{Fist Pump Friday!}

Friday, March 25, 2011

Our first fist pump photo comes all the way from Mission Lazarus Ranch in Santa Anita, Honduras. Meet Auburn sophomore, Laura Fraley, who had the privilege of returning to southern Honduras over spring break with ACSC. Way to rock those Chacos and t-shirt cape, Little!

Most of you know the jokers in our next photo. You didn't think we'd let West get off the hook that easily did you?

Our next photo is of Aggie sophomore's Beth and Katie who were featured in our very first Fist Pump Friday photo. Last week they taught their Homies Mia, Caroline, and Elise how to throw fist pumps and leg kicks in Seaside, FL. Bonus points for eating snow cones from Frost Bites!

Next meet PhD & PT students Elizabeth, Ashley and Allison, from LSU who recently participated in The Warrior Dash in Conroe, TX. Tim and I love this race and can't wait to do it again in a few weeks! Way to get dirty, Ladies!

Lastly meet, Anna Claire, one of our sweet nieces from Tulsa, OK. AC threw fist pumps in honor of celebrating the first day of Spring! Love it that she has blue peepers like her Uncle Tim.

Thanks to all of you who sent in photos this week! We always love getting to know our readers.

To participate, send a picture of you and your friends throwing fist pumps and leg kicks to em{at}todaysletters{dot}com ... it's just that simple.


laurie said...

AC is literally the most expressive child I have ever seen in pictures! Love her facial expressions!

Ames said...

AC is the bomb diggity. word. she's runnin around in a diaper and rain boots. nuttin else. and dusting the tv with a clean wet wipe. thanks for letting her be a part of FPFriday!!

ZigZagKitty said...

Awww, AC is cute in every picture I've ever seen of her!!

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