{A Year-End Review, The Best of 2010}

Monday, December 20, 2010

Just when we thought 2009 couldn't be beat we experienced our favorite year yet! In 2010 Tim and I were beyond blessed by all the places we got to visit, friends we made, and growth that took place in our marriage. Thanks to all of you who faithfully read the blog and for often reminding us of the things that matter most!

So here are some 2010 highlights in no particular order:
1. Learning how to rewire my first lamp
2. Sponsoring 8 yr old Odama Moses in Uganda
3. Experiencing 12.5" of snow in Dallas during February's Snowpocalypse
4. Making Julia's Beef Bourguignon & Queen of Sheba Cake for Valentine's Day
5. Tim starting his rotations
6. Tag-teaming the Tyroch's pre-marrital counseling with the Kedersha's
7. Celebrating National Pie Day
8. Tim's Appalachian Trail Backpacking Trip
9. Hosting our first annual Movie Watching Party
10. Re-joining the Urban Acres Food Co-op
11. Participating in The Warrior Dash
12. Starting the blog!
13. Becoming an avid flosser & experiencing another cavity free year
14. Snorkeling the north shores of Maui with Twinner
15. Celebrating my Dirty 30
16. Playing Frisbee with Tim at Gas Works Park in Seattle
17. Kayaking the Mendenhall Glacier in Alaska
18. Canning homemade jam and applesauce
19. Buying my first pair of sh%t kickers
20. Celebrating our 5 year anniversary
21. Learning how to make Homemade Magic Shell
22. Visiting Mrs. Blackwell's Thrift Shop, touring the Boulevard Brewery, and going to the Kansas City Farmer's Market with my Papa over Labor Day Weekend
23. Riding 54 miles in the Tour de Goatneck with WMBM
24. Buying mascara!
25. Camping with Husband at Turner Falls
26. Celebrating my brother's 40th birthday in Ft. Lauderdale
27. Concerts, Concerts, Concerts (see below)
28. Winning one of Rockstar Diaries' giveaways
29. Leading a Foundation Group for newly married couples
30. And in sticking with tradition, the best memory of 2010 is yet to come! This maybe might have something to do with celebrating the Mr.'s 30th Birthday on December 28th. Maybe.

Blog Highlights:
1. Reading every comment left on the blog. I'm convinced some of you were born with an extra funny bone.
2. Receiving an 8ft teepee from one of our blog sponsors.
3. Having readers in all 50 states and in over 115 different countries.
4. Meeting the couple who found our hidden letter in the Seattle Public Library.
5. Being featured on Sfgirlbybay, Smile & Wave, Big Mama, Apartment Therapy, and Fly Through Our Window.
6. Making new blog friends, especially Andy & Brett in Ashland, OR.
7. Writing {Our Story} and {10 Things} That Have Made All the Difference
8. Responding to countless emails, phone calls, and letters about marriage, faith, and forgiveness.
9. Being nominated for Top Blog 2010.
10. Lastly, I already know that tonight's Reader Meet-Up is going to be one of my favorite blog highlights of the year!

Favorite Songs (in no particular order)
1. Dance, Dance, Dance - Bon Iver & Lykke Li(Special Edition)
2. I Can See Your Tracks - Julie Veirs
3. Swing - Zero7
4. Silver Spring - Jeremy Larson & Stacy DuPree
5. Kaufman's Ballad - Megafaun
6. Year In the Kingdom - J. Tillman
7. Hazeltons - Justin Vernon
8. Lost Things - A Fine Frenzy
9. The Great Escape - Patrick Watson
10. Naive - Sleeping At Last
11. Saro - Sam Amidon
12. Lack of Height - Caroline Smith And The Good Night Sleeps
13. World News - The Local Natives
14. Stella Seed - Sean Hayes
15. When We Fall In - Sean Hayes
16. The Darkest Side - The Middle East
17. Generator (First Floor) - Freelance Whales
18. Timshel - Mumford & Sons
19. To Build a Home - The Cinematic Orchestra
20. Animal Arithmetic - Jonsi

Best Albums of the Year:
1. Sigh No More - Mumford & Sons
2. I and Love and You - The Avett Brothers
3. All We Grow - S. Carey
4. God Willin' & the Creek Don't Rise - Ray LaMontagne & The Pariah Dogs
5. In Memory of Loss - Nathaniel Rateliff

Favorite Concerts:
1. Mumford & Sons with Sir Charles & Cadillac Sky (HOB, Dallas)
2. Mumford & Sons with The Middle East (HOB, Dallas)
3. Nathaniel Rateliff & The Wheel (The Loft, Dallas)
4. Ray LaMontagne & The Pariah Dogs (Nokia, Dallas)
5. Sleeping at Last with Jeremy Larson (The Prophet Bar, Dallas)
6. Sufjan Stevens (SMU, Dallas)
7. The Freelance Whales (The Loft, Dallas)
8. Patty Griffin (HOB, Dallas)

Favorite Movies:
1. Eat, Pray, Love
2. 127 Hours
3. The Chorus
4. Toy Story 3
5. Adam
6. The Social Network
7. I Am Love
8. Bright Star

Favorite Books:
1. Life of Pi, Yann Martel
2. When We Were Romans, Matthew Kneale
3. When Sinners Say I Do, Dave Harvey

Favorite YouTube Links:
1. Antoine Dodson says, "Hide 'yo kids, hide 'yo wife."
2. Jessica's, "Daily affirmation" video.
3. Paul "Yosemite Bear" Vaszquez's, "Double Rainbow ... what does it mean?!"
4. OK Go's, "This too Shall Pass" music video.
5. 3 year old Cody cries over Justin Bieber.

Favorite Eats:
1. Oklahoma Joe's Zman with Fries (Kansas City)
2. Tillman's Homemade S'mores (Dallas)
3. Off the Bone's Smoked Brisket (Forest Hills, TX)
4. PacificO's Yuzu Divers (Maui)
5. Torchy's Baja Shrimp Tacos (Dallas)
6. Pike's Place Market's Alderwood Smoked Salmon (Seattle)
7. Dude, Sweet Chocolate's Guava Mint Popsicle (Dallas)
8. The Pearl Cup's Dirty Chai (Dallas)
9. Cafe Brazil's Chocolate Indulgence Cake (Dallas)
10. Meddlesome Moth's Sweet Corn (Dallas)

Favorite New Websites:
1. A Beautiful Mess
2. Fly Through Our Window
3. Smile & Wave
4. We Are 1976
5. The Anderson Crew

Favorite Bargains:
1. Leaf Belt Buckle ($4 Lula B's, Dallas)
2. Kodak Darkroom Pitcher ($12 Mrs. Blackwells, Kansas City)
3. 1960's Manfrotto Tripod ($20 Lula B's, Dallas)
4. Vintage Glass Canning Funnel ($4 Antique Land, Dallas)
5. Vintage Sh$t Kickers ($18 Lula B's, Dallas)

Looking forward to 2011 Because ...
1. Tim graduates from PA school!
2. Experiencing my first Triathlon
3. Speaking at ReEngage in January
4. Celebrating our 6th anniversary!
5. Celebrating the blog's 1 year anniversary!
6. Writing my last check to Sallie Mae (adios college debt!)
7. Repainting our guest bathroom
8. Traveling
9. Getting tattoo #2
10. Writing more letters to my Beloved (bet you didn't see that one coming)

2011, come out and show yourself. We're ready.
Em & Tim


Heather said...

Loved reading your re-cap!! Yay for your 5 year anniversary!! and even more awesome that it was in April(we were married April 25th,kinda partial to that month). Hope next year is filled with even more goodness!

Nicole Jeannette said...

Nice recap! What a wonderful year! :)

Melinda said...


I love the recap..... and it gives me new stores to shop at when I move to Dallas. I have to say though under favorite eats I was sad to see that SP!N in KC didn't make it. I mean really, a beer and gelato all before noon and it didn't make the cut? haha....love you friend. See you soon and let's hit up Torchy's Taco's again....that place is on my list.

Livyb said...

Love, love, love the recap. Today's Letters is on my fav list of websites for 2010(and already looking good for the 2011 list.)
I was feeling very old, or at least behind the times when reading your songs of the year list. But, then(!), your two fav albums, I recognize and love. In fact, I swear, I just bought the Avett Brothers on itunes tonight before checking in here. Just heard them on the radion tonight and LOVE it.
Seriously, thank you for all you share. It must be such a cool feeling to know you are making a difference in the world in such an awesome way! I count you and this sweet blog as one of my blessings this year! Happy Holidays!!

Dawn said...

Great and very interesting recap.

Merry Christmas to you both...

From us...www.piggfamilyblog.blogspot.com

Erin said...

Em, I always thought we were meant to be besties, but seeing Lykke Li and the Z-man-sand at the top of your lists just puts the icing on the cake. Come back to Kansas City and the next one's on me!

emily anderson said...

hey, thanks for the shout-out :)

sarah richmond said...

it's official: i. have. the. coolest. twinner. ever*

yo' the shiz mr. & mrs. loerke!!!!

ps. only two more days before i tackle you at the airport before sunrise... holy DFW, get ready*


Sasha said...

Love the recap! I love reading your blog! I wanted so bad to come to the event tonight, but unfortunately I could not talk my fiance into making the 3 hour trip from Stillwater to Dallas. I told him we needed to live more dangerously to try convince him, but he said our ideas of dangerous were a little different! ha ha anyway I hope it was fun and you got to meet some great people! Have a blessed Christmas!

Darby said...

I love y'all!! Merry Christmas! What an awesome review... and I love your ornaments... get down with your bad self's. :) And I also love "hide yo kids" as it is a new discovery. my sis and cousin have almost convinced me he's fo real! Hugs to you both, thanks for being you and rocking the blog world out!!!

Brittany said...

I had a ZMan sandwich for dinner tonight!!! Oklahoma Joe's makes my heart pitter patter and it's 3 minutes from my apartment. A thousand fist pumps for onion rings on my bbq sandwich!!!

Megan said...

Love the recap! Love the blog!

P.S. Tim, my birthday is also on the 28th! Has anyone ever combined your Christmas and birthday presents?

Trisha said...

I love you guys :)

yes to brightness said...

Black Swan??? really?

Timothy Loerke said...

Megan, the combo gift has been known to come out every now and then. I remember back when I was a kid/teen and would ask for the "big" combo present...knowing that an ask like that wouldn't fly for "a" Christmas or "a" birthday. People always ask if I ever feel jipped by the birthday 3 days after Christmas...I got over it on like the 2nd or 3rd birthday...at least! ;-) What number will you be on the 28th? Happy birthday to you!

Ornery's Wife said...

Ornery's birthday is on the 30th. It is often overlooked in the financial drain and holiday travels of Christmas, but I have always tried to remind him that it is one of MY favorite days in all eternity--the day he was born so he could marry me. :) He will be 52 next week, and I have shared 33 birthdays with him so far.

brlracincwgrl said...

What a fantastic year! I love your recap!

Anonymous said...

Happy 2010! So glad Calpal shared your blog with me! Great music round-up, and I am so with you on Oklahoma Joes...I'm salivating right now.

"Hide yo' kids" is a favorite...have you checked out the leprechaun in the tree video? Hilarious. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nda_OSWeyn8

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

In honor of your #1 Youtube video, I present the autotune version (if you haven't heard it already, it's beyond awesome).


Paige said...

Thank you, Emily and Tim, for a wonderful blog - I discovered you this year and faithfully read along every day now. I love your humor, your joy in life and obvious delight and love for each other. I'm pretty newly separated from my partner and it's been a hard, sad year. You two give me faith and hope that there are brighter days ahead and (maybe) still some love out there for me to discover. Thanks.

p.s. I was born in Texas, have a bluebonnet tattooed on my arm and love the Lone Star state like nobody's bidness. Love the chance to see my home state reflected in your posts. Keep 'em coming.

Megan said...

Still quite the baby, I'll be 22 years young next Tuesday! I've done the same big combo gift requests before and have been asked the same "feeling jipped?" questions. I never really felt that way growing up though. My parents always made sure to separate the two events. In fact, we had a silly tradition in our family of celebrating (your name here)'s Eve the night before our birthdays. We would all wear their favorite color, eat their favorite food, and watch their favorite movie. It was always so much fun. I can't wait to carry the tradition on with my kids!

the zundelephant in the room said...

blog highlight: mfeo

yourstruly said...

I thoroughly enjoyed the 2010 year end review! Have I mentioned that I flippin' adore you two!

When Sinners Say I Do is awe.to.the.some! I am reading Life of Pi right now and I just placed a request for When We Were Romans at the library.

I finally found Tim Tams!!! Miamians must not be slammers because I had to shop in 3 different Targets before I got lucky and found them. I will have to send you a slammin' fist pump pic soon.

Merry Christmas, Homies!


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