{Ending Thoughts}

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Today was spent holding Mrs. McGeeHee's offspring, picking up my race packet (is 324 a fast number?), paddling at the lake with my sweet friend Em, and coming home to a package filled with AWESOMENESS from Alabama. (Darby, thank you for giving me instant street cred with my new Honey Bee t-shirt and beer koozies).

Sorry, no letters today Homies. I spent this morning catching up on rest (and more rest). Be sure and check back tomorrow for Fist Pump Friday photos and letters from ??? (He maybe might have played piano in this song).



smashley said...

324 has something magical...maybe it is the 24...griffey's number!

Today's Letters said...

ah, #24 how can i forget?! love you and miss you friend. ps, will you be in kc in sept again this year?? we must hit the dime store and topsy's again! xoxo

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