{Animal Arithmetic by Jonsi}

Thursday, December 09, 2010

What's not to love about Jón Þór Birgisson? (lead singer & guitarist for Sigur Rós). I can't help but listen to this song and be reminded that life is to be celebrated.

Animal Arithmetic - Go


Melissa said...

Thanks for posting this! I love Sigur Ros...just talked about the movie "Ondine" on my blog few days ago. Sigur Ros appears on the soundtrack a few times. The other tracks from this film are also amazing...



Allison said...

Just saw his show in NYC back in early november. Blew my socks off. literally. A million fist-pumps and a billion leg-kicks. AND Mountain Man opened.

Today's Letters said...

mel, just watched ondine's trailer. looks fascinating. will def add it to our netflix queue.

al, no way! sounds like the show of the year for you. wish i could have been a little bird on your shoulder.

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