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Wednesday, December 01, 2010

This month we have over a dozen new sponsors who would love to share their blogs, Etsy shops, and websites with you. Their reader discounts are highlighted below in bold! (Each promo photo and description was provided by our sponsors).

Please let us know if you'd like to kick off the new year by becoming one of our JANUARY sponsors. Today's Letters receives 3,000-5,000 page views per day (120,000 per month) and would love to promote, introduce, and publicize your website. Our DECEMBER sponsor spots filled up fast, so contact us soon for a rate sheet!


Spoon: The E-zine

Spoon is a bi-monthly digital zine by Tina Jett of Scatterbox. It is inspired by the little things that make life awesome. The goal is to create a little mini-community where we can all share our inspirations and experiences. Rumor has it that we're all more alike than we are different.

Just the Word offers a faith-inspired line of stationery and gifts that is modern, fun, and sophisticated. If you're looking for something different to encourage and inspire someone in your life this Christmas, click on over and check out our creations. Our products make great gifts for teachers, family, girlfriends ... or just a fun new addition to your own stationery drawer! Hope you'll enjoy!
Yellowbird Teepees

Yellowbird Teepees is a small teepee biz in Dallas, TX. The standard teepee sold is made from 8ft poles and contains: two fabrics, a tie closure on the front panels, and a raw edge. Custom orders can be made with varieties such as: fabric themes and preferences, hemming and stitch options, bias lining around the front panel edges, accessories such as pom poms, hanging stars, lights around the poles, braided fabric, and more ... let Yellowbird be your creative outlet! Order a teepee before the end of the year and receive 20% OFF!

Kard Kinship

No time to send your holiday cards? No problem! Contact katie@kardkinship.com or check out our website and all of the work will be done for you! Simply complete and submit your order form with the dates and addresses of your recipients. Mention this ad and you will receive 1 complimentary card for every 10 you order!

Looking for a great photographer in the Dallas area? Well start your leg kicks because Courtney Griffin Photography is offering readers a 10% discount on a photo shoot when you mention Today's Letters! We specialize in creative, vintage inspired photography that tells a story about you, your love, or your family! My photography is not just about capturing memories, but creating memories that linger for many generations.

This holiday season give the gift that changes lives. Retouch is an organization that strives to bring hope to the hurting all over the world. We use our photography to raise funds for those in need. Our projects range from providing orphans with food, shelter, and school fees, to supplying Bibles to missionaries and supporting pastors. Check out our Etsy Shop where 100% of the proceeds go to our projects. At checkout, mention Today's Letters and receive one free print with your order of two or more photos!

Hap Hap Holidays!!! We at Thank You In A Box wish all of 'Today's Letter-ees' the best this Holiday Season! If you are looking for a unique, handcrafted, eco-nice gift this season- give us a shout! Short of the kitchen sink, our boxes have all you will ever need (to jot a note or word of thanks). And no worries, you can purchase the cards and envelopes to suit your fancy! 'Today's Letter-ees' get 10 extra cards with the purchase of a box! Just mention where you saw us!

Hi, I'm Ben. My amazing wife Shandell, 16 month old son Malakai and I live in Eugene, OR- home to lots of rain, Ducks, and big green trees. Stories for Kiddos is an ongoing collection of short stories that I write for my son Malakai. The idea for this blog came from a desire to see the world as Malakai experiences it. It is my goal to write him a new story every weekday for as long as I can, and I wanted to share them with you. Enjoy!

When he's not indulging in wild and unrestrained sallies of imagination or humor, James AKA "squidflex" is often involved in extravagant conduct nor limited to such unthinkable acts as: tying fair damsels to railroad tracks, twirling his moustache and impressing his Missus with his dashing portrayals of pirates, monsters, and hot air balloon flyers. He has been described by his contemporaries as "giddy," "eccentric," and "slightly delirious." He can bee seen riding around the Southeast on a penny-farthing with his camera and two small, bossy assistants stuffed in a side car. We hope you'll find our photographs as pleasing as we do! Enter coupon code: WOOBIECAPE and receive 10% off your purchase!

At Pure & Noble we hope you'll find something for you, your home, or your loved ones. All of our items are handmade and most are 100% cotton. We've thrown in a little vintage love with vintage feedsack linings and appliques. We hope you like what you see. Enter coupon code: FISTPUMPS15 and receive 15% off your purchase!

Key Lime Digital Designs specializes in fun printable projects! Charm your loved ones with Vintage Love Coupons and embellish the Christmas Spirit with printable Christmas Countdown or Holiday Recipe Cards! Planning on sending a Christmas card this year? Order a digital card design from us and receive 20% OFF when you mention Today's Letters! All cards are personalized just for you. Then, at your convenience, print your holiday card at any local print center. It's a piece of cake! And don't forget to check out all of our $1 holiday downloads!

Hey, I'm Hannah, I also go by Han or Hannie - just to confuse you. I blog at My Little Corner of the Internet. I guess it's my place for photography and things I like. I post pictures and movie reviews. I also blog about my adventures here in Bedford, UK. I love to hear from other bloggers so let me know if you swing past.

Miller Manor Designs specializes in one-of-a-kind creations, whether they are altered dominoes, tins, clipboards, cards or journals. Mrs. Miller thinks that each person is unique and gifts and cards should be as well. In addition to the items on our website and Facebook page, we are happy to work with you to make customized greetings and journals, or shadow boxes using your memorabilia. Free shipping on orders made December 1-15th. Mention Today's Letters and we'll stick in a surprise with your order! (Note: shipping charges will be refunded via PayPal once your order is placed).


Shandell said...

Hooray for Stories for Kiddos! (and all the other lovely sponsor of course)
PS did you see his sneaky little story behind the photos? Ain't he cute? ;)

amanda said...

THANKS Em & Tim!!!

The Whites said...

You Guys ROCK!!!!!!!! Can't wait to go shopping!
What a smash up group! Merry Merry CHRISTmas everyone!
Amy & Brandon

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