{Fist Pump Friday!}

Friday, December 10, 2010

Meet design majors Caroline and Amanda Claire from Auburn University. (WAR EAGLE!). They just finished taking a ceramics class where they learned the gift of drinking coffee from handmade mugs. Team Swayze gives these girls 5 Demi Moore leg shimmies and 3 dittos.

Pretty sure Mr. Loerke and Madelyn Grace from Nashville, TN would be like two peas in a pod. They both throw fist pumps for marshmallows!

Last weekend Corie (one of our NOV BLOG SPONSORS), her twin sister Kelley, and their friend Jenna went to Las Vegas to participate in the 6th Annual Santa 5K. They ran alongside 13,000 other people dressed like St. Nick. And all the elves said, "Ho, Ho, Holy AWESOMENESS, Rudolf!"

If only I could look this cute in pink polka dots. Meet Erin's 2 month old daughter, Wynne from South Carolina. Bonus points for having a Twinner mom and for throwing the tiniest fist pumps and leg kicks I've ever seen!

To participate, send a picture of you and your
Homies throwing fist pumps and leg kicks to em{at}todaysletters{dot}com ... it's just that simple.


annie h. said...

i know the santa people! they're my good friends from camp and kelly is who i went apple picking with :-D

The Granola House said...

Woah! That's my friend Amanda Claire I didn't even know she read Today's Letters. WAR EAGLE A.C.

ZigZagKitty said...

Nice Ghost reference. :)

Nicole Jeannette said...

Oh my gosh. I love this and I LOVE your blog!

Today's Letters said...

sweet annie, whaaaat? you know everybody!

the granola house, pretty much hear all auburn tigers. thanks for reading the bloggy.

zigzag, one of my favorite movies from waaaaay back. it's when i fell in love with whoopi goldberg.

nicole, send in a picture already! would love to feature you on our friday's post. xoxo

epb said...

baaaw, there's my tiny baby niece!! cannot wait to be reunited for christmas- holiday shimmies and woobie capes for all the twinners in the land!

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