{Words Remain & Farther Along by Josh Garrels}

Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Josh Garrels has been a longtime favorite musician of mine ever since my college days at Taylor University. (You may remember us mentioning him here and here before on the blog).

That said, we were super excited to learn that both of these songs will be featured on Josh's new album, "Love & War & The Sea In Between," which should be released sometime before summer. Enjoy!

Words Remain - Jacaranda


cara. said...

love those garrels. good pick, emmy.

annie h. said...

1. I love this guy. He is awesome!
2. I had my first Tim Tam Slam last night. Three, to be exact. It was absolutely delicious. Hot chocolate will never be the same :-D

morgandkim said...

such a funny guy. love his music.

Katie @ Healthy Heddleston said...

My cousin went to Taylor! I'd love to know what year you graduated!! :)

brlracincwgrl said...

Wow! I love him!

This is my first listen, thanks so much for sharing!

nicole said...

Thank you for introducing me to "new music" also you have inspired me to write my own version of today's letters but in a weekly format. I posted the first one today. "They" say that imitation is the finest form of flattery.

SB and MJ said...

oh j.garrels. he's a favorite of ours! hope your new year has started off great Em!

Lima said...

*ten awesome gold stars* because he mentioned The Motorcycle Diaries. One of my favorite movies and soundtracks.

The man is an automatic favorite. Great music.

Today's Letters said...

c, always a win with jg.

sweet annie, you lost your tim tam virginity! you almost tied twinner with 8 on her first night. EIGHT!

morgandkim & brl, he's def someone you guys would like. listen to his songs a couple of times through and you'll be hooked.

katie, '02! i. am. old.

nicole, way to go with writing more letters. they can change a life you know ;)

mdb, i always think of garrels and the bean. miss you, friend. hope cali's been good to you!

lima, he used to play at taylor all the time! and motorcycle diaries is one of my all time faves. winner, winner, chicken dinner!

......From London With Love said...

Ubevlievable. Thanks for this!


Marilyn said...

oooh, this is a FABULOUS new-to-me music find!

Your music recommendations are definitely one of the reasons I always come back for more Today's Letters.


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