{We Wanna Meet You!}

Monday, December 13, 2010


Please join us and some of our closest friends
, from 7pm-9pm at THE PEARL CUP.
We'd love
to personally THANK EACH ONE OF YOU for helping make 2010 such a memorable year!

PS, get ready for the best dirty chai you've ever tasted. Just sayin.


Andrea Cherie said...

Em- Congratulations on the success of your blog!!

I've been MIA as The Organic Bloom has exploded- so much that I missed my college roommate's (Kara in China) feature on your blog.

Getting to meet some of our fans in 2011 is a huge and exciting goal for us! Have fun at your shin-dig!

Linda said...

Love this pic...Merry Christmas And God Bless You.Your sister IN Christ Linda Atwell.

Han said...

Hehe I would come but it's a bit of a long way for a cuppa hehe. Hope you have a fab time! Thank you for your lovely posts :) and the fact that you reply to comments too - not everyone does that :)

amanda said...

I totally wish we lived close enough to come!!!

Trudy said...

check it.


Elin Marias corner said...

Id love to try some of that chai and meet the fabulous people behind this blog.. But flying all the way from Norway is a bit too far! Anyways.. this Norwegian chick loves your blog!

I´ll join for a cup when I move to the US in January:)

Happy holidays

Miss Mandi said...

me and the mister will be there :)

Today's Letters said...

andrea, word out on the street is that organic bloom is being nominated for president. so happy for you and jason!

linda, merry christmas to you as well! thanks for being a faithful reader of the bloggy.

han, i try to respond to everyone who leaves a comment. if you're going to take the time to encourage, why shouldn't we? our readers are UHMAZING*

amanda, me too! sending a texas sized dirty chai and a loerke sandwich all the way to georgia.

trudy, taylor makes it on ESPN! i love it! thanks for sharing the link ... i always loved silent night (almost as much as airband and the drive-in).

elin marias corner, why does norway have to be on the other side of the world? tim and i would LOVE LOVE LOVE to meet you and your homies. where exactly are you moving? if you're ever in dallas...

mandi, yea! meet you guys at the barefoot tent.

Jessibee08 said...

Congrats on your fun blog! I love hearing about you and tim's life :) Wish I was in Dallas so I could meet you for a chai at the infamous Pearl Cup, maybe next time I am there I have Erynn and Sara take me there for one! Hope all is well. Much love, and Merry Christmas! :)

Brittany said...

You guys won the giveaway at Rockstar Diaries!!! Soooo jealous, but I was excited to see your name as one of the winners. This is the sharing season, right??? A thousand fist pumps for your victory!

Shandell said...

so jealous of all your Texas readers!

Today's Letters said...

jess, come down and visit already! the next time you're in dallas we should all meet up at the pearl cup. (with all the bambino's of course). xoxo

brittany, thanks for letting us know! pretty crazy that we won ... what are the chances?

shan, if only oregon didn't sit at the top! wish you, benny, and mally could be there.

Brandon & Catherine said...

We can't make it but it sounds fun... maybe you could consider a Valentine's day get together for a group on Saturday the 12th (of Feb)? We are in general anti-Valentine's day (no candy and flowers, please) but a group get-together would be such a treat!

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