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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Today's Letters: Dear Mr. Loerke, next week you begin your rural rotation in Commerce, TX. Pretty sure I miss you already. Dear Homies, Christmas came early this year after recently being nominated by The Blog Guidebook for Top Blog of 2010. This made Santa say, "Ho ho ho holy sh%tballs." (Voting begins Saturday, more info to come). Dear Fall, I think you're coming along just fine. That's all. Dear Homeboy, you are brave enough to slay dragons, can bench press two small children, but are still terrified of roaches. I can cook a mean pot roast, show you how to spot a good bargain at a flea market, and will chase bugs around our house with a hammer, HazMat suit, and paper towel. We make a good team.

What are you most afraid of?

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Han said...

Very little actually. I rescue my housemate from spiders on a regular basis lol.

I don't like rollercoasters but thats more because I don't fit in the seats very well rather than because I'm scared of them. (if you see a side on full length photo of me you realise why)

Ashley said...


ZigZagKitty said...

I'm not really scared of anything...I was a little afraid of the dark as a kid, but I'm over that now. :)

However, my mom is TERRIFIED of roaches. I could be on the other side of the house and I would still hear her scream "STEPHANIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE" in a really high-pitched squeal and know exactly why I was being summoned. One of the funniest moments in my life was when I answered this call to the kitchen, where she pointed at a roach on the counter. The roach responded to her dishing out of the death sentence by flying DIRECTLY TOWARDS HER FACE. I promptly...fell on the floor laughing. Literally. I was crippled by guffaws while my mom was having a phobia attack, screaming and running and swatting at the air behind her, while the roach just chilled on the floor where she had been standing. We still joke about it today.

addison said...

rosie o'donnell. no lie. i'm down with the rainbow, but everytime she's on tv i can't hang.

p.s. han, roller coasters are overrated anyway. be proud of who you are and that you're alive. (:

Jessie said...

Mice. Not snakes, not spiders, not bugs, not dirt. Just mice.

Allison said...


on another note: saw this on apartment therapy and totally thought of you guys and your kicks!


sarah richmond said...

top twinner + top mister = top bloggy fo'sho!!!!!

congrats on the nomination little... so proud of you!!!!!

can't wait to see your face.

t-minus 36 day and counting.


Stacy said...

Skunks - I am extremely afraid of skunks. When I saw one in the neighborhood I grew up in, I would call my dad from the driveway and he would have to come get me and walk me to the front door. My empathy is set too high so I can't take American Idol auditions or when people hit the wrong note while singing a solo, but those things don't paralyze me and make me cry the way a skunk sighting will. And haha, my dad gave me a little stuffed skunk stuffed animal when I went away to grad school.

annie h. said...

rats. i HATE rats. i think the fear has always existed, but it was strongly encouraged after my summers spent at camp. one night i was in a cabin and i could hear rats crawling everywhere. the next night, the counselors set a trap in the closet (where the rats had built their palace) and i woke up to the SOUND, yes the sound, of a trap shutting itself on a rat, and the rat attempting to free itself. can you say disgusting?!?!

p.s...your e-mail yesterday just about made my day. thanks for the encouragement!

Teresa said...

Creepy crawlies get right up under my skin - especially when they are indoors.

Congratulations on the nomination...it is well earned. Thanks for opening the window into your world for us to take a peak.

Sister Lynn said...

Flying insects (#1 Nemesis - junebugs)
Non-flying insects

Shandell said...

spiders, hands down. During pre-marital counseling we made sure to discuss the spider killing role. I refer to Ben as my "spider-hero". I once called him about a particularly scary one on the ceiling. He came home from work to take care of it.

I've faced this fear to the extreme in the Philippines where there are spiders twice the size of your hand. It didn't work, I'm still scurrrrd!

Marissa said...

Feet, blood, and balloons. The terrifying trifecta.

The thing that I've most recently discovered about fears is that:
1) When you tell college aged men about your fears they revert back to elementary school and start putting their feet on you or chasing you around with balloons
2) You can conquer any fear with enough will power and people around you to support you.

Timothy Loerke said...

Marissa, I'm sorry you have to endure college aged men. They can be a little insensitive and immature at times...believe me...I've been there...expecially in year one of marriage. Don't be ashamed of your fears.

Michele said...

yay for being nominated! you undoubtedly have my vote!!

i'm quite afraid of driving under a train tressel as the train goes over it... i think i saw on the news when one collapsed once and it has haunted me ever since! oh. spiders also!

Anonymous said...

I have an intense fear of little cockroaches running around my house in hazmat suits chasing me with a hammer. Thankfully this dreaded encounter has not happened yet.

Today's Letters said...

han, ash, zigzag, jessie, sister lynn, roller coasters, snakes, roaches, mice, bugs = definitely no bueno.

addison, your comment made me laugh out loud. rosie o'donnell, for real? i used to be afraid of the trash heap on fraggle rock. is that the same?

allison, i saw those yesterday on AT as well! aren't they great? def making the loerke gift guide.

twinner, 35 now that it's almost midnight. can't wait to spend time with you, bubby. ps, randy called and wants his snowsuit back. would you mind bringing it with you when you come? xoxo

stacy, skunks is a new one to me but i love your dad's offering gift :)

sweet annie, of course. you are a good egg miss. slo.

teresa & michelle, thanks for supporting the blog! in our minds we've already won, regardless if of votes. our readers are the shiz!

shan, way to have pro-active communication about spideys. i can't stand them either.

marissa, someone else said balloons! they are honestly one of my biggest fears. i hate blowing them up, touching them, always afraid they will explode in my face and cause me to go big potty in my pants.

abbysays, four fist pumps for making me laugh with your comment. i would be terrified too! xo

addison said...

i do believe before rosie o'donnell started terrifying barbwa wa wa (barbara walters) on the view she did moonlight as the fraggle rock trash heap. little known info, but, it must be true because they are both as terrifying as a starbucks bankruptcy. bam!

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