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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Today's Letters: Dear Mr. Loerke, this morning you confessed that you forgot to wear your night guard last night, thus causing all of your teeth to feel like they fell out. Reason #127 why we always wear our grillz to bed. Dear Science Experiment, for the past 4 days I've been sprouting radish seeds in our office window. Pretty sure Dwight Schrute called and wants me to be his next beet farmer. Dear Justin Vernon, thanks for being the catalyst to my increased productivity at work yesterday. Your For Emma, Forever Ago album has always made Mondays feel like Fridays. Dear Husband, lately we've been reading this book before bed. It makes me wanna have 10 of your babies. Not. gonna. lie.

What good books have you read lately?


Han said...

The bible - we're doing the challenge of reading it in all in a year!

Witch and Wizard - freebie book from London - similar to Harry Potter

The Fry Chronicles and Memoirs of a Fruitcake - both memoirs - one by Stephen Fry and the other by Chris Evans (the radio DJ not the actor lol)

Kate said...

Best book I've read in awhile is Lawrence Hill's "Book of Negroes". Ah-mazing!!! In my top 3 of all time. I believe the alternate US title is called "Someone Knows my Name".

Also, Ann-Marie MacDonald's "Fall on Your Knees". So so so so good!!

PS: Been a follower for a few months now. Great blog! from Nova Scotia, Canada. Staying at home with my little guy and expecting another soon.....my mister just finished his residency (surgery) and is now doing his fellowship. A lot of long years and sacrifice, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel!! I'm rooting for Mr.L (and the Mrs, too) as you go through the craziness of residency together. Or do you call it "internship" in the US??

Nina Marie said...

I've read The Red Tent by Anita Diamant at least 20 times. It has been the only book that has ever brought me to tears. I've made it a habit that if someone sees me reading it and asks me about it, to give it to them. I'm constantly buying new copies of it. It's a must read for any woman.

<3 much love to both of you. You've brought a lot of smiles to my days! xoxo

CAW said...

The Heart Mender by Andy Andrews

Marissa Lang said...

My two favorite fiction books were in your wish list and I just about peed myself. Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close/ History of Love. I also really love The Great Gatsby and The Perks of being a Wallflower.

In the world of Christian lit:
Irresistible Revolution by Shane Claiborne it had a huge part in my coming to want a relationship with Christ.

Sarah Ann said...

you are so hilarious :) you made me laugh!

ZigZagKitty said...

It's about time for me to reread Little Women...a holiday tradition that my sis-in-law got me into. Next month I'll read the short but sweet A Christmas Carol.

But my favorite books of all time are The Lord of the Rings...I've read them twice, and working on my third time! (The second book is sometimes hard to get through when you've read it before...you're just trying to get through to the good parts.)

My favorite classic is Pride and Prejudice. I may read that again after New Year's.

Merritt said...

I love the radish sprouts Em! Jealous! I don't think I knew you could grow them that way. Just last weekend Todd and I decided we wanted to read together before bedtime. Unfortunately we started with something a little too heavy and gave up. I like the book you chose. Maybe we'll try something like that next. :)

addison said...

decision points by good ol' george w. it's basically where wings take dream.

Jessica said...

The Bible. We are reading Chronologically and it is so great! And, my daughters and I have been reading Charlotte's Web. Takes me back to 2nd grade. LOVE it! Oh.. and just finished Same Kind of Different as Me and Radical. Both rocked my world and I highly recommend if you haven't read them yet!

Rebekka Seale said...

Haha! So cute!

"Suprised by Hope" by N.T. Wright.

Melissa said...

One of my favorite books is "Never Let Me Go"by Kazuo Ishiguro.

Have a beautiful Thanksgiving Loerkes...from Minnesota...where it is currently colder than a witch's you-know-whatty in a brass boobie basket ;)

Chelsea said...

I just finished reading "But Enough About Me" by Jancee Dunn. She was a writer for Rolling Stone and it is her memoir. It was really good and especially interesting for people that are into music because she has so many tales about interviews.

Some of my favorite books are Memoirs of a Geisha, White Oleander, The Great Gatsby, and the Harry Potter Series. All must reads!!

Lima said...

Just finished reading Hannah's Child: A Theologian's Memoir by Stanley Hauerwas. So freaking good.

*ten awesome gold stars* for mentioning Dwight Schrute and his farming obsession.

Sister Lynn said...

This time of year, I love going back and re-reading all the Christmas chapters in the Little House on the Prairie books. Makes me feel all cozy on the inside.

Courtney said...

I read "The Help" recently and just finished "Orange is the New Black"...both were great.

Don Dinnerville said...

Recently re-read the entire Harry Potter series in anticipation of HP7, Part 1. Also, always reading the latest Star Wars, Dale Brown, and Tom Clancy books. Oh, just about to finish Grisham's collection of short stories from last year - Ford County Stories - very good. And I just read his latest book - The Confession. Uh-mazing. Never thought that I would have my firm convictions about something challenged at such a fundamental level. Pretty sure that Grisham's last few books have led me to believe that our legal system has some significant problems.

Happy Tuesday!

LaralovesChad said...

you two crazy playa's wearin' yo grillz to bed -- makin' me think you's saint lunatics!

Katie said...

Other than a few novels here and there (The Six Liter Club by Harry Kraus was a good one), I've been reading the book of Romans since August - one chapter a day, trying to soak it in while I do a weekly Romans study with some other girls. Sure is an interesting way to absorb Scripture...

yourstruly said...

YAY YAY YAY!!! So glad you and the Mister are enjoying Edward and Edwina! I knew they'd be right up your alley! Have you looked up the Emu dance on YouTube yet? Hi.lar.i.ous! Sure is cute the way Edward danced to woo his Lady Love! :)

So I read Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers once a year. It is THAT good. It is my favorite book and always brings me to tears because I have never come away from it without learning something new about or being reminded of my identity in Christ. I have bought at least 20 copies of it as I have given it to many friends who didn't already own a copy and every woman in my family. (Much like Nina Marie said about The Red Tent by Anita Diamant) It's definitely a "girl" book, but I've read it with my Mister too! I've met a few guys who've admitted to reading it and loving it.

What are some of your favorites?

Happy Reading,

Kimbojamma said...

My fav book of all time (besides the Bible, of course) is Stepping Heavenward by Elizabeth Prentiss. Have you read it? It's in journal form of a girl, 16 years old, living in 1800's America and goes thru out her life as she comes to know Christ, her spiritual difficulties, doubts, and her everyday life that doesn't turn out at all like she dreamed it ever would yet the thing she wants at the beginning of her life, to be closer to God, is exactly what happens, just not in the ways she could have ever imagined. And isn't that the way life always goes, we never know what God has for us but when we get to Heaven we will see His love and kindness like a golden thread shining thru out every triumph and disappointment. I have read it over and over and always come away with more humility and learn more about my self and the Lord as I read about her experiences and the things God teaches her in her life. I was going to give you an example but it just gets too lengthy here. Read the book...seriously.

courtney said...

the book Same Kind of Different as Me totally rocked my world!

Stacy said...

"A Severe Mercy"

holy cow. you both will love this book if you haven't read it already.

Michele said...

hahahah Dwight Shrute!

I just read "Walking the Gobi" by Helen Thayer - this 63 yr old and her 74 yr old husband walked the entire Gobi Desert from west to east with 2 camels - so adventuresome and strong! that's pretty much you & Mr. Loerke in 40 years!

ruby said...

"Crazy Love" and "The Art of Loving"

Gooood books!

Today's Letters said...

han, can you believe i've never read any of the hp books or seen the movies? tragic.

kate, someone knows my name & fall on your knees. sounds like a cheers / christmas mash up. will def add them to my list! in the US we call them rotations ... husband has 14 of them, all 4 weeks long. he just started his rural rotation in commerce and will move on to pediatric / cardiothoracic surgery starting in jan. congrats for making it to fellowship! no small accomplishment as a surgeon's beloved :) grateful to have you reading the blog.

nina, i've never read the red tent but have heard of it. to the top of my list it goes!

caw, this is a new one to me. will give it a look!

marissa, aren't they the most dynamic writing duo of all time? krauss and foer deserve a street named after them.

sarah ann, three fist pumps for you for commenting on the blog ;)

zigzag, i finally watched the lotr series a couple of years ago. it was hard for me to understand at first, but i liked it. the 3rd one was my favorite.

merritt, my papa taught me this trick! 1 tbs seeds washed and rinse 3x's per day wrapped in a kitchen towel, then placed in the window to green up. great on salads, bagels w/ cream cheese & tomatoes, or on avo sammy's. ps, def try children's books ... a much lighter read before drifting into sleepytown. xoxo!

addison, will add it to my list. i have a feeling you have good recommendations.

jessica, love all 3 of your suggestions. i remember reading charlotte's web in 2nd grade too! one of my faves.

rebekka, added to my list. thanks for the suggestion!

melissa, four points for saying boobie basket! me loves! ps, i hear mnpls already got snow. lucky.

chelsea, interested in enough about me. sounds like a great read for any music lover.

lima, i knew you would be a fan of the office. it's all those land of up corn fields you're surrounded by.

sister lynn, i've heard great things about that series. i only wish i would have read them as a child.

court, the help & orange is the new black. done!

neighbor, how do you have so much time to read? you challenge me to make it happen.

lara, we both rock grillz in the biscuit. if i didn't i'd have no teeth and have to eat smashed potatoes all day long.

katie, i've tried 1 chapter a day before and you're right. it's a great way to study / read.

shannon, love redeeming love but need to read it again. it's been almost 10 years since i last picked it up. ps, we finished both books tonight. husband is now convinced we're naming our first born yeeks. i love so many books! some of my faves are: blue like jazz, history of love, extremely loud and incredibly close, through painted deserts, a grace disguised, a grief observed, farewell my subaru, the way of the heart, etc. etc. etc. i could go on and on!

kimbo, have never heard of it but will add it to my list. thanks for the rec!

court, loved that book :)

stacy, i have read it once before but need to read it again. two of my friends have named their babies davy after this book!

michele, i like the though of mr. loerke and i riding camels across the gobi dessert in 40 yrs. you know us well.

ruby, crazy love messed with me for days. such a good read. ps, i love your name.

Sienna said...

I've just come across your blog... my sister links you on hers, www.kyriehoward.blogspot.com and i love this little place. Even just ordered Edwina the Emu! Can't wait to read it...looks brilliant!

Rosita Designs said...

if you haven't read the book thief, it's very good. pretty morbid material, but great. i actually just did a post on my favorite reads this year - you can check it out:


Jennifer Bruno said...

This letter is one of my faves. :-)

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