{Fist Pump Friday!}

Friday, January 28, 2011

Meet 32 young adults from Dallas, TX who threw fist pumps and leg kicks while having a blast at Possum Kingdom Lake. Pretty sure these guys deserve a home cooked meal and a raise for making it their mission to invest in the lives of 4th and 5th grade kiddos!

Katie & Mike have been married 7 years, have 4 children, and live in Fort St. John, British Colombia. Meet their youngest kiddo 8 month old Ben, who threw fist pumps in honor of his first haircut! (Go here to see the before and after photos). Jose Eber would be proud!

PS, if you sent in a sweet photo of you and your beloved throwing fist pumps on your wedding day would you please email me? Somehow your email disappeared into cyberspace and I was unable to include it in today's post!

To participate, send a picture of you and your Homies throwing fist pumps and leg kicks to em{at}todaysletters{dot}com ... it's just that simple.


Meghan said...

Ben is such a cutie!

Katie said...

We think so, too, Meghan! Thanks! :)

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