{Interview: The Blog Guidebook}

Friday, January 28, 2011

Go HERE to read our interview on The Blog Guidebook. Werd.



Darla said...

If you haven't found it already, take a look at "Enjoying the Small Things" blog.

Your comment about looking for the "gifts each day brings" are what her blog is about. Her writing is beautiful as well as her pictures.

Happy weekend!

Anonymous said...

yall look absolutley precious in that picture. please tell me it's framed in your living room. and in a wallet size in both loerke wallets. and also an iphone background or two! :)

Emily Killough said...

What an awesome interview. Em, you're inspiring. And I love that quote by Philo of Alexandria, too. "Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a great battle." Thankful I can think on that today.

big love,
the other em

Miss Mandi said...

you are some beautiful people.
and that is true.

Sue said...

Okay! I am in love with both of you and definitely want to adopt you (both). Do ya think there's a lot of red tape for a 49 years young (okay...it's really 50 now) gal to adopt a grown up "couple" of amazing people? NOT!
Your interview was wonderful and so inspiring. I know and LOVE the quotes at the end of your interview. I am sure you live by these words.
I have become a new follower and I look forward to many pleasurable reads in the future.

Now, I just have to carve out a good chunk of time this evening to read your whole blog :-) I am hooked!

Hugs from Canada,


Today's Letters said...

darla, i love enjoying the small things. a friend introduced me a few months ago. hope you had a lovely weekend!

victoria, i wish i was that on top of things around here! i actually had forgotten about this photo until the blog guidebook asked for one. we took it over christmas break sometime. hope you are well down in aggie land! xoxo

em, i always get excited when i see you comment on the blog. you remind me of all of my favorite things.

mandi, i'm blessed to have such a handsome mr :)

sue, adoption request accepted. so grateful you found our blog! xoxo

Heather Hopkins said...

I loved the article and you guys deserve it. I was reading another blog recently about blogging tips and thought to ask you: Have you considered doing a post on what works for you/what you've learned? Since you just did a 2.0 to the blog and won a great honor, I know people consider you an expert (no pressure). :) Think you will ever do a how to that's fun and fresh for 2011?

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