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Monday, November 29, 2010

Today's Letters: Dear Mr. Loerke, sometimes you like to eat cookies at 7:05 in the morning, and sometimes you like to pluralize items on our grocery lists. I love these things about you. Dear Chilled Salad Bowls, four points for reminding me of my Papa, three points for making our homegrown arugula taste UH-MAZING. Dear Self, if husband is missing check A) the bathroom B) his fort C) the 8ft tall teepee in our living room or D) all of the above. Dear Timothy James, I know our condos say that Christmas trees are a fire hazard, but I'm pretty sure our treepod needs a Frasier Fir companion this year. Just sayin.

What do you put on top of your Christmas tree? Ours is topped with Twinner's angel she made out of a toilet paper roll and construction paper when she was 5. It's my fave.

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PS, we maybe might be having a special blog post from the Twinner later today ... and it may or may not involve a giveaway. Bam!


Han said...

Erm it was an angel at my parents house but I think we have a star now hehe.

Melissa said...

An angel me and my mister bought the first year we were married. I love the homemade ornaments too! I have several macaroni encrusted Christmas ornaments that my little girlies made for me :)

Julie G said...

My little tree has a miniature sock monkey as the topper. Makes me giggle just thinking about it!

Scatterbox said...

I have an old-school-type, shiny, double-decker glass bulb, pointy-topped topper, which is the finishing touch on the successful recreation of my childhood tree. Complete with childhood ornaments and fatty-fat C7 multi-colored bulbs. YES.

Kathy said...

Ok, this is sad, I can't remember. It's been a couple of years since I put up the tree and I think what I have is a small collection of angel ornaments that I hang up close to the top. I've been wanting a metal cutout star with peep holes for light to shine through, but the mister says save yo money.

My Mr. K pluralizes too on the grocery list or just adds funny things. My favorite is joodies. Now what does he mean by that? Heh, heh.

Today's Letters said...

han, we had a star at my dad's house that always topped our trees. it was beautiful.

melissa, homemade ornaments are the best. my mom still has the glittered bells made out of medicine cups and pipe cleaners twinner and i made in preschool. i look for them every year on our tree!

julie, you know i'm a fan of sock monkeys ...

t.jett, we used to use the fatty colored bulbs at my dad's. pretty sure those are my favorite kind.

kathy, we just put up our tree tonight. our first in years (the one drawback of living in a condo). it is tiny but has enough lights and love to bring joy to our casa. i hope you find your charlie brown tree this year!

R said...

we have a silver star at present, but before i married husby, he had his own kickin' theme tree: the 'texican'! (he's hispanic.) he had knotted bandanas, rope loops, bluebonnets, red chili peppers, etc. decorating it, chili pepper lights, a sarape (mexican blanket) wrapped around the bottom for the tree skirt, and the topper--my all-time favorite ever--was a huge star shaped pinata suspended from the ceiling with fishing line to give the illusion that it was actually the attached tree topper.

(hidden decorating talent...one of the reasons i discovered boy roommates are awesome! ha!)

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