{Fist Pump Friday!}

Friday, January 14, 2011

Ever since I read Donald Miller's book, "Through Painted Deserts," I've always wanted to visit the Grand Canyon. Last week Laura, her mom Pam, and her friend Hamp got to do just that as they attended the BCS National Championship game in Arizona. Bonus points for yelling WAAAAAAR EAGLE! loud enough across the canyon for Darby and her Rover's to hear back in Dothan.

Our next photo also bleeds orange and blue. Meet Sarah Jane, a senior interior design major and Chi O big sis to Amanda Claire (who was featured on {Fist Pump Fridays!} a few weeks ago). She was lucky to attend the BCS Championship game as well, and couldn't help but celebrate Auburn's 22-19 victory over Oregon with fist pumps and leg kicks.

This next photo will make you wish you could be adopted into David's family. After his mom and aunt go on vacation they come back and host a destination themed dinner as a "souvenir" for the rest of their friends. This time David and his wife Molly, dressed up as Robin Hood and Luna Lovegood of Ravenclaw in honor of their recent travels to Great Britain. Talk about a fun family tradition!

Calling all GAP and GQ reps ... my sweet 2 yr old nephew Jackson wants to give you his digits! (Cue Pat Benatar here). During the final minutes of last week's Top Blog Competition Jackson threw fist pumps and leg kicks while my older sister Jen and I were chatting on Facebook about Merlot and manicures. (I'm convinced every girl needs a sister you can talk to you about these sorts of things).

Last week we received one of the most encouraging emails from Matt in Florida. We were beyond excited when he and his fiance, Callie, decided to celebrate their engagement in Palo Duro Canyon near Amarillo. Congratulations, Homies!

Our next photo features two jokers we've mentioned on the blog before here, here, and here. Jonathan and Steph have become dear friend's of ours ever since we started doing their pre-marital counseling last spring. Pretty sure they deserve bonus points for barely breaking a sweat during their second half marathon. BAM!

Look out Molly Ringwald, there's a new lady lookin' pretty in pink. Meet Nelle Somerville from Baltimore who recently traveled to Las Vegas to host a conference at The Cosmopolitan Hotel. Rumor has it that she also may have recently met one of my all time favorite people.

. Our last photo is just a whole bag of win. Meet Christine's little guy Grevy, rockin his shovel tidy pajamas just before going to sleepy town. Grevy likes books, bean burritos, and his baby sister, Emma. Um, can we be friends?

A special thanks to those of you who sent in photos for today's post! We love getting to know our readers!

To participate, send a picture of you and your Homies throwing fist pumps and leg kicks to em{at}todaysletters{dot}com ... it's just that simple.


Tyroch said...

My pit sweat. On the internet. Awesome.

Have a great weekend Em!

Amanda Beltiz said...

Yaay for the Tyroch's and their race :)

Don Dinnerville said...

LOL! If we posted a picture of me after an hour long workout - much less any portion of a marathon - there might be a dry spot on my shirt about the size of Jonathan's entire sweat spot. Don't believe me - ask the Mister. Speaking of which, tell him that I miss our Sunday afternoon workouts.

Rachael said...

How did the 'Fist Pump Friday' come about anyway? I'm new...you know, in case you wondered.

R said...

ok, confession.

husby and i visited pearl cup for the first time a few weeks ago (we're hooked now. where has it been all our life?!). i SO wanted to take a fist pump shot of us there, but i totally chickened out. GAH!

(turns out, husby's a latte fan after all. he tried the pearl latte and fell in love! it really was a picture-worthy sight.)

and sidenote: the ladies behind the counter were the nicest i've ever encountered in a coffee place!!!

Darby said...

War Damn Eagle to my Auburn/Chi O sister!! Love you guys... have an awesome weekend!!!

Today's Letters said...

tyroch, just wait until we post photos of steph and i doing the mr340. dirty birds!

amanda, agreed! they tyroch's are machines.

neighbor, sadly we no longer belong to a gym. all part of downsizing and living on 1 income while tim's in school. boo ...

rachael, tim and i like to throw fist pumps and leg kicks about anything that makes us happy. we started friday fist pumps! in honor of our readers who we love getting to know. it helps us see your faces (i'm a visual learner) and gives us an opportunity to laugh and smile along with you!

r, so glad you checked out the pearl cup! they are our favorite coffee shop in dallas. the mama's who run it are amazing. be sure and try one of their cinnamon rolls the next time you're there! xoxo

Shandell said...

I'm still throwing fist pumps + leg kicks for my Ducks!

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