{Barton Hollow by The Civil Wars}

Sunday, January 16, 2011

You may remember me mentioning The Civil Wars here and here before. Ever since a friend introduced me to their free online album, "Live At Eddie's Attic," I've never been the same! It changed my life ... because music can do that you know.

John Paul White and Joy William's new album is just around the corner. Go here for a free download of Barton Hollow. XOXO

Barton Hollow - Barton Hollow


Amanda Moury said...

Hey Em and Tim - this is off subject, but I had a quick question for you two, what books are you/have you reading/read together that are good for strengthening your relationship? Or any that you would recommend to married couples for that matter. I would really appreciate it! Thank you so much in advance, hope you are having a great evening.

Amanda (The Forever Endeavor)

Today's Letters said...

1. when sinners say i do, dave harvey
2. love & respect, emerson eggerichs
3. sacred marriage, gary thomas
4. a lasting promise, scott stanley
5. for women / men only, shaunti feldhahn
6. sheet music, kevin leman

(most) all of these have cheesy covers but their content is (mostly) right on.

we'd also recommend incorporating lots of children's books into your reading. BEST EVER.


Amanda Moury said...

Thank you so much. We used to read together all the time, and we both miss it very much. I will most definitely be checking out your list. PS - I just typed 'When Sinners Say I Do' into the search bar at Borders.com, and the first recommendation was, 'How do dinosaurs say I love you?' :) I put it in my shopping cart as well - kids books here we come :)

Rach said...

I love the civil wars !! Didnt know there was a free album...off to go grab it. Thanks!

morgandkim said...

that live album is epic. such great music. i love joy's voice.

Today's Letters said...

morgandkim, love her voice. want her arms ;)

Laura Paulk said...

Seeing them on Feb. 1 for the husband's birthday! SO excited!

Today's Letters said...

laura, so happy for you! we're still hoping they add dallas (or austin) to their tour. ps, avett brothers in dallas on april 16th ... can't wait!

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