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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Today's Letters: Dear Mr. Loerke, last night you traded me 2 cookies for the last piece of pecan pie. TWO COOKIES. I like your trades. Dear Pony Express, recently you delivered the tiniest letter I've ever seen. Pretty sure it was just as fun to read as deciphering a Little Orphan Annie decoder ring. Dear Mabel Pike, after watching your video I couldn't help but want to put you in my pocket. Thanks for reminding artists to make things for the love of the process, not for profit. Dear Husband, sometimes when I crawl into bed I tap your shoulder to see if you're still awake. If you are, you'll squeeze my hand three times for "yes." Who knew Morse Code could make a girl's heart feel so full.

Can I get a What? What?

What's your favorite BIRTHDAY MEMORY?
(see mine HERE and HERE)

PS, there's still time to email me your photos for this week's {Fist Pump Friday} post! So far I've received some great submissions that I can't wait to share with you!


Ashley said...

i love it when husbands give good trades! haha! love the post!

Mindy said...

I am totally getting a tiny letter for my husband for Valentines day - he always comes up with thoughtful cards and handmade gifts - this will rock his world! You guys are the best - happy blog birthday!!!!!!!

Han said...

When I was 18, I tried to get the day off work so that I could help my parents set up for my birthday party. Growing up we’d always had little birthday parties but for my 18th we were having a proper party in the garden and we’d borrowed a marquee from a relative who normally hires them out.
Anyhoo, I put in my request for the day off and my manager came back to me and said that it wasn’t possible. Now my birthday was the weekend before a Bank Holiday so I just put it down to that and got on with it. We had doughnuts in the canteen at work and I celebrated my birthday with all the work people as well as my friends who were coming to the party. I got home and my parents had been decorating the marquee all day and my Mum had been in to see my manager and asked him to not allow me my holiday so that they could do it all for me. That’s one of my favourites for sure!
The other was my 21st, it was two weeks before I got married so we couldn’t do anything big. In the end my friends from uni, went to the local supermarket and got a cake and sandwiches and some other bits and took me for a picnic in the park. We spent all afternoon on the swings and doing handstands and cartwheels lol. We also played football – we were all performing arts students so this was very very funny!

ZigZagKitty said...

Favorite birthday memory was when last year we had a bunch of friends over and I made sushi and the hubby-face grilled burgers (for the non sushi lovers). It was fun for all of our friends to meet each other! So now when I'm talking to one friend and I mention something I did with another friend or ask them to pray for them, they know who I'm talking about! LOL

PS: 9 months old huh? You know you're not escaping without this little statement: If you had gotten pregnant when you started this blog, you would now have a wittle poopin' pwesent (or a big baby belly). :)

Jessica Shelton said...

I would say my 33rd bday (back in July of last year) because my Dad called and wished me a Happy Birthday and told me that he loved me. We shared a few laughs and that was it. And then he passed away 2 days later from lung cancer. I love that last conversation b/c it is a reminder to always tell people that you love them b/c you may not get another chance. (This is why I LOVE your 9 mo old blog so much!! You don't leave it unsaid and that is a very good thing!!)

And to keep this from being depressing... my 5th bday b/c my mom and sister planned me a surprise party and we played pin the tail on the smurf :)

Lima said...

What! What!

During my childhood, Mama Lima worked for a amusement park owner...which meant that my birthday parties were at the park (I know!). I remembered that they closed down an Italian restaurant just for my birthday party. We ate pizza like no tomorrow, got fanny packs as party favors, and ran around the park letting over 5 dozen balloons go free. Then we rode the roller coasters until we felt sick. Those were some of my favorite childhood memories.

R said...

i loved my 17th birthday. my besties organized a surprise party for me--at MCDONALD'S!! oh, sweet nostalgia... :0)

and when i was a little girl, my parents used to have santa at my parties since i was born on dec. 26. my parties were legendary back then! haha!

Chelsea said...

My favorite birthday memory was when I turned 5. My mom, dad, brother, uncle, aunt, 2 cousins, and 1 all went to disney world for the week. What more could a five year old want?!

I LOVE that tiny letter!! I just ordered a tiny birthday letter for my sweet boyfriend. His bday is just a week away! Perfect timing :)

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