bought me two new gel pens last week - she was in the stationery store and spotted them she thought I would like them so she got them for me. I know it's not as cool as a typewriter but my Mum thought of me and it made my day :D

Anonymous said...

Twin Daughters

Michelle said...

just after I moved into my house (about 9 years ago) I had very little money for anything. It was stinking hot. Someone left two brand new fans on my doorstep (there have been other things too...a kettle, dishes, door mat). I still have no idea who left them. I suspect someone in my church community. When I tell this story people are usually puzzled when I tell them I really have no desire to find out who it was. Receiving graciously can be as much of a spiritual gift as giving and I figured that if my needs were met without me really expressing those except in prayer then I can be thankful in prayer. Oh and I also was giften a piano which was Awesome with a capital A but I DO know who gave me that. Oh and my darling feeds me lunch every day. THAT's a gift.

Heather said...

Waking up to laundry caught up, and a beautiful breakfast served on China was a very unexpected gift from my husband. :)

Don Dinnerville said...

I've added your weekend movie to my Netflix queue. In return, my I suggest "Taking Chance"? I watched it last night, and I'm still in a fragile emotional state as a result. :-)

Timothy Loerke said...

Great movie, Don! We saw it several months ago. It was a sobering reality to the price paid for freedom and safety.

Brittany said...

You guys have just made my monday morning because I have been searching high and low online for a place to get a replacement ribbon for my Smith-Corona typewriter my grandma gave me. Infinity amount of fist pumps for your knowledge of the interwebs!!!! Also, how about spreading the soup joy and posting that recipe for chicken and wild rice soup??? Sounds delicioso!

Ingrid Blanchette said...

BEST unexpected gift ever...for my birthday my boyfriend(now husband) gave me a super cute calendar book from paper source - he uses a franklin ( i call it frank) and he knows that those are just not my style. anyways...he asks that i open it up to 'july' and inside the month of july is a small book of letters. the front page has a picture of a adelweiss because i'd just shared the history behind the flower which i had learned when on the sound of music tour in austria (it's the flower of love and has a really cool history behind it if you want to read up on it). in the book of letters i see that he's been corresponding with my parents in sweden via email....planning a surprise trip to sweden in july. he used his college graduation gift to buy the tickets! he even got the 2 weeks off from my boss without even me knowing. he had wanted to fly there to ask my dad in person for my hand in marriage! he asked my dad and then proposed 2 min later! my mom&dad were there to witness the beautiful moment and took pictures. i'll share one with you...because it's a pretty sweet moment in our life. today is our 2nd anniversary!


Ames said...

Most unexpected gift-- Anna Claire!!

The Coons Family said...

I am glad you enjoyed your extra hour of sleep b/c my two toddlers did not get the daylight savings memo and have been up extra early. Your sleep sounded lovely though! :)

Today's Letters said...

han, sometimes it's the smallest gifts of thought that mean the most. see exhibit a: http://www.todaysletters.com/2010/02/todays-letters-dear-mr.html

papa, mine would be last thursday's phone call. (see tomorrow's letters).

michelle, anonymous giving / receiving takes strength and surrender. thanks for reminding me of that today.

heather, folded laundry and bfast in bed? i'd say he's a keeper.

neighbor, per husband's comment, we saw it and loved it. totally redefined honor for me. ps, love letters to juliet will balance out the heaviness of taking chance. totally chick flick and predictable but refreshingly simple.

brittany, so glad! i ordered ribbons for my new royal from these guys as well. a great online resource. ps, husband and i chose not to link our recipe in today's post because we thought it turned out avg. if it was a winner we'd feel better about passing it along. i will however, recommend foodgawker.com which is where we get a lot of our recipes from. check it.

ingrid, i loved seeing your photos! (and learning about adelweiss). sending you two fist pumps in honor of 2 years.

ames, ac is a wonderful gift indeed! ps, i heard that 3 out of 5 pregnancies are unexpected. crazy.

the coons fam, did they not get my memo? i asked them to crash for an extra hour so you could find your happy place. xoxo

Kate said...

Most unexpected gift... still processing that one. Baby #3, shock of our lives, and as overwhelmed and scared as we are, we're totally.in.love.already. can't wait to meet the little one.

Mrs. T said...

my husband sent me flowers today:) just had to brag!

patti said...

most unexpected gift this year: my mom driving 3 hours to see me in my new town for a 2-hour dinner, and then driving 3 hours home the very. same. night. just to give me a break from school, and still make sure i had study time that evening.

also - it is such a joy to read your posts every day!! i love y'alls humor and wit. just wanted you to know that you guys are helping me survive first year of med school, thank you!


annie h. said...

My mom gave me a gift certificate for a pound of Peet's Coffee and Tea a month for a year. It was one of the best gifts I received because it made me feel like she really knew me.

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