{Today's Letters: Infirmary Edition}

Thursday, December 02, 2010

Today's Letters: Dear Mr. Loerke, sometimes I get sick and wake you up in the middle of the night crying because my body aches so bad. Then you bring me medicine so I can sleep. Dear Medicine that Helps Me Sleep, without you I wouldn't have been able to stay in the biscuit past noon yesterday. Thanks for offering sweet relief to my sore throat. Dear Sore Throat, did I say 4 Ricola? I meant 27. Husband says you make me smell like lemon & honey. Dear Husband, now you sound like Darth Vader. I promise to share my grilled cheese and tomato soup with you. Ps, let me know if your body starts to ache and I will bring you medicine so you can sleep.

What are your sick day must haves? Drinking Sprite out of THIS cup already makes me feel better.

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Sara said...

I hope y'all feel better!!! Zinc always helps my sore throat! :)

leslie a. knight said...

Growing up, we drank Verner's. It is the best Ginger Ale in the world and comes from Michigan. My mom would pour it into one of mugs she made in college and then heat it up. It instantly made me feel better. Also, growing up, her homemade macaroni and cheese was a sick day must have. Now I just kind of eat whatever I can find in the kitchen.. like ice cream.

Anonymous said...

yuck! sorry you guys are sick...feel better soon!

Michelle said...

apple juice or Kool Aid. I never drink either unless I'm sick. Kleenex used to make tissues infused with eucalyptus but, sadly, no more.

Anonymous said...

I typically take a clove or two of raw garlic for sore throat. Coupled with Hall's throat lozenges, my ailment leaves in a week.

un hamac said...

poor, em. sorry to hear you're sicky. get well soon. xoxo

Anonymous said...

Also...I'm wondering if you guys know about this...www.sporcle.com...endless fun when you are stuck in bed...or not!

Kate said...

comfy jammies, Vicks vapo-rub, chicken noodle soup and a box of Kleenex handy!
feel better soon you guys!

Sarah Crosby said...

my mommy. ;) and sprite!

Feel better!!

Teresa said...

I hope you feel better soon! I'm glad you've got an excellent caretaker to make it a little less yuck.

Han said...

Hot squash! Does wonders! The other thing is Vaporab is the stink but works on congestion.

I get chest infections and have to sleep propped up - that's sucky when you're all achey because you feel like you didn't sleep or that you slept standing up. UGh!

Hope you feel better soon Em :)

Robbi said...

Sorry you're not feeling well friend!! We miss you at work!! Come back soon cube-mate!! :-)

Sarah Marie said...

-any variety of ginger/honey/lemon/chamomile tea. Celestial Seasoning's "Tension Tamer" is a sick day must have for my house. some other stuff:

-cozy jammers, obviously.

-OJ (for when you can't eat breakfast but need something in your stomach and a good dose of vitamin C)

-the right to have crazy hair if you want. (my sick day hairstyle of choice: a high bun that makes me look like a cartoon character.)

-white bean soup.

-spooning. (it gets cold in the bed without cuddles!)

-lots of agua.

-plain toasted ezekial bread.

Stacy said...

Diet 7-up. Ramen noddles and Lipton's Little Noodle soup. Pudding cups. Sitting on the sofa with lots of blankets. Peppermint tea, peppermint tea, peppermint tea. And if I'm really sick, just plain ole' hot water. Hope you are felling better and your hubs isn't getting the ick, too!

Anna said...

Rainbow Sherbert and Ginger Ale.

Hope you feel better soon!

Jessie said...

Campbell's chicken noodle soup. The watery kind, not the creamy kind. With a side of crackers & Sprite.

ZigZagKitty said...

Echinacea pills. :) Speeds up a cold. As well as lysine pills.

And whenever I have a sore throat...you know how people tell you to gargle salt water? Well, I discovered when I was a kid that a DILL PICKLE soothes the throat. No, really. Have you ever looked at the sodium content on the label to a jar of those things? (Was that four prepositional phrases in that sentence?) But really, try a dill pickle. :)

Sister Lynn said...

Honey, lemon, ginger tea.
And...spicy food...

No. 17 Cherry Tree Lane said...

I am currently on the couch, 6 days overdue and drinking a HUGE diet coke (awful i know), but the bubbles make me soooo happy.

Graves said...

Oh I hope you are up feeling mucho better soon! I usually cuddle in my chanelle blankie, jump in my fleece jammers and sip on jasmine or joy tea.

cait said...

sitting at home sick with a sore throat too...grr. (I just maybe slept most the day away too...)For belly aches...sprite and saltines. For a sore throat...for some reason, even when I was little, it felt good to "worry down" some McD's. weird. But oh so perfect!

Courtney said...

mashed potatoes, gingerale, hot tea, and lots of hot baths. feel better soon.

CAW said...

isolation with the Lifetime channel and my blankey
wish you well

Lima said...

Currently surrounded by...

paper to be recycled-for making paper snowflakes and paper cranes

cups of fluids-Gatorade, OJ, water, and tea

Books-currently finishing Waiting for Snow in Havana:Confessions of a Cuban Boy

5 seasons of The Office-I can quote them in my sleep

thesis resource articles-in case I have brain cells left to process smart stuff.

Get well, e!

TripleA said...

I'm like you! I burst in to tears when I feel all achy from a fever!

My must haves - warm pj's, hot tea, husbands sympathy and his home made chicken soup.

R said...

it's so incredibly wrong, but mcdonald's. i HAVE to have mcdonald's when i'm sick.

i know! gross.

Anonymous said...

Croutons in the "mato" soup and crisp bacon in the grilled cheese and ginger ale.......AND a cold compress for the forehead. Papa

brlracincwgrl said...

Hope you feel better! I always want soup and ginger ale when I'm sick :)

Jennifer Bruno said...

Sorry to hear you both have the cruds. I'm dealing with that too. Doesn't do much for my mood. :-)

Today's Letters said...

sara, zinc, i'll have husband pick some up tomorrow. my throat still feels like a sunburn!

leslie, ginger ale in your mom's hand thrown mugs? yes, please!

oursomethingnew, thanks for the website heads up. looks like an entertaining site.

michelle, i wonder what kind of kool aid you used to drink. the great bluedini was always a favorite.

fredric, fun to see you comment on the blog. garlic was new to me, but i trust it works!

akd, hey little. hope you are doing well up in indianer. miss you.

kate, right on with yo comfy jammers. they make the world of difference.

sarah crosby, i couldn't agree more. mom's and sprite make everything feel better.

teresa, an excellent caretaker indeed! now he's got it worse than i. that's what he gets for insisting on mouth kisses when i have the flu.

han, hot squash? is that a european thing?

robbi, you get 10 points for commenting on the blog when you should be working. heart you.

sarah marie, i loved many of the things you posted. comfy jammers, tea, and ezekial bread are a must!

stacy, i wanna come to your house the next time i'm sick. you had me at blankets and peppermint tea.

anna, being sick is always a good excuse to eat extra popsicles and sherbet.

jessie, totally agree about the water kind of campbell's soup. it's like magic.

zigzag, you know how much i love pickles! thanks for the tip. now husband has to pick up zinc and a jar of claussen's.

sister lynn, i often sip on hot water, sliced ginger, honey, and lemon. soothes the throat like no other.

no 17 cherry tree lane, i think your pyrex teapot would do the trick. just sayin :)

graves, blankies, jammers, tea. check!

cait, looks like you and r have the same solution. must be the happy meal.

court, smashed potatoes? that's a new one to me, too. but i likey.

caw, i usually hibernate and try to sleep off my sickness. with you on the isolation thing.

lima, how did your paper cranes turn out? i wrapped a couple of christmas packages tonight which lifted my spirits.

tripleA, must teach the mr. how to make homemade chicken soup! sounds like you have a winner.

papi, the croutons! how could i forget the croutons! damn. will have to use them for tomorrow's supper. wish you could have been here this week to feed me ginger ale and cold compresses. love you**

brl, the two miracle drugs. here's to a sick free winter for you! xoxo

LB said...

My JT introduced me to the wonder effect of Sprite on sickies. Methinks the carbonation bubbles zap the bad guys in your body. Must have Sprite, be constantly wrapped in Bayton (my woobie), and intermittent naps with good movies.

Han said...

Squash it's like cordial or concentrated juice that you then dilute with water before you drink it - then rather than putting in cold water you put in hot water - or a bit of both - do you have Ribena in the US?

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