{MR340 Sponsorship Update!}

Monday, March 28, 2011

Last week we raised $300.00 in gear & travel donations giving us a total of $625.00 for our race. We're still short around $4,500 so feel free to donate below! The $5,160 we previously raised has been put towards the last of Em & Kent's adoption fees which will allow them to soon bring home their bambino!

$100.00 or more & get your COMPANY NAME & LOGO on our kayak and blog sidebar as one of our official race sponsors.

NEW Race Sponsors:
Kevin & Sarah Wasemiller
Michael & Courtney Cleveland

Em and I had another great time paddling at the lake on Saturday. We came home with blisters, sunburned shoulders, and sore trapezius muscles. We also saw 1 dead fish and only hit 1 tree. A good day!

Em & Em


Ames said...

Em is there a deadline for when you need the funds by?

Today's Letters said...

ames, we'd ideally like to raise all of our gear / travel donations by june, but no deadline. we have the opportunity to order most of it at cost (50% off) via our sponsors which is going to help us a ton!

CAgridlock said...

Mad bravery points and gold stars for taking on new things, and doing it with gusto. Also, hooooray bambino!

Anonymous said...

Really enjoy reading the blog. It takes me back to last year when I was trying to get ready for the MR340. You'll have as much fun getting ready as you do on the race.

Paddle hard now, it will be that much easier in July!


Today's Letters said...

cagridlock, thanks for your encouragement! everytime i get in our rocket i have to remind myself i'm brave.

ned, thanks buddy! em and i are paddling at white rock again tomorrow. we got our bow and stern lights in the mail this week which makes me wanna do a night paddle sometime soon. hope to paddle around with you someday too!

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