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Monday, December 06, 2010

Today's Letters: Dear Mr. Loerke, sometimes when my sickness keeps me awake I like to make funny faces while you sleep. Mama always said laughter is the best medicine. Dear Mini Cooper, three points for being big enough to transport a Christmas tree, four points for being driven by the cutest elderly couple of all time. Dear Levaquin, Prednisone & Guaifenesin-Codeine, YOU. COMPLETE. ME. Dear Husband, sometimes you like to ride escalators like Buddy the Elf. Reason #983 why I love Thee.
What was the highlight of your weekend?

Ps, the photos from today's post were uploaded on Twitter over the weekend. If you'd like to see other photos NOT posted on the blog be sure and follow us on Twitter! Werd.


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R said...

being able to catch husby's attention as he flew by me at the white rock marathon on his way in to the finish line! and his gorgeous smile and loving wave. and the fact that i actually DID manage to get it on film--barely--even though i was so proud and giddy that i almost forgot to take a picture! it was an epic moment in our little life together. :0)

Han said...

Getting my phone then again that was 5.30PM Friday. Saturday was a very sad day - Chris's G-dad passed away muchos :( faces.

Yesterday we were working on the script for the Christmas production - I brought home all the notes to type them up - I have to get them done tonight - there is soooo much to do

Teresa said...

We had an unexpected snow on Saturday and I met my husband at the library and walked home hand in hand in the twilight.

Happy Monday! Hope you both are feeling better!

Shay said...

My highlight was an unexpected dinner with my man after church last night. :-)

How did you do that photo collage with the film edges, Emily? So cool.

Sister Lynn said...

Highlight of the weekend. We welcomed a new sister in the community! a very happy day

p.s. today is st. nicholas day. surprise your beloved with a treat in his stocking!

Dawn said...

Highlight of the weekend: being surrounded by friends and family as we celebrate our boys' 1st and 4th birthdays. Watching our youngest son take 8 steps in a row was also wonderful. A great weekend overall.

Kimbojamma said...

Having my family visit from Nebraska before some of them drove down to Dallas for the Big 12 Championship and a smaller highlight was when OU won and I slipped out of the living room where my NE fan Mom was watching the game to go to the sunroom where the rest of the OU fans were to quietly but gleefully jump around and high five each other!!!!

Brooke said...

Love Buddy. Love this post. Love you. HATE sickness. Get freakin' better already so we can chitty chat live!

Best part of the weekend...Christmas family photos and laughing my arse off! xo

Grace @ Arms Wide Open said...

oh you're on twitter! yeeps! highlight of the weekend: babysitting a 7 month old yesterday for four hours and watching my 2 year old adore him. & feed him mashed avocado a little too aggressively. Read: baby spoon down throat.

we all survived!

cara. said...

what were these shot with? or did you do it on your iphone?

annie h. said...

i think the highlight would have been hanging out with friends in downtown san diego, going to the hotel del coronado, and looking at san diego's waterfront at night.

Today's Letters said...

r, what a huge accomplishment! the ending was my favorite part.

han, so sorry for your loss. life is but a vapor isn't it?

teresa, what a great way to end the day. moon shadows are my favorite.

shay & cara, these photos were taken on my iphone using the instagram app. you can choose from 12 different "actions." these were taken using nashville.

sister lynn, done! we'll see how long it takes the mr. to check find it :)

dawn, 4 men in your life, eh? you deserve a raise already! love it that you had such a celebratory weekend. birthday's and 8 steps. both milestones.

kimbo, it was a great game wasn't it? grateful you got to spend your weekend with family!

mike, i've gotta see em. please tell me juder and liam wore their spidey outfits?

grace, 7 month olds are the shiz. we got to hang out with one tonight at a christmas party. first experience with a marshmallow. she loved it!

sweet annie, sounds like a great highlight. i remember walking along the mediterranean sea at night when i was in israel. there were jellyfish on the shore the size of trampolines! but i'll never forget hearing the ocean for the first time in the moonlight. magical i tell ya.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I love your blog! Also, may I inquire why you're on prednisone? I think it's a nasty and necessary drug that I dislike taking.

Today's Letters said...

anony, i'm taking it because my physician presribed it. it kills the little green guys living in my body. tim and i have both been sick for over a week! grrr ...

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