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Monday, November 22, 2010

Today's Letters: Dear Mr. Loerke, Friday night we built a fort, wore paper crowns, and watched Where The Wild Things Are. Here's to dirt clod wars, wild rumpus games, and sleeping in piles. Dear Whole Paycheck, after noticing you had Christmas trees for sale we decided to check every one for Aunt Bethany's cat and Jello mold. All clear. Dear Liberte Strawberry Greek Yogurt, I'm convinced they've packed you with a pint of strawberries and two fist pumps. Thanks for giving me another reason to look forward to brekky. Dear Husband, today begins your long 5 month journey of rural, pediatric, and surgery rotations. Looking forward to taking things one day at a time. Beyond blessed to be your wingman.

What's your favorite thing to eat for breakfast?


A special thanks to those of you who bid on our Vincent Van Loerke Paintings. We raised $82.00 for the McKeaigg Family Adoption and couldn't be more grateful!

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Han said...

I am following :D

I love blanket forts - they are not made enough lol. We make them out in the garden with the boys but it's too cold and dark now :(

addison said...

girl, check it. the most delicious breakfast is as follows:

1 cup kashi strawberry fields cereal
1 whole banana cut up on top of said cereal
3 fresh strawberries cut on top
5 fresh blackberries on top
5 fresh raspberries on top
10 fresh blueberries on top
1 cup unsweetened almond milk (it's addictive)

if Jesus were to eat cereal, it'd be this concoction. it's perfect after a long morning run and tastes like awesome and amazing joined forces. over and out.

Heather said...

My fav breakfast rotates between raw oatmeal breakfast cookie, or a PB & Chocolate smoothie. Yay for raising money, that's awesome!

nina said...

OHH EMM GEEEE. christmas vacation is the best movie everrrrrrrr !! hahahaha, love it! i just had oatmeal with peanut butter for the first time and... YUM!

P.S. have you seen your votes for top blog!? yayayayay!

Brandon & Catherine said...

you guys are crushing the top blog votes!!

also, I like to eat the PBJ I made for lunch... for breakfast.

Sister Lynn said...

I would eat eggs and bacon every day if I wasn't worried about keeling over from a heart attack!

So its a "sometimes" breakfast - daily is more like cereal, toast, fruit.

Kristin said...

I can't believe I haven't been following your blog already. Done.

PB and banana sandwiches for breakfast. Yum.

Anonymous said...

I love your fort! Reminds me of the things my siblings and I would put together in the basement, leaping from cushion to cushion to avoid hot lava. :)

My favorite breakfast fare is a 3-way tie between steel-cut oatmeal w/brown sugar, a greek yogurt/OJ/banana/strawberry/spinach/protein smoothie, or eggs and bacon...depending on my mood. :)

Stacy said...

Breakfast casserole - but it is a sometimes food as it is filled with ham, cheese, eggs, and butter. Delish with a cinnamon roll on the side. Extra points if that's an orange cinnamon roll. Typically I have PB toast or a Carnation Instant Breakfast.

ZigZagKitty said...

Already following your blog. :D

My favorite thing to eat for breakfast is ANYTHING that only takes a couple seconds most days...I'm usually really busy. I had to skip breakfast last Saturday AND Sunday . BUT, my favorite is when my hubby-face and I have a day off together, and the day before plan a huge breakfast. He cooks the little steaks (oh yes, you heard me right, STEAK) and scrambles the eggs right after in the yummy steak marinade and juices, and I make all the waffles in the waffle iron. Top off with a tall glass of choco milk, and you have our fav breakfast that we only get to do may five times a year. But it is SO fab.

PS: When are your friends Kent (woohoo that's our last name!) and Emily wanting to adopt? We would love to give, but won't have the extra monies until after Christmas. Can we still give then...?

PPS: My hubby-face and I wish that (as long as abortion is legal, which hopefully it won't be one day) we could increase the cost of an abortion in order to help fund adoptions. :D Wouldn't that be awesome? ...But really, abolishing abortion would be much better.

ZigZagKitty said...

Hmmm, I have two favorites apparently. Haha! I meant to say my TRUE favorite is what hubby-face and I make together on off days. :)

The Crowders said...

My favorite breakfast on the run...whole wheat nutri grain waffle, tsp of peanut butter, and sprinkled with Truvia. If you close your eyes and concentrate it almost taste like a Nutty Buddy! :-)

Megan said...

Pretty sure I've been smitten with this blog for a few months now.

I LOVE me some of PW's orange zest muffins with brown sugar glaze. Those little guys are a total yumfest!

mme. bookling said...

"Geeze Bethany, did the room clear out? No. She means presents. You shouldn't have brought presents."

Christmas Vacation = Holiday Staple.

You two are too cute.

Teresa said...

Today is granola making day in my kitchen. I have been lazy and having oatmeal for the past month and we are stoked for the restocking.

Favorite thing to eat for breakfast M-F - home made granola, plain whole fat yogurt & what ever fruit we have. With a large mug of coffee for me and a pint of milk for Phil.

Weekends are made for eggs, rice and veggies.

Erin said...

I love me some peanut butter toast for breakfast :) My favorite kind of PB? http://ilovepeanutbutter.com/whitechocolatewonderful.html


p.s. sometimes i cup up a banana and put it on top! soooo delish!

KAM0628 said...

Love the Christmas Vacation reference :)

annie h. said...

steel cut oats with strawberries, peaches, and shaved almonds with a nice glaze on top. sometimes i add honey. mmmm mmmm good.

Timothy Loerke said...

Han, thanks for following and glad you love to build forts!

addison, we will for sure make the Jesus cereal!

Heather, I could eat PB all day long...but ironically, I've never had the PB&C smoothie...mmmmmmmm!

nina, so glad you like CV. Who's your favorite character?

Brandon & Catherine, gotta love the recycleable PB&J.

Sister Lynn, a little celebratory bacon & eggs does the body good.

Kristin, thanks for following!

In The Tweeds, there is always hot lava out there...might be time to build another fort!

Stacy, I love anything with the word "casserole" in it!

ZigZagKitty, you can donate at the McKeaigg's site (http://kentandemily.com/). Thank you!

The Crowders, you might want to patent that idea...it's a winner!

Megan, you had me at PW! We will definitely try that recipe!

mme. bookling, love the quote!

Teresa, do share the homemade granola recipe! We love to make our own as well!

Erin, WHAT!!! Why have I never hear of this kind of PB before? My favorite is smooth JIFF...but there might be a new fave in town...eager to try!

KAM0628, glad you caught the reference! Great minds think alike!

annie h, sounds delicious!

molough said...

come make a fort at my house! that is a delightful lil fort! you should blog a fort how-to.

Anonymous said...

Well I've been "following" your blog since you went to Alaska and when I tried to formally "follow" you, I ran into some technical difficulties. So since I feel a little like a silent-blog-stalker at this point, I guess I should at least leave a comment & let you know that I LOVE reading your letters everyday and it's made me want to be a better esposa :)
Have a Blessed & FUN Thanksgiving!
San Antonio

yourstruly said...

The hubster and I dated loooooong distance for a few years so whenever he came into town (every 6-8 weeks) we wanted to have a quiet, lazy morning hanging out around the apartment, but didn't want to eat our run of the mill cereal because it just didn't seem special enough for such an "occasion". So in an effort to keep it light and simple, but still special, we always ate his famous cheesy scrambled eggs (seriously, they are perfect every time) and Pillsbury Flaky Biscuits with Strawberry Jam and Butter. Now anytime we have something to celebrate or holidays and birthdays we always have "Special Breakfast". :)

Han said...

I laid in our biscuit and asked Mr Han if we could make a blanket fort on Thursday when our sidekick comes round - he laughed at me so I attempted to push him off the biscuit - he laughed more because I'm a weakling lol.

nina said...

Uncle Eddie, duh!

Anonymous said...

1 faithful reader here...you guys make me smile every day = thanks for your encouraging and challenging words. Lots of blessings on your marriage!

Jill Garcia (Smith) said...

Pretty sure I just became your 600th follower, Sweet Aunt Jemima!!!

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