{MR340 Sponsorship Update!}

Monday, March 21, 2011

As I mentioned last week all 340 miles of our race have been sponsored! Fist pumps and leg kicks for raising over $5,100 for the McKeaigg Family Adoption in less than 4 weeks!

We are still accepting General / Gear / Travel donations should you still be interested in donating.

*Sponsor $100.00 or more & get your COMPANY NAME & LOGO featured on our kayak and blog sidebar as one of our official race sponsors.

*McKeaigg T-Shirts are also available for purchase through our donation website.

NEW Race Sponsors:
Mac & Sophie Macfarlan
Meghan & Creed Perry


ZigZagKitty said...

I think you should continue to take donations even after everything is paid for...and call it the diaper fund. :)

Today's Letters said...

zigzag, love it! people can still make general donations through our website if they like. i know kent & em will need lots of diapers soon! :)

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