{Sseko Sandals}

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Guess what the Pony Express delivered today? My new Sseko Sandals! I first learned about Sseko last week when founder, Liz Bohannon, submitted a photo of Team Sseko for Fist Pump Friday.

Liz and her husband, Ben, spend time living in Portland and Uganda working with the women at Cornerstone Leadership Academy who hand make each pair of Sseko sandals allowing them to earn money towards a university education. (Watch the response to their recent exam scores here!).

This year Sseko started a new project called the Sole Sisters Challenge. If you're in a sorority I highly encourage you to watch the video below. (It's definitely worth 1:34 of your time!).

To find out more information about the Sseko Sole Sisters Challenge and how you can help during recruitment week, feel free to send Liz an email at liz{at}ssekodesigns{dot}com. One thing's for sure, if Tim and I ever visit Portland we know who's couch we're sleeping on!


{Letters from Jeremy Larson}

Friday, April 29, 2011

Tim and I are super excited to introduce this week's guest letter writer, Jeremy Larson. We first met Jeremy last year at The Prophet Bar in Dallas when he was on tour with Sleeping at Last. He is an incredibly talented musician who to this day has still performed my favorite cover of Silver Springs by Fleetwood Mac. (You can listen to it here and his new album here). You may also recognize Jeremy as being the fiance to the one and only, Elsie Flannigan. Her blog is the shiz wiz and one I look forward to reading each morning! Mr. Loerke and I wish we could hang with these guys on a regular basis, and are convinced they give William and Kate a run for their money. Enjoy!

Dear Elsie, a few years ago I wrote you an email after seeing your profile on "that one social networking site." I didn't know you and the email said, "You just made my day. I don't think I had heard 'Playground Love' in a few years. Thank you." That was a lie, but your profile song was an easy conversation starter. A true statement would have been, "In one thousand two hundred and thirty days, we will be married. You are a very patient girl."

Dear Suki, do you still think it's funny every morning when I refer to your bowl of water as your "appetizer?" If not, I'll stop making that joke. It's hard to tell sometimes if you think I'm funny at all. Oh, by the way, I think you will soon be getting a sister ...

Dear everyone hanging out on YouTube, I'd like to make this day a national "Don't Be a Dufus" day. That means you have to lay off the mean comments about people's kids and puppies and what-not and leave a nice comment instead. You guys with me? Mark your calendars.

Dear Dad, I heard from Mom that you may have broken a few ribs two days ago, and that you refuse to see a doctor. That burns me out more than you know. But thank God we finished building that railing THREE days ago, huh?! But seriously, you should see a doctor.

Dear Bed, Bath & Beyond, we appreciate your help with the wedding registry. I'm still getting your emails everyday, but I'd appreciate them more if this conversation was two-way. You never respond to my emails. I'm not sure if you're reading them at all ...

Dear Daddy Donnie, your daughter still refuses to watch "Troll Hunter" with me even after describing it to her as a "Foreign Art-House" film. You raised Elsie well.

Dear (future) Mrs. Larson, Suki seems thrilled the wedding is coming up so soon. I already informed her that she will be getting a sister. Our family is really coming together!

Dear Mom, please do not cry at our wedding. If you do, I know I will. And Elsie will never forgive me for ruining our wedding pictures like that.


{Fist Pump Friday!}

Friday, April 29, 2011

To kick off this week's photos we have Tally and Shannon, both Juniors at TCU who are studying abroad in Barcelona and recently visited Santorini, Greece. Way to take advantage of your opportunity to study abroad, Homies. I always tell people it's one of the best thing you can do!

Our next photo is of Auburn Freshman, Kathleen, Todd, Austin, Molly, Sarah Katherine, Joe, Ian, and Laura who threw fist pumps and leg kicks outside of Samford Hall during Alpha Omicron Phi's formal last weekend. Caroline, you get bonus points for being the sacrificial lamb who took this photo. I know how much you enjoy reading our blog!

Next meet Auburn seniors Sarah, Abby, and Laurel who took a karate class as an elective this semester. (Oh college how I miss Thee). Way to get your Mr. Miyagi on and earn your yellow belts, Littles!

Our next photo is of Auburn seniors Mary Francis, Erin, Mollie, Kelly, Anna Marie, and Sarah who spent their Spring Break throwing fist pumps and leg kicks in Time Square. Mollie and Anna Marie are also spending part of their summer working at Kanakuk, the place where Tim and I met!

Next meet my Dad (aka Papa), stepmom Vic, and their perro Layla. They had fun this week setting up their new tent in the living room. (The apple doesn't fall far from the tree does it?). Btw, right behind them is the wall where I carved my initials when I was little. E.A.R. They are still there!

And lastly, a special thanks to Keri Anne for sending in this photo of Gene Chizik. Well played.

This week's FPF Mission: Take a photo of you and your Homie's favorite place on campus OR of you in front of the Oscar Meyer Wiener Mobile. I have faith this can be done! (Of course all other FPF entries will gladly be accepted).

To participate in FPF, send a picture of you and your friends throwing fist pumps and leg kicks to em{at}todaysletters{dot}com ... it's just that simple.

{Ending Thoughts}

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Today was spent holding Mrs. McGeeHee's offspring, picking up my race packet (is 324 a fast number?), paddling at the lake with my sweet friend Em, and coming home to a package filled with AWESOMENESS from Alabama. (Darby, thank you for giving me instant street cred with my new Honey Bee t-shirt and beer koozies).

Sorry, no letters today Homies. I spent this morning catching up on rest (and more rest). Be sure and check back tomorrow for Fist Pump Friday photos and letters from ??? (He maybe might have played piano in this song).


{Helplessness Blues} by Fleet Foxes

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Fleet Foxes' sophomore album, "Helplessness Blues" will be released on Tuesday, May 3rd. In the meantime you can download this song for free HERE.
(Inspiration found at 2:48)

Helplessness Blues - Fleet Foxes

{Today's Letters}

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Today's Letters: Dear Mr. Loerke, last night you told me I had good looking lateral malleoulous'. You crushing on me or something? Dear Jessica Patrich, send me a smoke signal if you'd like to claim your rockin baby booties from last week's giveaway. If not, I know of several hundred Homies that would like another chance at being a winner, winner, chicken dinner. Dear Nerds Jelly Beans, yesterday I went to the store and bought 5 bags of you. FIVE BAGS. I've officially become powerless over my addiction. Dear Husband (who always gets two letters), Mexico in t-minus 33 days, 8 hours, and 23 minutes. What what.

Where's your favorite place you've ever visited? Africa? New Zealand? Your grandpa Jack's cabin in Colorado? Perhaps Mexico will be at the top of our list!

PS, several of you have emailed asking for our Australian Chai Recipe. I wish we could post it but it's a top secret recipe from a cafe our friend works at in Queensland. Reason #949 why we should all visit the Land Down Under. (Que Men at Work).

{Today's Letters}

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Today's Letters: Dear Mr. Loerke, last night I tapped your shoulder to see if you were still awake. You responded with two leg bumps and a butt squeeze for "yes". Thanks for adding a little flair to our midnight game of morse code. Dear Stranded Documentary, any group of 19 year old men who can survive a plane crash, avalanche, and 72 days in the Andes mountains before being rescued deserves to be on a box of Wheaties in my opinion. You were amazing. Dear Macfarlan Family, thanks for inviting us over for Sunday's Feaster brunch. Ima still full. Dear Husband PA-S III, sometimes when you wad yourself up on the floor during your naps I wonder if your arm is broken. Over and out.

Do you have a favorite documentary? Tim and I are huge fans of Man on Wire, Food, Inc., Mad Hot Ballroom, and The Cove.

Btw, I think you're gonna like this week's guest letter writer. He maybe might be a musician.

{MR340 Race Update!}

Monday, April 25, 2011

Our road trip to Austin ended up getting rescheduled until next month, so Em and I drove to Waco on Thursday with three goals in mind.

1) Eat Lunch at Lolita's. (Em dreams of drinking their queso on a weekly basis).

2) Stop at Common Grounds for some Cowboy Coffee and ...

3) Spend the afternoon paddling on the Brazos River.

Did you know Em graduated from Baylor in 2003? She used to throw tortillas off of that suspension bridge and try and make them land on the concrete pillars. (Reason #583 why we're friends).

She also used to spend lots of time hanging with her Homies in Cameron Park.

Overall, we had a blast driving around Waco and paddling on the river. It was a nice break from the typical headwinds we face out at White Rock Lake, and I enjoyed hearing about Em's college days as we paddled around campus. Btw, this car shadow is quickly becoming one of my favorite things about our drive home.

We still have $2,480 to raise in order to cover the last of our race expenses, so if you'd like to make a donation we'll gladly put your name on our River Rocket for all to see as we paddle across the state of Missouri.

If you'd like to donate $100.00 or more we'll also add your company logo to our River Rocket and blog sidebar through the end of July.

Thanks for all of your support! Only 84 more days until our race ...
Em & Em

{Today's Letters}

Monday, April 25, 2011

Today's Letters: Dear Mr. Loerke, this weekend we caught up on rest (sigh), spent time with friends, grilled burgers, asked for each other's forgiveness, watched this movie, and made Australian iced chai courtesy of these Homies in Queensland. A GREAT weekend. Dear Dehydrated Pineapple, you take 13 hours to make and 10 minutes to eat. Thanks for tasting better than anything in Wonka's candy factory. Dear Napping Sarong, I always know it's Sunday whenever Husband wears you around the house. (Follow us on Twitter to see a photo of this AWESOMENESS). Dear Husband, Friday night we get to celebrate 6 years of mawwiage. Don't you think it's time I started having 26 of your bebies?

Happy freakin Monday, Homies! What was the best part of your Easter weekend?
Bon Iver's New Album
Letters from Darby Stickler of Fly Through Our WindowFist Pump Friday Photos
Sayonara Dallas!

Don't forget to check back later today for our weekly MR340 Race Update!

{Audio Clip from Bon Iver's New Album}

Sunday, April 24, 2011

There are few bands that I'm willing to drive and fly across the country to see. Bon Iver is one of them. All I can say is June 21st, come quick!

To watch a video of how how Gregory Euclide created the new album artwork for "Bon Iver, Bon Iver" go HERE.

{Letters from Darby Stickler of Fly Through Our Window}

Friday, April 22, 2011

There's probably no other blogger I look up to and respect more than Darby Stickler. She's a mama to three rovers, twin sister to Erika, supportive wife to Justin, and friend to about 15,340 people. She also has the cutest line of kids clothes that make Tim and I wanna throw our birth control out the window. Darby is like falling into a gigantic easy chair, and I couldn't be more honored and excited to have my sweet friend featured as our guest letter writer today. I love you, Darbs!

Dear Justin: you make me proud for so many reasons ... most recently for picking out a slam up rental house {without me} for your family, a house that makes us all really excited about the summer together ahead! Thanks for always encouraging me that it's okay to think outside the box and print armadillos on t-shirts, even though they are rodents with shells. As my editor-in-chief, I'm thankful that you can type in red and remind me that commas come after independent clauses. One day I'll surprise you and commas, will, be, all, over, the, place! Thanks for getting excited about Sugarland's "Stuck Like Glue," not because you love it, but because you know I do and because absolutely nobody knows me better. Maybe I'll make us a mix tape and we can dance on the dock this summer to Sugarland and I'll throw in a little Jakob Dylan's "Something Good This Way Comes" too! {A really good album!}. You can have your PBR and I'll take a UFO and we can dance into the night as the sun sets over the bay. Summer come quick! But between now and then the kids and I will be working really hard to learn directions according to the clock so when you say, "The dolphin's are at 1 o'clock!" they'll turn their heads to the exact spot! We'll also be working on scientific names of all Gulf Coast species of birds, trees, and fish since your preference is to identify them by such. I foresee a successful summer of slaying Paralichthys Lethostigma {or is it Paralichthys Albigutta?} from the dock this summer! And one more thing ... my ultimate identity is in Christ, but being your wife is an integral part of who I am and in the last several months I've learned that so much of what makes me tick is being your wife. I love you!

Dear Rovers: My goodness do I love life with you little creatures! Especially when it comes to impromptu post-bath dance parties in the kitchen to Mandi Mapes', "This Love." {Download the whole album on iTunes! It's a winner!}. You never cease to amaze me with your mad dancing skills and willingness to break it down to really loud music. Thank you for also reminding me that the Kingdom of heaven belongs to little people like yourselves. Morgan, I'm really proud of your super mad reading skills which has resulted in your willingness to tackle bedtime stories for Mommy! Paige, I'm really proud of you for being so brave and for being so squirrelly all at the same time. Rover, I'm so proud of your ability to do all your business in the potty ... except for the time this week in the library when the train table was apparently more important! I also love it when you turn your little chubby hands up in the air when I ask you a question that you don't know the answer to and say, "I don't know!" Morgan, Paige, and Rover, my love for all of you is the deep kind and I love you all of the time!

Dear Sister: I think you are a total rockstar! You are the most hilarious professional person I know! You have an amazing amount of talent that you are putting to good use and I still don't know how you juggle it all. Maybe it's that cortisone shot? If so, I'm going to see if I can get 2 or 12 in the morning. What kind of symptoms should I go in with? I love you and one day soon we're going to take a little trip together again so I can take a lot of pictures of you from behind. Be sure to bring your Ricolas, red bag, and yellow sweater so I can easily spot you. And I'll be sure to bring my camera so that everyone will know that I'm not a local.

Dear Mom & Daddy Boy: Life's too short to live 12 hours away. Today's high here: 90° with sunshine. Today's high there: 49° with scattered thunderstorms. I also know of 4 little grandchildren in the area. And mom, I know Rover says he "no love you," but I think he's just confused or playing hard to get, it happens a lot with 2-yr-olds. Please accept his apologies.


{Fist Pump Friday!}

Friday, April 22, 2011

To kick off this week's photos we have Katie and her husband, Matthew, who threw fist pumps and leg kicks after a day of hiking in Costa Rica. Pretty sure I spy a man woobie in this photo. (Insert well-loved Auburn hat rrright hurrr).

Our next photo brought me to tears after the founder of Sseko Designs, Liz Bohannon, sent me this video. {It's worth 1:52 minutes of your time!}. Meet the women of East Africa who make and sell these awesome sandals in order to earn money to go to college. They recently found out their exam scores and ALL OF THEM PASSED. Congrats, ladies! I'm banking on one of you being my Dr. some day.

Next meet Haley and Tim who got together to celebrate their friend's Rachel and Austin's recent engagement. Rachel is a senior at Auburn and her fiance, Austin, attends grad school at Tulane University. Btw, you may recognize Tim from this fist pump photo. These Auburn Tiger's sure know how to R-E-P-R-E-S-E-N-T!

Our next photo couldn't make me happier. Meet my sweet friend Claire Guerriero who I've known since she was a sophomore at Highland Park High School. Now she's a UVA grad living and working in DC! Of course Claire is a girl after my own heart stuffing her boca with a chili cheese dog from Tastee-Freez. Way to make me PROUD, Little.

Lastly, meet my sweet friend Brooke's kiddos, Jude and Liam, who rocked Woobie capes and Lego jammers last night after their bath. Juder, I have two questions for you 1) When can we share ice cream again? and 2) Do I still have girl cooties?

{Thanks Hannah!}

A special thanks to all of you who sent in photos of Chunk throwing fist pumps and leg kicks. You made my day!

Your new FPF mission: capture Gene Chizik or the Mumford Boys throwing fist pumps and leg kicks on their Railroad Revival Tour. Either one would be the shiz.

To participate in FPF, send a picture of you and your
friends throwing fist pumps and leg kicks to em{at}todaysletters{dot}com ... it's just that simple.

{Sayonara Dallas!}

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Dear Mr. Loerke, as excited as I am about paddling in Austin this weekend I'm definitely going to miss watching Modern Family with you in our jammers, eating leftover Chinese food, and sleeping in on hot lava Saturday.

In honor of my absence I decided to leave you my half eaten cupcake and some Easter eggs for you to find hidden throughout the house. There maybe might be one by our one-armed plastic Jesus.

Over and out.

PS, this morning I swam 750m and I didn't even have to use my water wings. I know you'd be so proud!

{Wedding Invitation}

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Loving everything about this creative wedding invitation by Kelli Anderson. To read more about it go HERE.

Happy Thursday, Homies!

{Today's Letters}

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Today's Letters: Dear Mr. Loerke, yesterday when I came home from work I found you standing on the urn. I guessed a Candle In the Wind by Elton John. You said a tree in a tornado. I love your welcome home charades. Dear Yardbird Salad, thanks for being worth the 20 minute drive to Good 2 Go Taco on my lunch break. You were all kinds of awesome. Dear Tyroch, Brod, and Sohee, convincing you guys to make an afternoon froyo run is like asking Chunk if he wants a Baby Ruth. (Reason #443 why we're friends). Dear Husband, remember when you did this? Fourteen months later you're finally experiencing the last day of rotations FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE. Pretty sure this deserves 1 invisible horse gallop, 2 woobie arts, and a cupcakes. SO PROUD OF YOU!

What's your favorite candy bar? I remember eating frozen snickers on the boat whenever I would go fishing with my dad. To this day they're still my fave.

{Warrior Dash: Roanoke, TX}

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Tim and I had so much fun during last year's Warrior Dash that we couldn't wait to do it again this year.

Because of my recent injuries I had the unique role being our team's marsupial (Dr.'s orders), which meant I got to hold things and take pictures. Saturday morning Husband looked like this. Can you believe it was only 54°?

After realizing I'd have the opportunity to take photos like this one I didn't mind being on the sidelines. This was about the same time Husband yelled for orange peels and a Capri Sun at the finish.

Tim was able to carry our waterproof camera with him and capture some of the course. They ran through rivers ...

Jumped over tires ...

Climbed on cargo nets ...

Ran over cars ...

Got tangled in wire ...

Jumped over fire ...

And climbed through mud ...

All before crossing the finish line soaking wet.

Maybe he thought he was R. Kelly? Or perhaps Kate Winslet?

Of course, our team wanted to pay tribute to the blog by celebrating FPF a little early this week.

One thing I love about the Warrior Dash is that they take our dirty sneaks, clean them up, and donate them to kiddo's all over the world. Pretty awesome.

Last year Tim hung our medals on our front door to remind me how brave I am. Can you guess where this year's hardware is hanging?

If you ever get the chance to participate in the Warrior Dash we highly recommend adding it to your bucket list. You won't regret it. Just check out their website and see if there's a race location near you!

Already looking forward to next year!
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