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Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Today's Letters: Dear Mr. Loerke, last night you stretched out your arms and said, "I love you this much." Then you made me get out the tape measure and make sure your wingspan was still over 6 ft. Reason #250 why boy roommates are AWESOME. Dear iPhone Alarm Glitch, thank you for the extra 2o-30 minutes of sleep these past few days. You can malfunction ANYTIME. Dear Keggers, yesterday I came into work and found a gift waiting for me that was wrapped in tissue paper and rubber bands. Thanks for the reminder that there is much joy to be extracted from common things. Dear Husband, lately we've been talking about expanding our family. As anxious as this sometimes makes me, I seriously can't wait to have Littles with you one day.

What common things have brought you happiness lately?

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Han said...

That's so exciting and scary all at the same time. Mr J keeps talking about the future but it's about the adventures he wants to have and achieve (yes sometimes he forgets that I have a 9 to 5 day job lol)

Hugs have brought me happiness. My Grandad was at church on Sunday for the Christmas dinner (too much snow it got postponed) I was tidying up and he crept up behind me and gave me a massive hug! It was so cool! I jumped on my brother and kinda stole a hug from him lol.

Yesterday my house mate went out to get some dinner and then came back and when she came in the front door she shouted "Honey I'm home" so I turned round and shouted "Hi sweetie" - it's silly but funny all the same lol.

Ames said...

Kisses from AC bring me happiness every day. I would be even happier if you and the Mr delivered me a nephew named Scout.

Sister Lynn said...

May your children be like olive shoots around your table! ps 128

I have been thrilled by simple phone calls and emails these holiday days...

ZigZagKitty said...

BABIES!!!! :) And Amy, Scout? How cute. And of course AC kisses bring you such joy, that little girl is the cutest baby EVER. Well, until I start having kids anyway. ;) When are you going to have more?

Bethany said...

Having babies scares me too - and I'm the oldest of 8 kids!
Lately, the ability to breath. Clearly. I've got an awful cold that won't leave me...so I'm dreaming of the day (and night) I can breath (and sleep) without problems. :)

Dawn @ Musings from the Pigg Pen said...

The Common things...so many lately...

My now-4 year old son coming up to hug me as I made him birthday cupcakes...the sweet hug and "oh mommy, thank you!!" melt my heart.

My newly-1 year old becoming so playful...pretending he is going to do something that will make me say "no no" and then laughing hysterically when I do say "no no."

Lastly, listing a TV for sale on Craigslist...before my husband went to buy the new TV...and having the old TV sold before the new one was out of the box...it's the little things sometimes :)

Grace @ Arms Wide Open said...

my two year old has started saying "huh?" everytime he is confused, didn't hear you, wonders something, wants to eavesdrop, doesn't understand...... you get the idea.... about 1,359 times a day.


Best to you both as you navigate the road to parenthood. it is a complicated one. & also not at all. :-)

Anonymous said...

little loerkes = yes.

Sara said...

Hi! First time commenter here... I have two babies of my own and whenever I'm overwhelmed or anxious or think that this whole parenting thing is too daunting, I think about this quote from Abraham Lincoln:

"The best thing about the future is that it comes one day at a time."

It makes having a baby and all that ensues seem more do-able. Good luck!

Erin said...

I think it would be awesome for your to have "little loerkes" :) "Double L's" My fiance and I plan to try and conceive shortly after our July wedding. I think it would be awesome if you were pregnant the same time as me---because I'm sure you'd write interesting blogs about the journey of motherhood :)
p.s. I just voted for ya!!!! :)

CAW said...

ooo i cant wait to follow em and tim and baby him
littles makes life interesting, crazy and joyful all in the same breath

MeeshOne.Love said...

today i woke up thinking:
"you know whats awesome?"
...you guys are!!

The Stewarts said...

the world needs more beautiful babies ... and kanakuk needs a new generation of kampers. :-)

Today's Letters said...

han, hugs & housemates. two great things to be thankful for.

ames, you and me both!!!

sister lynn, that verse became more real to me when i studied abroad in israel and saw my first olive tree. they are beautiful!

bethany, love your honesty* i've found myself getting more and more excited about one day becoming a parent as i process this responsibility with dear friends. it can be overwhelming just thinking about it sometimes, but deep down i believe kiddos (either biological or adopted) will be apart of our next adventures ... eek!

grace @ arms, gratitude, playfulness, and smooth & efficient transactions. these things put me in my happy place as well.

victoria, will you teach them how to whoop?

sara, great reminder. one day at a time, right? thanks for reading and commenting on the blog!

erin, i too, am thankful there are others who've gone before me. some of my closest friends have had / are having babies ... i'm so grateful for the things they've taught me already!

caw, indeed. mom's are my hero's!

michelle, lots of love to you and chad on the west coast. xoxo

the stewarts, ha! did you guys work there??

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