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Monday, January 03, 2011

Today's Letters: Dear Mr. Loerke, this weekend we rang in the New Year by looking for the dime that mysteriously disappeared into our black-eyed peas. Whoops. Dear Proposed Food Truck Park in Dallas, you had us at Lower Greenville, 6 Airstreams, and street food. If you build it, they will come. Dear Frigidaire, sayonara expired condiments. Sometimes all I need is a clean slate to channel my inner organizational mojo. Dear Timothy James PA-S III, in honor of it being the first day of your pediatric rotation, I figured you could at least use this to your advantage. Love you more than leaky cups patched with Scotch tape. Over and out.

What are you most looking forward to this week?


Also, thanks to those of you who voted ... we made it into the finals! Click HERE to vote.

Rambling Man by Laura Marling
Husband's Dirty 30!
Our Happy Little Christmas
Today's Letters Got Botox
Salt Dough Ornaments featured on Fly Through Our Window*

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Note: Some of you emailed asking where Twinner had my Christmas stamps made. She got them at a family owned shop in Berkeley called Berkeley Stamp. You can check them out HERE.


Anonymous said...

Pediatric rotation will bring about the desire to begin practicing to have your first daughter... a year after graduation. Hey, I found a time in the front floorboard of the car. Could it be? Maybe just that we are related somewhere along the line. Love you more than another year of mail, letters, calls and fishing trips. Papa

Michelle (michabella) said...

Happy New Year!! Love the new layout!

ZigZagKitty said...

Voted! :) And so glad to see a letter! I've missed them!

Jessibee08 said...

hey em~my hubby surprised me with a trip to Dallas for New Years! Sad I didnt have your contact info to hang, I will just have to come again soon :) BUT, I did get Erynn and Sara to take me to the Pearl Cup and had one of the best Dirty Chai's of my life!!! :) Happy 2011!

Grace @ Arms Wide Open said...

we are going to the beach (mexico) for 3 days and I can't wait to show my hubby how much our little guy loves the ocean now! (he's 2 and a half... Sooo big. and brave.)

happy new year to you two!

megan said...

Happy New Year! If you ask me, more blogs should get botox every so often- Today's Letters is looking sharp...and dare I say- wrinkle free. Looking forward to boyfriend's 25th this week!

Which reminds me- I feel the need to share this with probably the only 2 other people in the world that will understand the magic of this moment. Scene: Morning. Time to get out of bed. Boyfriend pulls the covers over his head and puts the pillow over where his face should be. Wiggles happen in an effort to become as flat as Flat Stanley... Another wiggle- and legs emerge as he slides out onto the floor. Boyfriend stands to assess his work of "making the bed" and proudly exclaims "WOW! I can't believe that worked, but it DID!" End scene. Somebody else has been reading the "How to be Awesomely Efficient at Being an Efficient and Awesome Dude" guidebook, apparently. Two words. LOVE. IT.

Happy Monday!
Megan @ i love lovenotes

Don Dinnerville said...

Hey neighbor - great minds . . . . I did a little bit of refrigerator (and pantry) purging this weekend too. I'm a serious "list" guy, and in the process of working through monthly, quarterly, and annual lists, the desire to clean out some old foodstuffs became overwhelming. :-)

Today's Letters said...

papa, i love it that you found a dime on the floorboard of your car and thought of me. i hope it was because you were getting ready for your new cherry(iot). vroom! vroom!

michelle, happy new year to you, too! glad you like the new layout. my web guy is a design ninja.

zigzag, i've missed writing them! ps, thanks fo' yo' vote lady.

jess, are you serious? major points for zak! sad to have missed you, hopefully next time we can have a reunion! xoxo ps, glad you liked the pearl cup!

grace, your trip sounds delightful. take lots of pics. you'll have to let us know how it goes!

megan, we tumble dried the blog on low and added extra fabric softener. glad you likey. your story about your bf shimmying and shaking out of the biscuit made me laugh. tim swears it's the most fun and efficient way!

neighbor, on my list next: the medicine cabinet. but don't tell hubs. he things medicine never expires.

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