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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Today's Letters: Dear Mr. Loerke, last night I woke you up so you could see the lunar eclipse. When you asked if the moon looked like a gigantic orange fireball and I said "no," you rolled over and went back to sleep. #dernfog. Dear Papa, pretty sure Husband's going crazy after having been instructed not to open the freezer or look under the bed until after his birthday. Your packages always make him feel so known and loved. Dear Twinner, sometimes waiting to develop my lomography film is like getting an early Christmas present. Beyond thankful for our time together in Maui, but even more excited to see you in 48 hours! Dear Husband, this is your 2nd day of shadowing pediatric heart surgeries. I don't know how you do it, but you are still most definitely the bravest man I know! Over and out.

Did you stay up last night to watch the eclipse? How was it?

Be sure and check back later today for photos from last night's meet-up as well as read some of our favorite voter comments for Top Blog!


Anonymous said...

reading these after meeting you and eliminating the creeper factor is just going to be so great. i can already tell! :)

brlracincwgrl said...

I didn't stay up! I fell asleep :(. Bummer!

Although, I adore my sleep!

Michelle (michabella) said...

I stayed up! We had clear skies in FL... but I was hoping for a fireball looking moon too... It was beautiful none-the-less! Happy Tuesday! <333

Han said...

I didn't know there was one till this morning :( also it wasn't clear so I don't think we would have been able to see it here.

Chelsea said...

I saw it! Right after I saw it though I hit the hay, haha.
But it was awesome!

Sister Lynn said...

It was cloudy here but we could still see it. The moon was very very high up straight overhead so it was hard to stand and watch for very long.

sarah richmond said...

lunar eclipse on winter solstice, epic from a CA girl's bedroom window. i think i saw the peeps from sleepy town partying up the night sky!

by the by, lomo lovin' from maui?! made. my. day.
ps. there's no one i'd rather travel with than the emo little pants. (must. plan. our. next. trip*)



Vic said...

Campbell and I on the front sidewalk.. perfect! He on the ground, me in a chair- that's a switch. The first half was great, but clouds rolled in while the moon was gone, so we missed the back side.
Lots of deep thoughts while an eclipse happens on the solstice- or perhaps it was the company?
We both know we'll remember it for ever!

evelyn oyster said...

We set the alarm and got up to see it. My hubby said to me, "Babe, the last time there was a solar eclipse, Merlin was probably heralding it to King Arthur!" In your words, "Reason #236 why boy roommates are awesome!"

Today's Letters said...

victoria, hahaha ... so glad we got to meet! only good eggs will kite an honorary theta. xoxo

brl, i will trade almost anything for sleep. it's delicious!

michelle, so glad you made the memory of getting up. i heard it had been 400 years since a lunar eclipse had happened on the night of a winter solstice.

han, bummer. we couldn't see it very well because of the fog / smog of downtown. next time i'm a drivin to the country!

chelsea, yea! hope it was bright and orange :)

sister lynn, i too had trouble finding it. i was looking more on the horizon when i was standing right underneath it!

twinner, maui 2011? deal! we must go lasso some sea turtles. race you to the beach! ps, (less than, 24 hrs yo!)

vic, i loved picturing you and campbell out on the sidewalk watching the eclipse. who knew it would bring such great conversation at 3am? love you both!

evelyn, love it! his comment was probably pretty spot on. gotta love those boy roommates.

CAgridlock said...

I tried, but it has been raining cats and mooses for DAYS! This obviously meant dancing outside, in the rain, instead. There were many, many, many puddles and I splashed them ALL!

Han said...

I posted a link on your FB with a video of the Eclipse :) my friend had posted it so I then passed the link on :D

Emma Ann said...

I saw the moon! we watched it all night! Ill put up the poorly done pics tomorrow! PS we have started the travel journal! thanks for the great idea :)

Don Dinnerville said...

You should move closer to me. The eclipse was awesome over here. Then again, I caught the early side of it, so maybe it was just an issue of timing.

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