{Our River Rocket Got Baptized!}

Monday, March 07, 2011

Saturday afternoon we decided to load up the River Rocket and take her to get baptized. Our Bank Bunnies did a great job helping us get her on top of the coche.

Once she was up there we realized we had a looooooong boat on a li-ttle car.

Em wasn't at all excited about getting the Rocket in the water. Not one bit.

Have we mentioned that our yak only weighs 46 lbs? (Insert 1 small toddler and a juice box here).

Our lack of paddles didn't keep us from getting around. Who needs paddles?

After floating around for awhile in our company pond we were reminded once again of the amazing adventure that lies ahead. Tim and I wouldn't want to do it with any other friends besides these two jokers!

Only 2 weeks until we take our rocket down to Austin to get Westified. Maybe he'll outfit her with twin turbo engines, ejection seats, and some flames.

Stay tuned for more MR340 race updates every Monday afternoon!


dhhargrove said...

Racing flames......AWESOME! Cheering is commencing now. Thank you for inviting us along on all your journeys.

Today's Letters said...

david, i'll be sure and put kelsey, chris, and tina's names right by our gas tank for good mojo.

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