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Monday, December 13, 2010

Today's Letters: Dear Mr. Loerke, this weekend we slept in, had a hot lunch date at Chick-Fil-A, attended one of the greatest Staff Christmas Parties of all time, baked cookies, lost our car keys, watched A Charlie Brown Christmas with the Grubb's, went on a run, and took a long Sunday afternoon nap. Loved this weekend. Dear Aunt Bill, thanks for being the reason behind our recent candy thermometer purchase. We think your praline fudge is the shiz. Dear Homies, since buying a new pair of jeans Husband has A) encouraged me to try them on to see how comfortable they are B) asked me to check out his ace during yesterday's church service C) told me I could wear them to bed if I was cold or D) all of the above. Dear Timothy James, sometimes when running errands I find things on my list that remind me all is well with the world. Love you more than trampoline's and weight sets.


What are you most looking forward to this week?

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Han said...

Sleep lol.

Kidding! I have a girlies group party tonight - it's christmas at least for a few hours lol. We're swapping Secret Santa presents. Wednesday I have band practice and we'll be singing lots of carols then Thursday I have another band practice and will be singing more christmas carols then Friday I'll be keeling over in a heap and recovering lol.

Ashley said...

Celebrating my big brother's 31st b-day tonight. Woo hoo!

rootsintheair said...

trampoline? hearts, dearies.

holiday parties, new boots, and cleaning up an antique store camera find.

Michelle said...

The Grandparents are coming for an early Christmas and my husband is taking me to Chicago for my birthday!

amanda said...

Your weekend sounds awesome!

We...bought "Hallo Kitty" slippers, made tacos, ate dinner with family, watched Rudolph and had pudding pie with the little one for James' birthday!

Scatterbox said...

Finding out if we got approved for a rental home so we can stop looking for a place to live.

Chick-feel-ah --> peppermint shake??

R said...

looking forward to the NOTHING! this is the first week of the season that we have no scheduled activities. Bible study, Sunday School, MOPS, the girls' dance classes, etc. are on a few-week hiatus before they all get back into gear after Christmas. love it when we can let our schedules set themselves. :0)

ZigZagKitty said...

Tonight is a Christmas party with my fellow Premier Designs jewelry ladies (and the hubby-face is coming with!), tomorrow night is a Christmas party with summer camp staff, Wednesday I'm making a gingerbread house with my best friend, Thursday we're driving to Pensacola to do Christmas with the family-in-loves and staying through Sunday, which means attending the church we got hitched in (Jubilee International Ministries) that we love oh-so-much...yeah, I have a couple of things to look forward to. :)

e.nachtigal said...

My boyfriend is finishing up his semester at the Air Force Academy and flying back to our home state (South Dakota) tomorrow. On Friday, he will come to Minneapolis to spend the weekend with me and get our Christmas shopping done! Nothing like people watching at the Mall of America during the Christmas season while enjoying a soy chai and the company of your best friend.

christi said...

I just stumbled on your blog and I just adore your style.

Ingrid @ thesunnyside.me said...

we got away friday night to a beautiful hotel on the beach 10min away from us....nice treat from my husbands boss - a 'you're doing a good job' gift.

i'm looking forward to getting all our christmas cards mailed this week.

Today's Letters said...

han, full permission to look forward to sleep this week.

ashley, yea for brothers & birthday's. i hope you've had a great night celebrating.

michelle, tell your beloved 3 points for creativity, 4 points for good use of grandparents.

amanda, pudding pie? that sounds delish!

t.jett, you are moving?? jesss ... a peppermint shake!

r, i love it when we don't have much planned. in fact, i wish we had more weeks like that!

zigzag, your week is packed with nothing but awesome. so happy for you!

e.nachtigal, what a gift to have another semester under his belt. hope you are surviving the snowpocalypse in mn!

christi, welcome! grateful to have you reading. stick around awhile and you might just throw a fist pump or two.

ingrid, what an encouragement that must have been to your beloved! sometimes tim and i will priceline a hotel nearby for a hot date night. it's amazing how staying at a hotel 10 minutes away can make you feel like you're in a different state.

brandi said...

What kind of jeans did he get? Mr. brandi is on the hunt for some new awesome ones.

I am looking forward to driving to Dallas on Friday! Love love love going home for Christmas.

Don Dinnerville said...

Did you get the "trambampoline" (obscure reference to the Simpsons)? If so, can I come over and play?

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