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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Today's Letters: Dear Mr. Loerke, after making house calls to the elderly yesterday you asked if we could start volunteering at a nursing home. Aaaaand that's gonna be reason #984 why I love Thee. Dear Santa, 23 years ago I left you this note. Pretty sure there's nothing better than getting a Cabbeb Patch Dall and a pad of paper for Christmas. Can I get a wut wut? Dear WMBM, last night you brought over first fruits from your garden. Two fist pumps and a leg kick for getting us to chop brocco-lay like Dana Carvey. Dear Husband, sometimes when you dry off your face cotton gets stuck in your mustache. This is when I start calling you Old Man Loerke and pretend to talk without teeth. Can't wait to grow old with you.

What sort of things make you cry? Nothing quite gets me like the elderly and music.

Ps, someone emailed yesterday asking where to purchase a Meatbagz Bee Satchel. Somehow your email disappeared into cyberspace but you can buy one right HURR!


amanda said...

i ♥♥♥ this letter.

courtney7880 said...

Old married couples make me tear up every time. I start to imagine growing old with my hubby and how wonderful it will be. By the way-voted for you in round 4~ You guys are still in first place but there is a close second. Go vote, people!!!

nina :) said...

music, most def. and hangin up with the husbandpants. i have always wanted to be a music supervisor. this is the person that picks the songs that into movies and tv shows. i think the music makes scenes THAT MUCH better. im not sure if the loerke's have ever watched intervention but every single time the addict chooses to go to treatment they play this song that just starts the tears right up! ALSO with my other half being deployed, hanging up at the end of our phonecalls is the hardest thing to do :( t minus 3 weeks til he leaves afghanland! :))))))

Han said...

I had a free afternoon so was going to visit my Grandparents yesterday but I am still got the end of my cold so I decided against it in case I am still contagious - on the other hand I see them on Friday (19th) and then again on the 27th! Twice in one month thats super exciting!

Soppy movies made me cry lol. Like My Girl - ever since I was about 9 or 10 it's made me cry every single time!

It makes me sad to know that there are going to be people this Christmas who don't have family to spent the time with

Shay said...

I cried this morning on the way to work listening to today's "Christmas Wish" on the radio. Sad stuff.

In happier news, I'm having lunch with my grandpa, Papa, today! Man, I just love old people.

Happy Wednesday!

Laura Catherine said...

1. The commercial for Disney World when the parents suprise the precious babies and say that they're going, get's me EVERY TIME.
2. Elderly.
3. Music.
4. Texts from my family telling me that they love me (they sure know how to pull on my heartstrings).

Voted for yall for Round 4. Go vote people! There is a close second!

I hope everyone has a blessed day!

brlracincwgrl said...

Music gets me every time! I have certain songs that remind me of certain people/or stages that I've gone through in my life.

Love this letter!

Don Dinnerville said...

Let me know if you all are looking for company on your nursing home visits. I used to love doing that.

As for the crying - I was fighting off tears at lunch as I was telling a friend about the Narnia books. Every one of those books has a place (or places) that makes me cry like a baby.

Anonymous said...

I took my 7 year old son Christmas caroling at a nursing home. It was awesome and I hope when he is 16 he rolls his eyes and talks about how his mom makes him do it every year and when he's 30 he smiles fondly and reminisces about how it was the best thing his mom ever made him do.

cait said...

how sweet is it that you were already LOVING writing. love how our passions come out of us even as kiddos. made the yummy saltine recipe...awesome! (except yours looked prettier than mine) :D thanks for sharing the inspiration, as always!

abby said...

A great story and song often makes me cry, and talking about serving the disabled.

P.S. A Cabbage Patch doll was a very memorable Christmas gift for me too:-)

Michele said...

such a cute letter! you've been into writing them since your were a wee little emily!

i cry - for happy or sad - most days haha so pretty much anything. there's this skippy commercial that i cannot even recap without shedding some tears... this darling little boy asks his mom if he could help her with anything while she is hard at studying some books, clearly bettering her education, and then he pulls a chair to the counter & gets out a jar of peanut butter & makes her a sandwhich & presents it to her with the most precious, proud little voice: "here mom, i made this for you!" AHHH so choked up!


Today's Letters said...

amanda, i <3 <3 <3 you!

court, i don't know what it is about old people. maybe it's because i hate seeing them eat alone or struggle to accomplish the smallest of daily tasks. their fragility reminds me of my own frailty sometimes.

nina, if my husband lived in afghanland i think hanging up the phone would make me cry too! so glad your beloved will be coming home soon.

han, that's exactly why i avoid movies like benji!

shay, how was your lunch with your papa? good i hope.

laura, 1980's foldgers commercial when mikey comes home. does it to me every time. ps, thanks for voting!

brl, i remember falling asleep crying to bonnie raitt and u2 when i was 9 yrs old. what was wrong with me??

neighbor, i've always wondered about the one right by us in between forest and royal. we could make it a valleydale field trip.

meatbagz, i guarantee at age 30 he will say it's the best thing you've ever made him do. def a tradition i wish was part of my story. ps, rocked my bag tonight at fg group ... me loves!

cait, isn't it awesome how that happens. it's why i regularly ask myself what sorts of things did i do as a child that brought me joy? and am i making time to do those things today as an adult?

abby, i'll never forget my first cabbage patch doll. sayonara barbie.

michele, i've always loved to write! i used to use my allowance money to buy stamps. i totally know what commercial you're referring to. def a tear jerker. ps, husband just tore off one more ring on our countdown ... 10 days!!!

amanda said...

im totally getting some tim tams TODAY!

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