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Monday, November 15, 2010

Today's Letters: Dear Mr. Loerke, this weekend we slept in past 9, made pumpkin pancakes, went to The Freelance Whales concert, watched Toy Story 3, made our favorite Fall soup (recipe to come!), and celebrated my mom's 57th birthday. A GREAT weekend. Dear Happy Place, why is it I often find you in doing things like reorganizing our spice rack? I. need. help. Dear Bank Teller, sometimes I try and balance my checkbook before you send back my receipt through the tube. It's kind of like a game, but this morning you were fast like jackalope. Dear Husband, last night before showering you taught me how to make farting noises with my armpit. Reason #250 why boy roommates are AWESOME.

What are you most looking forward to this week?


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Brenna Nichols said...

i am most looking forward to the birth of the Tater. It has been a long time coming and after being pregnant for 285 days, this gal is ready to meet her son!

PS, I heart Toy Story 3!

Kayla said...

I'm looking forward to the boyfriend having the week off from band practice and me having day classes this week so that we can spend our evenings together!

Ashley said...

I'm having dinner with my dad on Thursday, after not seeing or talking to him for almost 6 years. I am nervous as all get-out but I can't wait to see what God has in store for our reborn relationship.

Stacy said...

I am looking forward to husband's interview. And hopeful there will be a job at the end of this scary tunnel.

amanda said...

I totally dig the way you guys have your spices stored...you are so organized!

Michelle said...

attending my knitting group tonight and book club on Thursday. Great ways to begin and end the week.

Teresa said...

:) it sounds like your happy place is easy enough to locate - that's excellent.

I am looking forward to my productivity survey that I'm doing on housewifing skills...it helps me get to my happy place.

And thank you for the Awesomesauce recipe. All of my mommas start with "buy two bushels of apples.." or "go to the orchard.." and I had always just put them back in the box.

Kim said...

I am looking forward to Friday. Because I am off work for 9 days after that!

Han said...

I'm half looking forward to tomorrow because I'm talking about Corrie Ten Boom at our girls group.

I'm looking forward to Friday as I am going to one of the National Radio Stations to man the phones for a fund-raiser that they do every year called Children in Need.

That also means I have the day off work :) I am going to London again on Saturday with my Dad which should be exciting.

I am planning a Secret Santa at girls group and trying to decide what to get for my work secret santa on the theme of Stars and Stripes (Anyone got a spare US flag they can mail me? lol)

Heather said...

Pumpkin pancakes..pretty sure I'm looking forward to finding a recipe to try myself. Sounds like heaven!

Don Dinnerville said...

I'm looking forward to (crossing my fingers) making some major progress on a backlog of work.

By the way, I've got the same microwave oven. And so do my parents. Must be a popular model.

Today's Letters said...

beans & seeds, tater comes this week! yeehaw! can't wait to see pics of your little. i know he will grow up a proud jayhawk fan, lover of good music, and the right brew ;)

kayla, you get three points for being a band members gf. hope this week is rejuvenating for you both!

ashley, you are so BRAVE. god is faithful to reconcile & restore our relationships. all you can do is be faithful and own your part.

stacy, no whammies, no whammies. keep us posted!

amanda, thanks! as often as we cook we have to have some sort of system for our spices. typically we buy in small amounts in the bulk section of whole paycheck to save money from buying the jars. some spices would take us years to go through and i'm pretty sure they only have a shelf life of 1 yr. buying smaller and fresher amounts = better tasting food!

michelle, knitting group. book club. can we be friends?

teresa, you made our applesauce? fist pumps for you!

kim, so excited for you! a 9 day vacation that i'm sure is well deserved.

han, you have a fun and full week planned. it's about that time when secret santa stuff starts happening around here too!

heather, if you live near a trader joe's we highly recommend their pumpkin pancake mix. deeeeeelish.

neighbor, i think you can, i think you can, i think you can ...

the zundelephant in the room said...

hello organization after my own heart. sigh.

brlracincwgrl said...

Wow you're organized!

I'm looking forward to whatever may happen this week :). I'll go where the wind may blow me!

LB said...

This week (aka celebration and taper week) is a whirlwind of fun and carbs for me! Pilates tonight, writing night Tuesday, Pioneer Woman Throwdown watch party Weds, Harry Potter premiere Thursday at midnight, work Thanksgiving dinner Friday, and the half mary on Sunday! Fun busy is perfect for this week so I don't get nervous about the big 13.1!

R said...

Bible study on Tuesday...love time with all of my spiritual mamas!

and me and my husby have our nine-year annie on wednesday. with three under five we'll probably not go out and do anything, but it's just going to be fun to reminisce. :0)

Today's Letters said...

avis, i think your pantry needs to meet my spice rack. ps, wish i could have come over to watch grey's today. only scrubs and other elastic pants allowed.

brl, i like your spontaneity.

lt, you have a wonderful week ahead! please tell me you and ree got to throw fist pumps and leg kicks together.

r, congrats on (almost) 9 yrs! that is huge. xo

esther. said...

Um. I use the old wooden soda flats for my spices too!

Funny, that.

Michelle said...

Emily sure we can be friends...the commute from Texas to Ontario probably isn't THAT long. We tend talk (and eat) more than we knit and read though.

Today's Letters said...

esther, aren't they the best? i could repurpose them a thousand different ways.

mich, holy canada batman! i like talking (and eating). a win win.

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