{Our Favorite Voter Comments: Part Deux}

Thursday, December 23, 2010


Steph said ... Today's Letters are a daily encouragement to me! They remind me to be thankful and to never be afraid to ask for forgiveness. (They also give helpful hints, like how to slip sideways out of the biscuit so you don't have to make it).

David said ..
. Today's Letters because of Timbo's hat!!!

Michaela said ... Today's Letter's is the BOMB-DiGGITY of all blogs. There has never been such a blog that has (a) introduced me to rockin' tunes - love me some Mumford & Sons (thanks, Em!), (b) inspired me to reach for more within my life relationships and (c) made me smile on a daily basis and leave me thinking- boy, if I lived in Texas, I would SO want to be their friends.

Thatcher Allen said ... my wife instructed me that if I didn't vote for Today's Letters that I was never allowed to drink beer again. Or see her naked. Or watch football. Or eat string cheese in a tree. And these things are far too important to me. Therefore, I vote for Today's Letters. From all the way in Florida. Please don't screw up my vote. We Floridians already had that happen once.

Resting in the Wings of Grace said ... Today's Letters has inspired fort building. And let's face not many people inspire me to be 6 again.

Cat said ... Today's Letters! They are the wind beneath my wings. The snow on my cone. The jam on my bread. the cookie in my dough. the shiz in my hiz. The cream in my crop. the "O" in my Oreo. the double in my stuff.

Katie M said ... I vote for Today's Letters because Tim and Em have taught me to appreciate my natural inclination to fist pump, and leg kick, not to mention the people (known or to be known) in my life. When I've forgotten it, Today's Letters reminds me of the joys in my life. And, it is through Tim and Em's captivation for each other and life itself that I hope to become a better person (Woobie cape and all).

RD said ...
I vote for Today's Letters. Though I sometimes feel a bit silly for being a faithful reader since I am a random stranger from Atlanta, Em and Tim make me excited to one day meet someone who will be as pumped as I am to put in the fun & satisfying work it takes to turn a good marriage into a great one. I hope you both have a wonderful Christmas!

If you haven't voted, you still have until Christmas Eve at 8pm CST to do so!
Don't forget,
{all anonymous votes DO NOT count!}


Cat said...

Ha ha! So pumped that MY comment was one of YOUR faves! 5 fist pumps for THAT, Em and Tim! ;) Merry, Merry Christmas!

Heather said...

Fun reading the comments!!

I had to come post that since you guys talked about Tim Tams, I'd been looking for them everywhere...finally secured a bag. AHEM. I have a new addiction. Thanks for sharing!! ;-)

CAW said...

thatcher allen's cracked me up !!! so funny !!

Nicole Davis said...

yay congrats guys!!!!!!!!!!

addison said...

my husband, thatcher the jokester, light of my life, pain in my ass. :)

Kerry said...

Hey lovely Loerkes, I've been meaning to actually leave a comment to say hi for ages (sorry for the delay!).

I've been following your blog from pretty early on and just wanted to say thank you so much for your inspiration! I wanted you to know that your daily dose of spirit, fun, celebration and all 'round awesomeness has made a difference all the way down in New Zealand (where we're heading into a gorgeous sunny hot hot hot Christmas Eve!).

Thank you for reminding me to treasure and celebrate my boy for exactly who he is and honour our relationship every day. He rocks a possum-fur hunting cap and gives low fives to the cat - I'm a lucky girl.

Merry merry Christmas to you and all your fantastic readers, may Santa deliver Tim Tams in bulk to us all x x x

ZigZagKitty said...

Okay, Thatcher Allen made me LOL for reals. Or in the words of a good Gay friend (...her last name is Gay, no lie, I call her my Gay friend): "For real real, not for play play."

Today's Letters said...

cat, of course! will respond to your email soon ...

heather, so glad we could be the ones to introduce you to tim tims. you will never be the same.

caw, thatcher allen could quite possibly be my new hero.

nicole, hopefully we'll make it through. if not, we've had a blast trying!

addison, 9 out of 10 times your comments (and your loved ones) make me laugh the most. four leg kicks and a side of sass for you.

kerry, nzed! possum-fur hunting cap! heart you already. thanks for taking the time to comment. always great to hear from those who rarely do so. we love getting to know our readers (for real).

ZigZagKitty said...

Oh, AND my captcha for that last comment was "mector". Coolest captcha word EVER. Now I just need to make up a definition for it.

...Nevermind, I googled it, and it's awesome. According to the urban dictionary (I was a little scared when I saw it there, but it's okay, this word is safe), a mector refers to a couple whose name is combined because they seem like one person. Like my friends Chad and Callie...who are known as Challie. I like this word. I will add it to my vocabulary now.

Sorry. That was my random moment for the day! :D

PS: Going to go vote now!!

Katie M. said...

1) SO glad you guys have made it this far in the competition! No surprise at all!
2) I'm so glad that you all found my comment meaningful
3) So glad that I even blogged about it on my own blog....b/c Christmas is all about celebrations:)

You can see my post here:


4) I rode my invisible horse the other day but today I couldn't resist a victory dance/fist pump-a-thon knowing that my appreciation for Today's Letters made it straight to the source. If I ever have twins...I think I may name one Today and the other Letters. Rediculous? Maybe. Awesome. Absolutely.

Merry Thursday!

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