{Fist Pump Friday!}

Friday, December 17, 2010

Finally, some Vandy love! Meet suitemates Grace, Chelsea, Hannah, Kelly, Katherine, Alex, and Elroy the flamingo. I'm giving these seniors bonus points for rockin flannel jammers and for standing on a fold-out biscuit.

This weekend is a memorable one for Krista and Rhett. Not only do they graduate from A&M TODAY, they're also getting married on SUNDAY! Three Loerke fist pumps for experiencing two of life's greatest gifts all within 48 hours of each other.

Our next photo comes all the way from Happy Valley, Oregon where elementary school teachers Meghan and Tess taught their 1st grade cuties how to throw fist pumps and leg kicks on Pajama Day. Um, pretty sure I want to adopt you both.

After playing soccer for 18 years I can empathize with anyone who has to endure ACL surgery. Meet Shea from Birmingham who threw fist pumps and a leg kick after only day 3 of post op! (Insert new hero here).

There's only one other person who could possibly be more proud of the above photo besides me: CINDY FREAKIN LAUPER. Meet Aggie's Susannah, Hallie, Bianca, and Jodi who recently attended their Vintage Glam formal for ASC. Can't wait to meet some of these chickies at The Pearl Cup on Monday!

Remember my childhood BFF Ashley? She's the one I used to walk to Brookside with for a Topsy's limeade and a pack of candy cigarettes. Gotta love being 10 ... This week she sent me one of the best photos a friend can EVER receive; a sonogram of fist pumping baby #2! Loved seeing this more than walking across the Dime Store's creaky hardwoods.

Lastly, meet one of our SOUPLOVE giveaway winners Ashley and her husband Jonathan! Major bonus points for creative use of stockings and for having already completed much of their Christmas shopping. Holla.

Thanks to all of you who sent in photos! We absolutely love getting to know our readers. Next Friday is Christmas Eve, but we will STILL POST FRIDAY FIST PUMP PHOTOS so send 'em in!

To participate, send a picture of you and your Homies throwing fist pumps and leg kicks to em{at}todaysletters{dot}com ... it's just that simple.


Lori said...

Sonogram pic is tooo cute! Btw my husband and I enjoyed some Tim tam slams for the first time last night! They were amazing! My husband described it as a chocolate explosion and said we have to save the other half of the package for coffee slams! We felt like genuine addicts snapping off the ends then inhaling the cocoa with our heads in our mugs followed by telling each other to "slam it." lol thanks for teaching us how!

Today's Letters said...

lori, so fun to read about your first experience with tim tam slams! you're a vet now ... go teach some rookies how to slam! xoxo

Grace @ Arms Wide Open said...

my sister lives in Happy Valley, Oregon. That's fun! love these pics. need to get ours in soon :-)

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