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Monday, January 17, 2011

Today's Letters: Dear Mr. Loerke, Friday night you took me on a hot date to De Rice Thai. Their free sake, food presentation, service, and atmosphere made it one of my favorite date nights of all time. Thank you for continuing to pursue me! Dear Mama, yesterday you celebrated your 16th sobriety birthday. Know that I couldn't be more PROUD of you for taking each day one day at a time. Dear Twinner, this morning I sent you a letter. I walked it to the mailbox myself. In my pj's. Here's to hoping Mr. McFeely is speedy with his delivery! Dear Husband, this weekend you spent 2 hours with me at a flea market. Three points for learning about Replogle Globes, four points for making me feel so known and loved.

What are you most looking forward to this week?


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Han said...

Cinema! My friend Caz posted on FB that she was going to the cinema and did anyone want to come. Well yes like 5 of us wanted to come and somehow it turned into a mini dinner party first! Caz and Suze are making spag bol, Libz/Bex are bringing pudding and I'm bringing garlic bread (I couldn't show up empty handed!) bring on the girlie time!!!

And Mr Han is home tomorrow yay! Haven't seen him since Wednesday!

Bossman said...

Em...the gift cards you and Tim gave me last year helped make yesterday's 29th celebration a hoot! Thanks. You're the bomb diggidy! Oh and our washer is leaking and our dryer is squeaking...time to go McGyver on 'em. Mark

Natalie Christensen said...

Just found your blog! How did you get your inspiration? I think your blog is wonderful! I will definitely be stopping by more! ~Natalie

Ingrid @ thesunnyside.me said...

unpacking from our trip to kauai, organizing & cleaning the house and figuring out what to start planting outside....it's been in the high 70's here in so.cal and i love to garden.

happy monday

Katie said...

Looking forward to (hopefully) finishing the job I started last night cleaning my house. Or at the very least, my living room. I gots me a whole whack of little ones who just love to undo the work I do! ;) And yep, they're worth it!

sarah richmond said...

a letter?!?! for twinner??? noooo wayyyyy!!! and delivered via pony express in jammers and wooly scarf woobie? so. freaking. aw-to-the-some*

(insert sarah is the luckiest twinner e-v-e-r-r-r!!)

ps. you know mail is my fav, thanks for making my day*


connie said...

You say jammers, but I call bluff. Them things look like Timo's scrubbies.

Today's Letters said...

han, love it that you and your friends took advantage of making a spontaneous memory!

bossman, so glad! i'll never forget the time you and tim took apart our washing machine for four hours and repaired it with a $2 hose from home depot. you selflessness blesses me!

natalie, tim and i have always written each other letters (see Our Story), however i started writing letters each day because i needed a heart change. over time, i had grown complacent and would often dwell on the negative instead of recognizing god's gifts in each day. letter writing was the platform i used to become more intentional about remembering the small gifts each day offers. writing has transformed the way i see each day and the people i meet. i'm convinced that there is always good to be found in any difficult or trying situation, you just have to have a shift in perspective.

ingrid, yesterday twinner texted me a photo of her in cali ... she said it was 70 degrees! glad you got to experience such an extended time in hawaii ... pretty sure i could live in maui if i had the chance.

katie, love your perspective. a good reminder for me as i am an organizer :)

twinner, indeed! lemme know when it makes it to cali-for-ni-a. i put part of my pop tart in their for you in case you wanted a snack.

fab, timo's scrubbies = emo's jammers. THE BEST pj's a girl could ever ask for. xoxo!

Han said...

We ended up having like fajihta wraps with chicken stuff and then garlic bread and some other bits with Becca's homemade lime cheescake - all in all it was SO fab!

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